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The genetic editing of plants to contain vaccines is well underway. Work is being done with bananas, potatoes, lettuce, rice, wheat, soybeans and corn. Companies like Medicago are using gene editing to turn plants into mini bioreactors.

Gene editing is now officially in our meat industry. Lobbyists for the cattlemen and pork associations in several states have confirmed that they will be using mRNA COVID vaxxines on their livestock.

Attorney Tom Renz has been warning that there’s no law requiring anyone to give informed consent for vaxxine food. There are no laws requiring anyone to tell you the food you are buying has been vaxxed with the spike protein #clotshot.

The UK recently passed into law the Genetic Technology Precision Breeding Bill. The Bill amends the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 to exclude references to “precision-bred organisms” so far as they relate to marketing. “Precision-bred organism” is another term for “gene-edited”.

So now, in the UK, food that’s been gene-edited can be legally marketed as “non-GMO” and if this UK gene-edited meat makes its way to America, it can be labeled “non-GMO” here, as well. And so long as it is butchered in America, it can be labeled “Product of USA”.

The fake alternative meat being pushed by Bill Gates and others is made of immortal cell lines – in other words, cancerous tumor cells.

Real meat is being blamed for Climate Change and a recent independent study suggests that most of our meat is already contaminated. Using infrared spectroscopy and electron microscopy, Dr Ana Maria Mihalcea has been studying the blood of the vaxxed and the unvaxxed for over a year now and at first, she was finding the same contamination in only the blood of the vaxxed – a contamination she describes as “ribbon-like structures” – much like the mysterious blood clots being found by coroners. But lately, she’s been finding these ribbon-like structures in the blood of the unvaxxed, as well.

By measuring the frequency of one of these mysterious blood clots, Dr David Jernigan has developed a way to detect the same frequency in the vaxxed. Recently, he’s found this unique frequency in the meat being sold in his local grocery store and asked Dr Mihalcea to confirm his findings.

Her microscopy showed that the samples taken from products in the grocery story were all contaminated with a similar ribbon-like structures found in the blood of the vaxxed.

Most of the meat in the grocery store is from overseas and if we want to eat uncontaminated meat, we’ll have to start buying direct from farms in America that still produce all natural, organic protein and take back control of our democidal government.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Wow this is just crazy. I wonder what we’re supposed to eat. I just recently started eating beef and rice again. I guess I’ll have to stop eating it after what I’ve got is gone

  • I don’t know how true this information is though generally we can still get some sense of danger.
    Try to get food from safer source as much as possible.

  • oh whatever. just more doom and gloom, and things to keep your mind chaotic.

    Please provide peer-reviewed journal citations for what you are proclaiming.

    Only because someone says they are injecting this into certain foods doesn’t mean its true. And how would the virus survive food processing and cooking? Bacteria can survive harsh conditions by generating spores. Not true for virus or any protein compound.

    The insanity continues.

    • I’m sorry to say that you don’t understand what ‘mRNA’ is. The info can be found. It is ‘gene editing’ to start the transhumanisn process of all people.

  • Move close to Meico catch a tan ,wear a wig,learn some spanglish and shop across the border cheaper prices , no shortages ,less poisoning and they are not trying to kill their own citizens just the blanco gringos. This applies to prescription drugs , petrol , school shootings ,rigged elections, job market,bankrupt banks, I could be here all day you feel me. Lucky for us the border is wide open and with inflation of the rails makes good sense what with the crashing economy and everything else turning to shit in real time.

    • daniel laxson,

      It’s far more serious, regarding U.S.
      assaults against its citizens :

      Forwarded Message :

      JungianINTPApril 4, 2023 Reply

      — MSG, Sugar, Fluoride—Oh My ! ! ! —

      Go back to the early 1920’s, folks, when the precursor to the FDA – a scientific commission for protecting our food supply from adulteration – determined sugar additives were dangerous to human health .

      Politics – trumping health – had protected sugar-dependent Coca-Cola—because it was determined to be a national ICON/Treasure ( read “Sugar Blues” ).

      MSG, in all foods, is used by scientists to fatten mice —to test anti-diabetes drugs ( an actual cause of over-FAT Americans, followed by sugar consumption ).

      Fluoride doesn’t protect against cavities, but deadens the ( spiritual gland ) pineal—used in Nazi concentration camps to tamp down aggression in prisoners.

      Oh, My ! ! !


      • One thing for certain HELL is completely empty and all of the poor bastards are here now working their asses off to make Erf the mirror image of the chosen ones hometown. Something about broken seals and veils pulled down. A lot of hard work by the GOD haters done in our name the repairs of which require a massive change in consciousness and a liberal amount of forgiveness but this time they will not be going back to their paradise when they die these puddle people will just cease to exist, too late now poor life choices.

        • @daniel laxson
          If Hell is a place ruled by the devil, then we are in hell RIGHT NOW. The devil is god of this world until Jesus returns after Tribulation with all of the spirits waiting in heaven to return to reunite with their bodies and INHERIT the earth and unseat the devil.

          • We do not all live in hell, as unpleasant as life is for some people the ones who walk with GOD are protected from this crazy ass world full of liars and abusers.The Devil already knew he had lost by using the looking glass device to see the timeline we are on so he gave himself up and has returned to source. Some portals were opened also at CERN for the demons to be here to kick off the final battle. The leaderless f*cktards running around now are getting the shit beat out of them and soon will be mostly peaceful as few have surrendered and most are now dust. The waiting spirits and ghostly visitors are in the 4th dimension not heaven (9th). I have heard that Hades the underworld is below or inside of earth where Jesus went to save some souls and is where the Nephilim are chained up who may have been released already(antartica,turkey). Will JESUS return if the Devil has already bugged out or has the world been filled with enough light to seal the deal?

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