Josh Sigurdson talks with David Martin, PhD about the technocratic takeover of humanity by globalist bankers and eugenicists.
Dr Martin is one of the loudest voices coming out of the plandemic and continues to do speeches and warn humanity of the coming crises. It’s of course just the beginning.

In this video, we talk about the cashless society, carbon credits, the great reset, voting, voluntaryism, the birth of a new civilization and the massive death toll that stands before us.

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  • The “fact” that he works with and for CNBC and runs a hedge fund loaded with the very companies he’s allegedly against should be enough for any level headed person to see he’s a fraud. The last I checked, the largest holding in the CNBC 100 Index was Johnson and Johnson. I could go on and on but the bottom line is he’s a globalist who could care less about anything but his bottom line. I laugh at the idiot pawns who spread his fallacies only so he and his ilk can profit from the misinformation.

  • The Pyramids & Mummies would tell a different story in China, if China would allow excavating of these sites.
    But they don’t, because that would only show the Aryan Migration in ancient China and would be counterproductive to Dr. Martins misrepresenting Chinese vs European.

    • Okay now that you have made the charge, can you back it up with an address? I see at least a dozen of “his website”‘s and haven’t the time to comb through each of them to find what you claim.

      • I’ve looked into this previously and Dr. Martin’s company logo sure does bear a marked similarity to the design of the FM pouch. That said, I’m thinking that us non-FMs are maybe missing half the game; to wit, ya know how the FM floors always have black and white squares? Did you know that one of the FM symbols reserved for 33°s is WHITE HATS? So the game looks to me to be ostensibly between the white hats and the black hats and right now they are just trading pawns (us) because there is an extinction level event coming and they only want to save the strongest genetic lines. For example, if your parents are stupid enough to let you get injected with a DARPA bioweapon, they don’t want you passing along that stupidity after the ACTUAL great reset. so “sorry, bye bye!”. I’m thinking the DUMBs have been created to house the genetic lines most likely to be able to survive and rebuild a destroyed Earth. Every time I suggest this scenario I get significant pushback, so I’m thinking I might be right over the target.

    • Hey, Freemason is supposed to be secretive.
      And you’re saying go to his website and that’s it (find a proof of him being one of them)?
      I don’t think so.

      In addition to that, pay attention to what he’s being doing, then you’ll know he isn’t one of them.

  • It’s about time we the people started to do something about this problem…this is spiritual warfare and we must all be strong …we are going to win and this is jjust the beginning


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