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They’ve given up on a needle in every arm. Now they’re coming for what you eat.


Renz Missouri House Testimony – BioTech Admits Gates’ GMO Factory Food Is a Gene Therapy
Plus the CDC KNEW the Vax Kills 1,000+ per day!
March 30, 2023
by Thomas Renz

This has been a monumental week for the truth and freedom movement in our ongoing war against the WEF/CCP/Gates Foundation/etc. Here are just a few highlights:

  1. I had an opportunity to get incredibly important information about the DoD involvement with the creation of SARS-COV-2 and the vaccines on the official record in the state of Missouri;
  2. I was able to put on record that the DMED data has yet to be refuted under oath or where a penalty of perjury would apply by the DoD it accuses of killing it’s own soldiers;
  3. Daniel Horrowitz (if you do not follow Daniel’s work please do – he is an incredible journalist) uncovered and reported that the CDC expected over 1000 adverse events per day to be reported to VAERS per a FOIA document (see the article here). How much clearer can it be that the CDC and big pharma worked together to push a product for profit despite the fact that these products were incredibly dangerous? This is even more damning when you consider that these same people intentionally stoked fear in the public over a disease roughly as dangerous as the seasonal flu;
  4. Redfield has admitted that, not only was SARS-COV-2 created in a lab using gain of Function research but also that this research is going on and WILL be the cause of the next great pandemic. He also called Fauci a liar (see this article for a summary); and
  5. The biotech lobbyists admitted that GMO food like the type Bill Gates wants to manufacture in factories WILL actually alter your genetic code!!!

Here is the press release posted on & regarding this testimony:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Biotech lobbyists in Missouri opposed to the HB1169 Gene Therapy Disclosure & Informed Consent Bill ADMIT that GMO food like the type Bill Gates is pushing to manufacture in factories WILL alter your genetics – ARE THESE FOODS GOING TO BE THE NEXT mRNA VACCINES?

HB1169 in Missouri would require disclosure of any product that would produce impacts on the human body similar to a gene therapy drug as well as requiring informed consent disclosure to include all risks and benefits – including adverse events of special interest. The language of the bill can be found at Naturally, big Pharma and their associates oppose disclosure and informed consent.

During official testimony in the Missouri House on the bill the lobbyists for BioTech and WashU (I believe) in Missouri went on record to admit that GMO foods do in fact impact people’s genetic code. They actually opposed the bill on the basis that this law would require them to admit that all of their GMO products ARE in fact impacting people’s genetic code. There was no discussion as to how substantial the impact was or what studies were being done to ensure these modifications were not causing long-term health effects.

This SHOCKING admission is critical in light of the Gates Foundation/WEF push to begin producing all meats and dairy products in factories. If a basic GMO food can cause modification of our genome what could an entirely manufactured food do? Further, do we trust the same people to ensure these products are safe and effective that told us the COVID vaccines would stay in the injection site, have minimal side effects, and prevent the spread of COVID despite admitting to the European Union that they never studied the vaccine’s ability to stem the spread of COVID?

Also in this testimony Renz was able to include discuss the DMED data, DoD involvement with the development of COVID, the DoD involvement with the COVID vaccines, and MUCH more.

The fact that anyone would oppose an informed consent and disclosure bill is shocking enough, but to do so based on the fact that the presentation of this bill has forced the lobbyists to admit that they are already aware that their products have an impact on our genome is incredible. It also leads to several critical questions:

  1. How substantial is the impact of GMO foods on the human genome?
  2. Given that only 2% of our genome is understood (much of the rest is known as the “dark genome” because it’s purpose is not known – see here) how do we know what health impacts the modifications of these unnatural substances are having?
  3. Is or are any of the engineered foods we are being fed being designed with the intent to modify human genetics and if so how?
  4. Given that it is now well established that foods have the potential to act as mRNA carriers, is that happening or are their plans to make foods into mRNA vaccines (here is an article that almost makes this question rhetorical)?
  5. If a GMO food is being designed with the intent to modify or knowledge that it will facilitate a modification to the person that ingests it wouldn’t that food be subject to medical rules of informed consent?
  6. Why haven’t the Department of Health and Human Services, the CDC, FDA, and other relevant regulatory bodies informed the public of the potential for these foods to alter genetic makeup?
  7. Are agricultural producers civilly liable already for the potential negative health consequences of GMO foods in light of these admissions (I look forward to filing THAT lawsuit and hope any doctor/scientist with evidence related to the question contacts me)?

There are many more questions I have but the simple reality is that these lobbyists unwittingly admitted that their clients may be civilly liable for injury on a level beyond comprehension. What is the value of maintaining your genome? If someone manufactured something that modifies your genetics and didn’t tell you what is their liability? How much greater will the damages be if those changes result in negative health consequences? For any big trial firm that is interested I’m happy to consult on the case (I’ll be filing eventually regardless but if someone can get there before me I’ll be happy to help them just so I can see it happen).

In case anyone is wondering why I do not get asked to testify more frequently or why the US House has avoided asking me to testify in the COVID hearings despite my obvious relevance to the topic, look no further than to what I just did in Missouri. The democrats hate me, the RINOs hate me worse, and the only people I care to fight for are the American people. That means that my testimony will ALWAYS reveal a LOT of inconvenient truths and there are VERY few politicians that want unfettered truth.

You can find my complete testimony here and know that I have a lot more coming. This fight is only just warming up for me and I WILL see accountability for these globalist dirtbags that are seeking to destroy America for their benefit.

