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    Ed Dowd lives in the hamlet of Kihei on Maui and in his opinion, the fires were caused mostly by downed power lines and very dry, tinderbox-like conditions, although he believes that the fire in his own area was caused by arson and it’s known that there has been an arson problem on the island for some time.

    “This is poor land management, epic local government failure and emergency services that weren’t properly executed.”

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    • Update to prior post: Finally seen the compelling videos making it quite irrefutable. Eric West was on AJS today 8/29/2023 and about 30m in notes that he received a text indicating SpaceForce was involved. Whether SF was involved in a WH or BW capacity wasn’t made clear.
      After seeing molten aluminum from cars standing in a relatively untouched area and blue fabric laying somewhat pristine withing obliterated structures has few explainations.
      DEWs include a suite of microwave bands – with AJ indicating that MW weapons were deployed in Vietnam to eliminate artillery batteries and jeeps in the 1970s, so the tech in use presently is obviously several generations more advanced.

      In light of this, commentary questioning those refuting DEWs by ‘Online Influencers’ certainly deserves scrutiny. The CloakAndDagger Ops afoot are as numerous as they are serious, so some cat looking visibly shaken could be attributed to DeathThreats (or similar) just as easily as due to inherent discomfort in lying like a MOFO in full public view.

      Time will tell – if we survive that long.
      Cheers all!

    • A most unusual set of comments from Ed Dowd and Sheila walker. Why unusual? I’ve never seen Ed with a faceful of stubble before, and I detected him shaking visibly. Sheila seemed more relaxed, but seemed to be caught out on one or two questions that Steve put to her which made her stall and smile. They seemed to be holding back. Had they been ‘influenced’?

    • The mechanism of the disaster is less important than the collective acknowledgement that it was ultimately an orchestrated event.

      EMS stand down, leaving power on, cutting water supply, blocking roads, lack of comms are all extremely mundane contributing factors that have concrete operatives – that can be tangibly held responsible.

      I might suggest to those getting triggered over this observation, that it is equally feasible the DEW narrative is a classic red herring put forward to lure folks away from the mundane cause and culprit AND would make it ironic that those getting triggered could also be accused of being DeepState actors pushing this (possibly) false narrative.

      My personal take is after seeing a gorrillion transformers blow the F up next to exploding electric cars, I quickly was reminded that my romance with conspiracy can mislead my perception just as much as undue scrutiny of the same. The “go to cause” is SpaceLasers, which completely absolves the municipality, is virtually impossible to prove and impossible to prosecute…. was my instant reaction… until a volley of source vids made it clear that minimally, other possibilities exist. I fell for the same thing at the Jan6 “Ashli Babbitt PsyOp” where its clear she was actually not shot and nothing in that production is convincing.

      Just sayin’ yo… cheers bros & sis’s

    • I’m not sure about ED, any more, my hero from the past…. WHY ON EARTH DON’T YOU GO AND LOOK WITH YOUR OWN EYES for heavens sake!!! Sitting in your comfy nice home, is CRIME.

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