This is the second hidden-camera video released this week by Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, as part of his new series, ‘Unmasking the Deep State’ and in what he promises will be incrementally egregious revelations. He has suggested that the series will reveal the identity of the author of The New York Times’ Op-Ed (!)

So far, we’ve seen videos from his undercover agents who’ve penetrated the US State Department, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice. We’ve watched Federal employees explain, on-camera and in their own words, how they work daily to undermine the White House during business hours, using Federally-owned equipment and resources. In other words, the US Taxpayer is underwriting the seditious activities of these Federal employees.

O’Keefe has called the Deep State an unelected cabal of Federal workers, who are “basically stomping on the Constitution. They are in all branches of government and they are hiding among the 2.5 million Federal employees…Americans make their voices heard through elections and these people are circumventing that. Members of the Deep State view themselves as having nothing to lose. A lot of them brag about how they can’t get fired.”

O’Keefe says that past experience has prepared him to become the subject of vicious attacks by the Mainstream Media, which he notes, “Doesn’t make any sense to me, because their whole reason for being is to expose government corruption!”

He expects to be attacked for his hidden-camera methods, claiming it’s unethical to record people without their consent, to which he says, “Let me address that…it is not unethical, certainly not when another person is present to the conversation doing the recording. Surreptitious recordings are not an invasion of privacy.

“Through establishing a rapport with these government officials, which we did over the course of six months, outside of their offices, we had no duty to keep the information that they gave us confidential. We did not entrap these people. Their images and voices capture their character much more accurately than an ocean of words on newsprint could. This is them on video.

“The things that make people uncomfortable about undercover journalism the the brutal reality of it. The rawness, the irrefutability of it is precisely why it’s so great it causes people embarrassment. Well, good. Maybe people ought to be more embarrassed about what they’re doing.

“Undercover recordings are not unethical but I’ll tell you what is unethical: The abuse of anonymous sources over the last two years is highly, highly unethical. One commentator described the…poetic license taken by Bob Woodward. He described him as a ‘Washington ventriloquist’…

“Woodward offers second-hand quotes in this book, Fear from anonymous sources, secondhand quoting other people, months after the events allegedly take took place! We don’t do that. We film the anonymous sources and give them to you. Anything less is to abandon the very reason for journalism’s existence.

“Unlike Woodward and Bernstein, we won’t quote anonymous sources in the Administration, relaying to you what happened. We basically just show them to you and unlike the New York Times’ Op-Ed page, we won’t omit the name of the author to ‘protect them from losing their job.’

“Federal job security is so great, Federal workers are more likely to die than lose their jobs…so, when we release these stories, we’ll give you the names and faces of who’s doing it. You’ll be able to see his name and face. You’ll be able to see his title, his employer, his demeanor, his arrogance. You’ll be able to see his lack of introspection, his greed, him bragging about how nobody will ever hold him and his ‘comrades’ – that’s a word that he uses – accountable.

“But there’s a deeper theme here: Transparency belongs to government. Privacy belongs to the people. The media has that in reverse…

“The people in Washington…serve their own interests, as you all know. So, this is a great injustice. So, we must gun mask and show you the faces of who these people are. The government exists with the consent of the governed and that consent cannot be manufactured. The truth must be pursued at all costs. That’s why we call it Project Veritas: Project Truth. Our main goal is to deliver truth to the masses, which is the core the whole purpose of journalism…

“We’re gonna expose these people, because notoriety will expose them and it may deter others…We are confident Americans are going to do the right thing. People have no idea how bad it is – not even close. The Executive and Legislative branches of government may have to buck up and do the right thing, for once. Perhaps they will restore the Separation of Powers. Perhaps they’ll do civil service reform…

“We’re gonna search for every rotten, crooked, no-good Deep State Federal official, we’re going to release them, one at a time. We’re going to unmask you, we’re going to find you, we’re going to make you Internet-famous!

“And for Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, who will inevitably have to send their engineers in to tinker with algorithms and shut down morality, I will say to you that they can’t stop us all. They can’t shadow ban everyone in this room – and if they really want to do that, then I say, ‘Screw them! Go ahead!’ And we will turn our cameras on to the Twitter and Facebook engineers, as they do it.

“This is going to be an information revolution. It’s going to be viral. It’s going to be big.”

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  • What we’re not told here is that James O’Keefe is a far-right-wing provocateur. The videos he releases are heavily edited to promote the pro-far-right, pro Trump agenda.

