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    Dr Peter Breggin joins Seth Holehouse to talk about the existence of totalitarianism throughout the sweep of human history.

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    • NO!!!

      Everybody and his brother’s view of modern history starts with Hitler. That is absolutely false! It’s obsessive! It’s visual media control of lazy minds.

      What created Hitler? Circumstances created by European central bankers and degenerate politicians that began with Marx and Engles, who you will never understand until you study them and Marx’s “Rabbi” Moses Hess whose vision was to establish new Israel in central Europe where Judaics were free to do as they please. This concept was much later adopted by Theodore Herzl, but thats another story for another day. Germany was not yet fully formed so you see they were thinking of establishing a Jewish state where Germany is today, only much smaller.

      Hess was not a real Rabbi, but a rebel son of a Rab and Marx called him, “my Rabbi”. Hess was something of a philosopher writer and disciple of the Dutch philosopher Spinoza.

      While Hess wrote about New Israel in Europe, Marx wrote about a secular collectivist government, he created the framework that later Judaics used to overthrow Russia in the bloody Bolshevik revolution, which highjacked the newly formed Russian Republic after the Czar abdicated.

      Unless people do their own homework, because state controlled “public education” will always teach their self serving politically correct version, while plowing under real history – they will be forever fog bound!

      Keep in mind here that England and Germany were prior to the 20th century competing colonial industrial powers and it was the same central banking families that controlled and managed state funds of both nations! I’m not going to review everything here, not enough time or space. Readers will have to do their own homework or die.

      Wilson, a hand selected central banker President who who was politically clueless agreed to send American youth into the WWI meat grinder, the stupidest war of all time! So stupid that Americans believed all the BS they were fed at the time, to the point that stupid American Christians & the USG were persecuting American Hutterite Christians because they were Germanic extraction and pacifistic! Unbelievable? You better believe Americans were that gullible and still are!

      I am not telling the tenth of it here. Hitler lived through the German starving time following WWI that was brought on by Great Britain and the League of Nations, falsely blaming Germany for the war. It was a half truth and Americans have never been told the whole truth about it.

      It was in this period that German Bolsheviks began taking over local government in Bohemia and Bohemia was rescued by German veterans who physically threw them out. When Hitler glommed onto this national panic he exploited it and gained the loyalty and affection of Germans who saw with their own eyes and experienced with their own losses what the Communist/banking cartel had done to nearby Russia.

      Hitler, a lapsed Roman Catholic, was an unregenerate patriot and very dangerous to the health of the German nation because of his gross lack of understanding. He was in a sense highly moral which met with German approbations, but it was morality independent of that which both the RCC and the Lutheran Churches ostensibly upheld while the nation degenerated prior to WWI.

      It was the failure of the German churches to rightly teach Germans the moral precepts and principles of that which they professed!

      In the eyes of Germans, Hitler was a morally straight leader, but because they had been let down by their religious teachers, they failed to see the hypocrisy of Hitler. In a way can you blame them? They had been terrorized by WWI and the blood thirsty Bolsheviks!

      • JD, Love your opening statement.
        I’ve come to the conclusion long ago, anyone dependent on the “Hitler” narrative is Paid rather well.
        They have to keep the Propaganda going because there is No limit of statute of limitations to the “War Crimes” made by the Royal Air Force & U.S. Air Force.
        But also the lies are very profitable to the supposed “holocaust survivors” because they are allowed to transfer this to their descendants, which was & will continue to rape Germany $3,000. monthly payments per person. Not to mention their Fictional holocaust museums $$$$$.

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