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    Dr Stella Immanuel joins Stew Peters to talk about the transhumanist and genocidal agenda of the Covax operation.

    She says, “They are doing everything that they can to get the medication that they need. People aren’t dying in hospitals because they are vaccinated or unvaccinated, they are dying in hospitals because they are withholding treatment from them, and then they are giving them dangerous medications, like remdesevir that knocks out their kidneys. They’re giving them steroids for long periods of time that knocks out their immunity.

    “So at the end of the day, we all need to die to scare other people to take the jab. That’s the bottom line. So this is depopulation and genetic modification…

    “It was always a Trojan Horse for the vaccine. This virus has always been completely treatable and completely preventable.”

    Dr Stella Immanuel has filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against Anderson Cooper and CNN, after they trashed her for her advocacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, as part their larger agenda to smear and demonize these time-tested, safe and effective medicines.

    To Dr Immanuel, sees all of this as the Book of Revelations Chapter 13, writ large and Stew, who is also a devout Christian agrees.

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    • Why is D me David Martin speaking in terms of “we” as if he is part of this operation representing the WHO? It sounds like he is a planted truth speaker for the dark side to clear their karma.

    • Good pharma v big bad pharma. Why is no covid doctor telling people to simply take care of their own health? They all sell drugs, that is why. WTFU

    • You don’t have to take the jabs to get corrupted. They’re putting these toxic compounds into the air water and food! It permeates everything we need for survival!! They don’t need your consent anymore!!

      • Plus the Jabbed are transmitting these compounds to everyone close to them. They’re spreading the seeds of our demise!

      • There is no evidence yet, that the synthetic life is contagious through casual contact and even if it is, there is still a big difference between giving consent and getting it via casual contact

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