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    Dr David E Martin joins Mike Adams during this latest phase of the Plandemic, in which tens of thousands of First Responders are being forced to resign and in which several large businesses and labor unions putting up a fight against this insane tyranny.

    “We have a situation where it’s very clear that the plans that were laid out by the World Health Organization in the ‘World at Risk’ scenario for the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board in September of 2019 – and for people who haven’t read it, I encourage you to read it because this is the playbook. We are playing through the whole playbook.


    “What we’re trying to do is we’re trying to see exactly how far people will respond, on what level of motivation. So we started out with the pretend, ‘Oh, this is for your neighbor’s interest, this is for your grandmother’s interest.’ So we appeal to some of that familial guilt and shaming – and we got a certain number of the population that way – and then, we upped the ante, we decided that when grandma doesn’t work, we’re going to free beer and donuts, so we did the incentive play and we saw a number of states do the lotteries and the financial incentives and everything else, and Mike, this has been a market test.

    “It’s a market test and it’s always been set up as a market test. That’s why I remind people, we don’t have to interpret the facts, we just have to read the facts. This was a market test to see at what level, what threshold we start getting pushback.

    “And at each level, you saw, we hit a moment where we got the free donut people went, and then we got the donuts and beer people went and then we got the donuts and beer people and lottery tickets went and if you go back to the beginning of this pandemic, remember it started on cruise ships…

    “It’s not surprising that we started the pandemic on cruise ships, because if you’re targeting a population, you want to target a population that was almost willing to dream – and see that we can destroy their dreams…”


    “And so we’ve done the whole continuum [i.e. playbook] and the last straw to fall – and as you know, President Biden made his statement about any employer of over one hundred people has to do the mandatory vaccines. This is now, going after, the assault of something that’s been around since 1217. This is an assault on the charter enforced in the Magna Carta. This is an assault on whether you have the right to a livelihood.

    “And now, what we’re doing is we’re saying, unless you defile the sanctity of your life, you are not entitled to the right of livelihood. And the good news is, as you just said, we have now, poured into concrete the resolve of those people who are saying, ‘Hey, we aren’t going to fall for the donuts and the cruise ships and the lottery tickets or anything else and we weren’t going to fall for the restaurants. There’s not a restaurant in New York or LA worth violating the integrity of  your body. I don’t care what the restaurant is, no restaurant in New York or LA is worth it.’

    “We go through all this and we’re at the last ditch, which is, ‘I’m going to take your livelihood, unless you actually bow the knee to a belief in a technology, which has had an 80-year run and that run is over.’…

    “This was never about a virus or a public health issue or a pandemic or anything else. This was about a social cover story – and I said this in ‘Plandemic: Indoctornation’ – this is a moment of cognitive dissonance where we’re being asked to remember 2020 as a justification for a shift in the way the world is supposed to work.

    “And what I love about this moment, Mike is that vaccines were just the foil. It’s a technology that’s being used to play a game: ‘How far can we indenture a population? How much deprivation can we have in that population, before the population draws a line under ‘enough’? And the great news is I think we got there.

    “I do not believe – as much as the CDC wants me to – I do not believe that we’re close to 60% vaccinated. I think we’re a lot lower than that number and the fact of the matter is, if you look at New Zealand, New Zealand had to admit that they’re not even at 50% And this is for a locked-down nation that allegedly got everybody.

    “What we know is that the effort to suppress humanity is actually backfiring and actually, what’s happening is we’re galvanizing a stronger resolve, not weaker…to further distance ourselves from accepting another one of these things.”

    Mike Adams agrees. “Amen to that. The backlash against the blatant irrationality of what people are observing – for example, who, in their right mind, as a hospital administrator in the middle of a claimed pandemic say, ‘This is the time to fire all the nurses with natural immunity!’ What sense does that make?”


    Dr Martin then gets into another aspect of the PSYOP: “We take what we know is Federally illegal – we’ve got to remember this – President Biden’s Executive Order has no bearing on any individual. Let me say that one more time: The Executive Order has no bearing on any individual, because an Executive Order – by law – can only be a directive to a federal agency, it can never be a directive to a person.

    “So what happens is, what we’re trying to do is actually trying to subordinate all of the order of actual legal practice, to see how much of the thuggery that the establishment wants to do, can be done by the henchmen called ’employers’, called ‘healthcare workers’, called ‘public health officers’.   

    “What we’re actually doing is a cunning abuse of the way the Commerce Clause was set up, the way the entire structure of our country was set up. We’re using this cunning abuse to say, ‘We can’t do it but we’re going to wink-wink, nod-nod, suggest and insinuate that this is a thing that should be done, and we’re now going to see whether or not, under the guise of legality, do willfully illegal acts.

    “Bear in mind, there is no law that allows any federal agency…to use any one of the current injections. And the reason, Mike is because under the law that allows for compulsory vaccination or compulsory medicine – even in the military – you have to have had an approved Institutional Review Board of that study that included safety data, that included animal studies.

    “None of these clinical trials had any safety data. So, there is no legal IRB …and every single one of the clinicians and every single one of the scientists who have been involved in this process know they are violating the law and this is a way to get blackmail and dirt…this is a fraternity hazing done badly. 

    “It is to see how many people can get dirt on each other so that for the rest of time, you will all know – every tim you shake a hand, every time you see each other at a convention, you’ll know you were complicit in an evil act and because it’s your secret and their secret and everybody’s secret, you’re going to pretend like it didn’t happen…


    “The CEOs of all the airlines are violating the law…You cannot compel participation in a clinical trial under any circumstances. It is illegal to do that. It’s a violation of the law and every airline CEO who has done that has violated Federal Law. They are participating in what is effectively Domestic Terrorism and War Crimes. And those are the laws that cover these actions.