    Who’s funding this Project Veritas? According to Source Watch, most of the donors are kept secret. So much for this “transparency” Mr. O’Keefe advocates. A few can be discerned from their tax filings and other documents. All right wingers.

    Conclusion: Project Veritas is not an even handed, bi-partisan approach to uncovering corruption and wrong doing.

    • James O’Keefe is definitely on the Right, while most DC bureaucrats are on the Left or even far-Left, as seen here.

      The Globalists who are trying to undermine America from within are on both sides of the aisle, I just doubt that Neocons would ever loudly declare their anti-American goals like these dumb kids caught on camera.

    • The talking puke don’t go anywhere but south, M.

      … in the era of filthy bitch Hillbags and the most corrupt president in recent history, Barack zeroBama, you want transparency?


    • I’m grateful for O’Keefe’s “provocation” in unmasking these cynical people who work for our government and abuse their office, even at the lowliest levels.

      This video is not edited to manipulate what these people said to look like they said something different.

      Your statement is not based on observation of fact or anything rational but instead on your Leftist bias.

  • That there aren’t any decent checks and balances in the US government became obvious to the whole wide world the day Trump got elected. That sort of thing doesn’t happen in a healthy government. I know people on this site think that Trump was an effort to fix things, but when your effort to fix things is that level of desperate, it proves that things are probably unfixable by now. Since it should be obvious to anyone with any powers of observation that the chances of Trump fixing anything were always pretty close to zero. He just never had any of the basic knowledge, contacts or even attitude you’d expect in somebody actually able to do things in Washington.

    If you’re still dreaming of fixing things, you really don’t get the plot. Your country is about to start crashing down any day soon, the only question left is whether it will choose the path of a pointless external war, a civil war, breaking up into pieces, or a savage economic collapse.

    • Don’t go down without a fight. Take as many people to the polls to vote who don’t like what the Dems are doing. The Dems round up people and take them to the polls. You’ll have to do what you can.

  • Thank you, once again you have shone how corrupt the deep state is, how they think they are bullet proof. Also showing that there are no checks and balances left in our “government”, witch reveal acts of treason with protection from prosecution. The “press” witch at one time was part of our checks and balances is no longer in existence, we are corporation run, just in case no one noticed, they are for profit, not for we the people. Communist, socialist, fascist, or what everist , it’s still all about controlling the masses. We once had a republic, not anymore. Now we have a mess that is protecting it self, they are above the law, or so they think….. I still have hope, but I’m not holding my breath either. Best wishes to all.

  • ANYBODY, That actually Believes THIS Mountain sized BS hasn’t done “DEEP Research” into “OUR-Story” of Wo-Man/Man God ORIGINAL Creation which had it’s Birth place OUT OF AFRICA…as much as 60,000 + ago, maybe even Much More!
    Its popping UP all over the Internet so ANYONE can SEE.
    The WHITE raced people of this planet have BEEN, and STILL Are trying desperately to HIDE the OUR-Story Version of THEIR-Story now known as “History”.
    Here is just ONE of MANY links exposing this LIE, and even IT has flaws, but should cause HONEST Beings to THINK again about so-called History;

  • I do believe Trump has defunded agenda 21 nationally, and he has publicly rejected the EU. There is a lot of resistance after so many decades.

  • you guys – you may have already figured it out, but “Metro” police, a part of Agernda 21, are complicit in the trafficking and corruption. They arrested a metro officer in our small town of Prospect KY for child trafficking. Metro was complicit in Las Vegas and the Florida shootings as well. Agenda 21 is responsible for the Common (communist ) Core school curriculum and has infiltrated every government office here.
    My 84 yr old retired schoolteacher friend said when he was in the school system here, “they were bringing in communists to teach our children.”

  • Government apparatchiks!

    Everyone doing that which is right in their own eyes, honor, fidelity, trust be damned. This reality is all there is, make the best of it however you can. You can thank a teacher for this.

    “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society …” – Antonio Gramsci the Italian Marxist who understood Bolshevism would not work in Italy, so he dreamt a softer version of counterfeit Christianity which Benito Mussolini morphed into a fascist dictatorship.

    American public education has achieved what Gramsci meant to achieve.

    Have you looked into the benefits of being a government apparatchik? You might be tempted to become one. The best paying jobs in the nation are there! You might as well stop paying for them and start cashing in on high oats!


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