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    The end of this video is hilarious, irrespective of your feelings about the landslide outcome of the French presidential elections last Sunday.

    Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team was apparently the target of a “massive” hacking attack the previous Friday night, which in the words of his Campaign, “Has given rise to the diffusion on social media of various internal information.” However, no one was legally permitted to report on it until voting had closed, in accordance with French Law. The Federal Election Commission of France also issued multiple threats to journalists, ordering them not to publish the contents of the leaked emails, lest they risk heavy fines for violating “several penal codes.” WikiLeaks tweeted, “This massive leak is too late to shift the election. The intent behind the timing is curious.”

    Within the cache of emails, mostly sent between members of the Macron campaign staff, there were emails indicating that Macron is subscribed to the opt-in only mailing list for VestiaireGay, which sells gay men’s clothing and “Fetishwear”, as described on the site. In addition, an email to senior campaign member, Alain Tourret who is also a Representative from the Calvados District indicated that Tourret purchased an illegal designer drug online called MMC-3, paying with Bitcoin, presumably to help preserve his anonymity. MMC-3 is reportedly a cross between ecstacy (aka molly) and crystal meth. The French government puts it in the same category as heroin and cocaine.

    Finally, there was an email sent by Raphaël Coulhon, Director of Finances, to the Vial household staff prior to an exclusive party that campaign executives were attending there. The email consists of a single line:  “Ne pas oublier l’achat de la c.. pour le boss…” i.e., “Don’t forget to buy c.. for the boss…” The “c” could stand for coffee but somehow, we doubt it.

    All of this will doubtless go down the memory hole – and who knows, possibly the glory hole, as well.

    WikiLeaks investigated the leaked emails and tweeted that they’d discovered “Cyrillic metadata. Unclear if by design, incompetence, or Slavic employee.” They later published this metadata, commenting, “Name of employee for Russian govt security contractor Evrika appears 9 times in metadata…” We see the name, Рошка Георгиы Петрович, which translates to Roshka Georgiy Petrovich. A look at Bloomberg’s Evrika ZAO company profile indicates that Evrika is in the Health Care Facilities & Services industry, it’s not a security firm. “Petrovich” is apparently an IT specialist at this Kursk-based business in the Russian province of the same name, which borders Ukraine.

    This brings to mind the findings of the first Vault 7 leaks about a CIA’s ability to put foreign “fingrprints” on data. Quoting directly from the summary page of WikiLeak’s first Vault 7 leak:

    “The CIA’s Remote Devices Branch’s UMBRAGE group collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques ‘stolen’ from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.

    “With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the ‘fingerprints’ of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from.”

    Therefore, as I see it, Macron, who was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations-associated French-American Foundation in 2012, appears to have been blackmailed by the US before he was even elected. Notable alumni of the French-American Foundation include Bill and Hillary Clinton, Wesley Clark, Robert Zoellick, François Hollande, Arnaud Montebourg, Alain Juppé, etc.

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    • your write-ups are dizzying…compliment.
      From my perch, the amount of spin, dazzle, doozle, bend, spin, fakery, hypocrisy, lying, dingle dangle, doodlee-doo, bird’s nestium and mutilation of reality has now reached a point where the kink having no cloths needs no words spoken nor curtains drawn back…these fucks are so over the top that regular people are now forehead slappin’ eye rollin’ confused.
      Again, from my perch, when the masses get confused, the fuse of critical thinking and patient ‘well, this will change’ goes right out the window…and it seems that TPTSB see it, but have no response but to create considerably more direct and physical pain in answeer, in their beeeedy little minds anyway.
      And guess what? Uh, more mass frustration, more forced control pain, pitchforks not only sharpened but beginning to vibrate and flagellate profusely and fuel for the light of the torches rises.
      Jus’ sayin’…

    • The dog didn’t eat it, the Russian did! Love that. Very funny.

      Definitely not the Russians. We are to believe that the Russians are so stupid they hacked Macrons’ emails and released them on the very day they could have no impact on the election because releasing them would mean charges and incarceration by French authorities for those posting such information? What rubbish. No doubt the CIA with the Deep State are involved. This is really about the lies of the US election and the Deep State’s attempt to prove #TheRussiansDidIt. Sorry guys. You told one lie. It failed. You told a bunch of other lies to secure the first one. They failed with the thinking public. Now you are telling another big lie, in French this time (OMG, you are bilingual!) to prove to the public that the US election was hacked by the Russians. I smell fear. You should smell loathing.

      If the emails among the hack are real then the Deep State’s boy in France takes drugs to enhance sex (creepy), is at least bisexual if not homosexual and likely more awful stuff. Just another good ol’ boy Cabal networked guy. Why would the CIA leave such information inside a hacked email set? It accomplishes two things. You tell the lie again somewhere else to prove your other lies. And, you gott’a show your boy that you OWN him and there is no escape. Do as we say boy.

    • “The great masses’ capacity to absorb information is very limited; they have little understanding and they are very forgetful. For these reasons, any effective propaganda must be confined to a very few points, and these must be expressed in simple stereotyped formulas. (The Russians did it.) They must be used repeatedly until every last man cannot help but know the meaning instantly. The moment we forget this principal, and try to vary the approach, try to be general or abstract, we minimize the effect. The crowd cannot understand what is being offered. Therefore, the greater the scope of the message, the more necessary it is for the propaganda to follow a simple plan of action, which is also the most effective and targeted psychologically.” – Adolph Hitler

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