    “When you compel someone against their will or when you coerce someone against their will into a behavior, those are Domestic Terrorism and War Crimes violations. Those are felony violations and so, he’s [Southwest CEO Gary Kelly] admitting on CNBC to violating Federal Law.”

    Mike asks him, “Why are these CEOs, in your opinion…making themselves vulnerable to the prosecutions that must be coming for the crimes that they are admitting to carrying out on camera?”

    Dr Martin responds, “One of the things that I have found fascinating is that we have had, in this pandemic such clear and egregious violations of federal and state laws. We have the CDC putting together PowerPoint presentations for its own employees, pointing out that the very famous last turn-of-the-century Jew Ho v. Williamson case…which essentially said that you cannot quarantine a healthy population. That’s a Supreme Court decision. You cannot quarantine a healthy population.

    “But do you realize that the only case we ever hear about in the Mainstream Media are Jacobson v. Massachusetts, which allegedly gave rise to allegedly justification for valid vaccine mandates. If you read what that case is…you can either get a vaccine or pay a $5 fine. That’s the Jacobson Case! The Jacobson Case did not establish that vaccines, for the rest of time are legal…

    “We are willfully emasculating the judiciary and I’m going to say this really precisely. If you take the judiciary offline, it’s a very powerful thing to do, because the judiciary is the public’s point-of-access to address grievances against the government…Having a compromised judiciary closes the door to the public getting redress for their grievances.”


    Dr Martin thinks the vaunted chip shortage is part of the script. “I don’t think we have any chip shortage, I think we’re designing chips that play into what is going to be the digital and e-economy, where the control of who we are and what we do and what we experience is based on an intermediated decision-making process that says that your access to things, whatever they are, which include, by the way, what you have in your home, what you have in your car, where you can travel.

    “Things that are being done are not chip shortages, absolutely. We didn’t have a fab facility go down that can’t start up, what did do is we actually have engineering manipulation of chips right now that is altering the experience going forward and we are…actually redesigning the communications protocol and we’re redesigning the actual physical architecture, so that we have the ability to turn on and off, make access to or remove access from each individual, so that the command-and-control systems that people have desperately wanted to see in place can actually be implemented.” 

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    • So, if presidential mandates only apply to federal employees, does it follow that gubernatorial mandates only apply to state employees?

    • Regarding chip shortage, not entirely correct. Yes the fabs that were online still can be, problem is they produce 14nm and larger chips. These days people want higher density, 5nm to 7nm and right now there is ONE company, TMSC, capable of producing those, and both AMD and Intel have outsourced production of their new chips to TMSC. Intel is building two new 5nm fabs but these things are large, expensive, and take time to construct and debug.

    • I dearly hope that Dr. M has a strong, efficient Security Team.. as he will be revealing addresses of the criminal cabal driving all this destruction, death, control and arrogant Fraud..

    • Why is Dr David Martin speaking in terms of “we” As if he is along side of or part of the WHO and this whole operation ? Why is he saying “we “tried this and “we “attempted to push until “we” got push back for the people. It sounds like he is a planted truth speaker to clear karma for the dark side.

      • He means himself as part of a group, pushing to bring all of this into the open. He has years of videos where he’s been speaking the truth. He can easily be found on Rumble, simply by typing in his name. His videos done with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich are amazing.

    • Agree except one point. The courts are not the only place to address grievances. In fact , constitutionally, we are to take our grievances to the legislature.

      A very smart man should not miss this very important point.

    • My obj from the jump was the abrtd babies cells which they hav used n their death jab….

      Then found out the othr ingrds….and knew this was G8s agenda 21–depop….

      The globalists went aftr drs 2 silence any opposition….and hav threatnd the judiciary if they ntervene….the same way the judiciary was threatnd if the ntervend with the election steal…

      Q told y’all the only way is the military…

      I hope y’all can c that now!!

    • Yikes… we don’t need MORE and MORE clear obvious evidence of the clear obvious Covid SCAM of what has long been clear and obvious from the very start.

      The relentless focus on this new area of fraud or that new piece of information on the Covid scam going on every day in the alternative media is at this VERY LATE stage A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND DISTRACTION from what everyone needs to immediately LEARN about to CONSTRUCTIVELY fight this obvious pseudoscientific Scamdemic, I mean how much MORE evidence do you need to see the obvious?  UNLESS people take it to the next level it’s just describing more in a slightly different way of the same obvious fraud….

      For people to GET to FIGHT against their destruction through Covid jabs they first need to have a proper grasp of the nature of the world they live in — they need to (want to) “see the light” first — because if they do they will be MOTIVATED to fight.

      The most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to gain is that a network of psychopaths ARE governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world (the evidence is irrefutable) and that the Covid Scamdemic is a VERY DESTRUCTIVE WAR AGAINST NON-RULING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE — you and I. But that’s only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition.

      The true, WHOLE, but “politically incorrect” and “culturally forbidden” reality is more encompassing (review “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” at ).


      “If you don’t stand up for the unvaxxed now, you wouldn’t have stood up for the Jews then.” — Paul Rosenberg

    • Well if the justice system can’t or won’t bring these evil animals to justice that just leaves street justice. The Laws of the Universe states the law of cause and effect. So they shall get what’s coming to them one way or another

      • Dr Martin is correct in what he has told us. Like you said.
        Because he doesn’t give his his opinion, he tells us documented facts.
        Unlike MSM which were granted free rein for lies in 2012

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