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Ramola D of The Everyday Concerned Citizen is new to me and I love the way she presents information and puts things together.

She has an update for us on the now FOUR different kinds of parasite that have been imaged in the Pfizer and Moderna vials.

We’ve previously spoken about the findings of microscopy expert, Dr Robert Young, who published his images of the contents of the four publicly-available jabs using various methods, including Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy. It was Dr Young who first reported to have found Trypanosoma cruzi in the vaccines.

Ramola reads recent entries in the VAERS system that corroborate Dr Young’s findings. One tells of a woman who is a regular blood donor and that after her second vaccination, her blood donation tested positive for the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite, the same as what Dr Young found in the vaxx.

These parasites are transmissible by blood and organ donation and they cause incurable Chagas disease. Luckily, donor organs and blood are now routinely screened for Chagas antibodies – and that’s how these were discovered.

Myocarditis and fluid accumulation around the heart have been reported in many vaxxed people (often, in the young and athletic). These are known severe symptoms of early-stage Chagas disease.

Ramola finds the three other cases of people reported in VAERS who were screened for this parasite (two teenagers and a 60-year-old) had all presented with heart problems after being vaxxed. She’s then surprised to find it’s now becoming routine to screen all vaxxed patients with heart issues for T. cruzi. 

Ramola found an additional three people in the VAERS system, whose symptoms were labeled as “Trypanosoma brucei”. T. brucei is protozoan related to T. cruzi from Africa that causes sleeping sickness in humans.

Patients listed in VAERS as suffering from the symptoms of sleeping sickness are having their symptoms labeled as this exotic parasite species, which does not affect members of the US population. Ramola says this points to an awareness within the medical community that there are parasites in the vaxx.

Interestingly, a primary drug used to treat infection with T. brucei is suramin, which has been touted in the health freedom community for much of 2021 as helpful in mitigating the effects of the vaxx – and of the spike proteins being shed by the vaxxed.

Ramola dives deeper into the transhumanist potentials of Hydra vulgaris and other Cnidaria species and other interesting findings in this most thorough report I’ve yet seen on the topic.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I find it very annoying when when she clicks here, clicks there, then back and forth, enlarging, shrinking, moving, then all back to the same photos, then the next, and all over again. Very distracting! If I look away, a little better, but I keep seeing all this flashing going on over and over. Just show the photos, then be done.

  • Imho I find it hard to believe this because the vaccines were stored in a deep freeze: how could a parasite survive? I have never studied the temperature range hospitable to human parasites but suspect the adults need a warmth.

    • Trypanosoma cruzi (found in the vaxx by Dr Robert Young; it causes incurable Chagas disease), it can survive being deep frozen, just like embryos can. So can amoeba, which were also found. Scientists noted that they came to life, as they defrosted.

  • I am furious.
    She is so disorganized and confused, it is really hard to follow what she wants to say.
    Couldn’t she have her video recording prepared, so she doesn’t waste our time when searching for “just another article” ?
    Or make a bucket list what she actually wants to talk about, so she doesn’t jump from one subject to another ?
    This is not the only video I have to watch, not the only report I have to read every day.
    There is so much information, if you want to keep up, it can really endanger your job, because you spend so much time with alternative media.
    That’s why I am furious when people don’t make an effort to try to be concise.

