Marjorie Taylor Greene joins The Alex Jones Show to call out stolen midterm elections.

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  • I used to support you unconditionally, Marjorie, but yesterday I witnessed you advocating supporting for King RINO Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House! I’d rather perform a retroactive Gender-Change surgery upon myself using a butter knife than have Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.
    Election Theft is like Baseball in that “Strike Three, You’re Out!” in 2024, and after 2022 Midterms, we’re already on “Strike Two!”
    If we do not enact national massive Voter Reform, neither Donald Trump nor Jesus Christ Himself could win the Presidential Election in 2024. That’s a fact, not prophecy. I don’t want “Strike 3, You’re Out!”
    RINO King Kevin McCarthy has already assured us that he will “not focus upon Impeachments”, and that’s all that I want to see, Impeachments, Impeachments, and more Impeachments of the fraudulent Biden Regime.
    I’m sorry, Marjorie, but our Honeymoon is Over.


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