Please support us at and if you’ve been injured by these jabs and need disability please go to & let us know or call 1-877-736-9773.

If you give to our GiveSendGo, subscribe to this SubStack, or buy from our sponsors and tell them Renz sent you then you are helping to fund our fight against tyranny… I paid for my trip to Missouri to fight for freedom there despite not living in the state because it was the right thing to do.

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One of our country’s most important freedoms is that of free speech.
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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Alexandra,
    I posted a response to the Jo Morrissey and Chris comments. My comment said “waiting moderation”. Then I clicked on the “Archives” link and left the page. Later on, I returned to this page to look for any new comments and found that my comment had vanished. This happens ALL THE TIME. Any suggestions?

    • This has happed to me occasionally, never got a response from Alexandria. Go pro-active and copy your post before sending it. if it disappears, you got a back up. Then close out FKTV and your internet connection and re-enter. Then paste your response and send. Every time I’ve done that it has always sent. I don’t think this is something FKTV has control of, rather it’s a sender glitch, and I am not smart enough to tell you what it is.

      • It was a different one, specifically responding to the criticism of Tom Renz (who seems to be sincere, yet does rub me the wrong way and definitely needs a proofreader). I suggested to Chris that if they think they can do better, they should get to it, and suggested to Jo Morrissey that they might volunteer to proofread for Tom. But thanks for the link to my “Valerie Plame, the Democratic Conspiracy Reality Promoter” comment. Everybody go over there and give me a LIKE!!! Oh, wait…

  • Let us not be distracted and overloaded by details.

    The main thing is Americans have a constitutional right to informed consent concerning medical intervention. The problem is we’ve accepted the central scribes and Pharisees over-broad interpretation of “NATIONAL EMERGENCY”. Namely that such as that suspends the US Constitution and all the states constitutions, empowering central government to do unlimited mischief disguised as the “greater good”.

    Let us review what happened under the masterful leadership of Warp Speed Trump. his legal advisor media darling, Harvard law professor, cum laude grand Poobah legal beagle Alan Dershowitz, who publicly terrified the nation by declaring in the visual media that nobody has the right to refuse medical intervention in time of national emergency, that if necessary the military can come to your door, yank you out and jab you!

    So much for informed conscent and your home is your castle! Duh!

    That should’ve awakened Americans, but it didn’t. Instead most agreed with television actors Trump, Fauci and Dershowitz! If they said it, it must be so. That’s how far our nation has fallen from freedom of the right to informed conscent to obedience to masters such as this! Yes, massah jus don’t hit me!

    Entertainment news persists in talking up this “greater good”, and visual media junkies continue to believe what they see and hear there as gospel truth. And this goes for unprincipled state and federal legislators as well. Those fools will vote for anything that supports their gravy train!

    Until Americans rise up and insist upon getting private money out of political campaigns and other difficult reforms and political rehabs which I need not add to this message, the freefal of America is inevitable.

    • ConsCent??? Freefal??? Jo Morrissey is starting a petition to BAN comments with mis-spellings. I STAND WITH JO !!!!!

  • Gave up meat 4 months ago after an incident with black streaks under 2 fingernails the nails were extremely sensitive to touch then bled and clotted under the nail. After a month they grew out normal I saved the clipping just encase I died. Graphene or something never trusted food from outside ever again. Call me paranoid If you want , I think they won’t quit until they reach their quota of zero carbon . Billy you can shove that fake meat up your ass you bug eating POS.

  • If Tom Renz wrote this article, I expected better grammar from a lawyer. He should know the difference between its and it’s (it’s = conjunction of the words it and is). As the examples below show, he obviously doesn’t know the difference and until he can use proper grammar, he won’t get a dime from me.
    Point #2: “… killing it’s own soldiers” (… killing IT IS own soldiers??? WTF?)
    Question #2: “…much of the rest is known as the “dark genome” because it’s purpose is not known …” (… because IT IS purpose is not known??? WTF?)

    Do better, Tom. If you are not asked to testify, maybe it is (or it’s, if you prefer) because you got through law school without learning proper grammar.

    • When you were young, did you know you wanted to grow up to be the grammar police? Or just fell into it as an adult from lack of purpose?

      • First, it is (it’s) just another example of the dumbing down of the world – even those in professions (i.e. attorneys) that rely on the proper use of words.

        Second, we mock Biden when he uses improper speech. Maybe it is (it’s) because the teleprompter typist used improper grammar and it is (it’s) not old Joe’s fault at all. If we mock those who speak poorly why not mock those who write poorly?

        Third, those running the show think that the rest of us are idiots. Why prove them right?

        • As evidenced by the number of “us” that got suckered into naively showing up at the Capitol that day a couple years ago, a great number of “us” ARE idiots. Frankly, we NEED the idiots as cannon fodder, and, besides, “sticks & stones”….

    • It’s been common for people to mix up it’s/its then/than since a long time ago; however, I can still understand what they’re trying to say.

      I’m just passing by and saying that it isn’t such a big issue.

  • Sorry Mr. Renz: if the bill does not ban anything and the new technology has actually the potential to SPREAD, via SYNTHETIC GENES, like the covid injections, then this bill is USELESS!!!!
    The only way out is to FORBID the criminals to produce the poison entirely. To kill the planet and kill off entire humanity with synthetic GENES is a CRIME and it is NOT ENOUGH to allow it to spread!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOBODY knows how long the synthetic genes actually last and if anything is capable of decomposing this chemical slurry into single atoms!
    This is about REAL fight and not judicial wording apologizing for an intervention.

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