  • Eight years ago, I became more aware, both suspicious and cautious, of what chemicals were being dumped into my municipal water. Thinking it would help counteract the chemicals and ease my concerns, I bought a bunch of Britta water filters, along with a self-contained, half-gallon or so sized pitcher. Within days of following the manufacture’s direction, however, I began to notice little black pepper-grain sized specks of what almost seemed to be some sort of metal. Disturbed, I switched to a new filter. Same thing happened. So I ‘googled’ what I felt to be rather an unacceptable phenomenon. ‘Answers’ soon appeared and I found myself surprised to read where people who owned, either the Britta or the Pur filters, were not all that concerned; several users suggested they had contacted the manufacturer(s) and were told that it is just harmless little flecks of charcoal and that they (the manufacturers) were hoping to correct the matter. Uh, well I had been using charcoal filter systems in my fish aquariums, both reef and fresh water, for nearly 20-years, and had never ever seen anything come close to flecking of the charcoal. With that, however, I trashed the Britta and bought a Big Berkey filter instead. Curiously, before pitching it, hoping to find a microscope somewhere I pulled five or six specks, put them on a piece of paper towel, into a plastic baggie, and then clipped it with a magnet to the side of my refrigerator. About a week went by, when, thinking I would throw it out, I took it from the side of the fridge and glanced at what was still in it. It appeared a little different, so I took a closer look. Then, to my disgust and horror, I found that three of ‘what was still in it’ had actually sprouted wings. Yes, wings! I hung on to that baggie of Britta specimens for years and often showed it to visiting friends, family, neighbors … Skeptics, many of them, about ‘conspiracy’ matters in general, but none of those who had seen the disturbing contents within that baggie could deny that what they were seeing was something out of a horror movie.

    • Well done your being guided to not just trust anything that’s where we all need to be at now the chemical trails above me are often present now I know what they are I had no idear before very glad we have forbidden knowledge keeping us informed .

  • Funny how most of the people pushing this experimental gene therapy, profiting from it and implementing mandates are not taking it themselves or been given mandates.

  • WOW!! This is Downright SCARY!! We Need to Reveal this information.. but I don’t want to SCARE People!! Especially those in my family who have had these (2) injections!! And. Ow!! They want to give this to Children 2 & up??!! OUTRAGEOUS!! I’m Praying God Will not Allow this in the Most Innocent!!..& that the “evils of the Ingredients” in these injections will be exposed & known by Every-One!! ASAP!!! Our ONLY HOPE is that JESUS SAVES US from the “Horrors & (Attacks) of these KILLER Side Effects upon Our Bodies!!” Forgive us Lord!! YOU ARE OUR HEALER!! In JESUS MIGHTY NAME!!🙏🙏🙏📖🎚🛡🗡💦💦💦👑🕊🕊🕊

  • Love your channel
    My comment is a question:
    Does anyone else wonder why these findings are just coming out now when the vaccines have been out for 10 months?
    I think I’ll answer my own question.
    Dr. Madej had talked about labs being shut down so obvious the answer is extreme suppression by the obvious parties.

  • I can not, by any stretch of my imagination, comprehend how this could be accidental! Ergo, it must be deliberate, there is no other rational explanation!

  • Love your channel
    My comment is a question:
    Does anyone else wonder why these findings are just coming out now when the vaccines have been out for 10 months?

  • Blood Zapping using electroporation kills all parasites bacteria and viruses in the bloodstream

    Research Bob Beck Blood electrification.

    • Does Bob Beck Blood Electrification really all all pathogens in the blood???? Any testimonies? Thanks

  • These parasites are treatable with chlorine dioxide. CLO2 has been attacked by the FDA with the help of fake news media as toxic and dangerous. What they don’t tell you is when the blood supply was infected with AIDS and hepatitis C they purified it by adding chlorine dioxide also it kills E-coli they spray meat, chicken, vegetables with it. When we had the outbreak of viruses anthrax and COVID they sprayed the areas with chlorine dioxide which is a actually a gas mixed in water. When taken in solution as a medicine the gas goes throughout the body purifying the water. They also use it to treat drinking water in most community water supplies. In industry it is useful as a bleaching agent for paper mills ( most of which used actual bleach destroying the environment) the effluent from CLO2 process is safe for animals and beneficial actually as it cleans the water supporting life. Chlorine dioxide is made from sodium chlorite a simple salt that is acidified with acid the same acid that is in your stomach. I use it regularly now in the age of COVID you should too. Did I mention it also destroys Glyphosate and has been used to reverse autism which is considered incurable by big medicine.

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