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Here is Volume II of the important documentary compilation Imperium, which covers the profoundly disturbing Project MKUltra, the infamous CIA mind control program which officially operated between 1953 and 1973, when it was shut down by a Senate panel.

There is no reason to believe that the intents of MKUltra don’t live on in other projects, indeed, popular culture and the Mainstream Media appear to have become its primary agencies.

The film shows how MKUltra incorporated pedophilia and Satanism, using people like US Army Lieutenant Colonel, Michael A Aquino, a military intelligence officer specializing in psychological warfare. Aquino, a self-avowed Neo-Nazi was the founder of the Satanic Temple of Set, a breakaway sect of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. During the 1980s, reports emerged of his central role in ritual child sexual abuse at the Presidio Day Care Center, leading to investigations which culminated in his involuntary discharge from the Army.

Knowing the history of MKUltra is germane to an understanding of today’s pervasive media manipulation. The mind is the ultimate battlefield.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Alexandra, this may be the most important work you’re doing. This kind of evil behavior is Satanic or Luciferian, and goes back a long time, probably so elite rich guys can fulfill their perversion, and to blackmail lawmakers to cover up their crimes.

    As the father of a young beautiful boy, I would have no moral issue murdering a pedophile, but that’s just me – I believe all children should be kept innocent as long as possible.

    How ANYONE can behave like this shows that the human condition is filled with mentally ill souls – or are they soul-less?

    Please, keep up your work – you are a Light Warrior, and I’m with you!

  • Order of the illuminati, the conspiracy to rule the world

    Octogon, the empire of darkness +

    Rosens betydning, The Hour of the Time, The Meaning of the Rose, Milton William, Bill, Cooper +

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    Martial Arts and Peoples Council for the Protection of Children against government child abuse +

    Water Wars – Stealing Water for Profit and Power +

    #Q #QANON – AMERICAN WHISTLE BLOWER TORTURED IN FLORIDA – FIGHT FOR JOE GILBERTI BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVE! Florida Engineer: ‘Oceans beneath the earth’ discovered 400 miles down – hidden by the Rothschild Family

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  • I have been a targeted indivdual for over 2 yrs. If you aren’t savvy look it up as well as electronic harrassment and organized stalking. Pure evil m o.j and control genocide program everyone needs to be educated on!

  • Some additional background to this Volume, which is also well-done:
    If you’re interested in a better understanding of how the U.S. military could be involved in such dark crimes, check out youtube videos of an 8-hr interview with Kay Griggs, former wife of Colonel George Griggs–Marine Corps Chief of Staff and head of NATO’s Psychological Operations. Kay was a member of a long-standing military family going back generations. She shares details of what is called the Brotherhood or Firm that pervades the entire structure of the senior officer ranks of the Marine Corps, Army and other branches of the service to include the National Guard, particularly in the Intelligence agencies within those branches. leadership training, drug-running and weapons sales, and the secret worldwide camps that train professional hitmen, rampant sexual perversion deep within the highest levels of military and government.

    I was deeply involved in the #pizzagate research originating on 4/8chan and right when it was kicked off of reddit and moved to and subsequently and very quickly infiltrated, just like nearly all of the 9/11 research has been. With these activities you must move fast and get everything documented. There was a lot of good research done among a LOT of intentional misdirection and noise. One person created a summary, which you can still read on the #pizzagate forum on voat, but it falls WAY short of a lot of detail and I presume this work was done by one of the infiltrators. Several videos summarizing #pizzagate were created and several “alt” media bloggers and vloggers gained some notariety for their reporting of the research, whom I now seriously suspect are also gatekeepers–whether they realize it or not. I wrote about this in a ridiculously long comment here:

    The piece in this Vol II video that references the FBI symbols and other discoveries during the #pizzagate investigation was also taken from a vid done compiling the voat research and the FBI’s explanation of the symbols can probably still be found on FBI’s website. However, the list of code words referenced multiple times in this excerpt is NOT an official FBI list of anything. The list was provided by an anonymous poster on 4/8chan during the 2016 summer ramp up of the email scrubbing, etc. A person posing as an insider to an intel agency, presumed to be FBI whistleblower(s) conducted several AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) on the forum, which I firmly believe was a rehearsal or where the Q phenomenon originated or perhaps the Q creators mimicked this. I’m not suggesting these codes are not factual–I do not know. But we also do not know for sure they are FBI codes, like we know about the symbols and the handkerchief color association.

    Please note the reference to Linda Tripp at 1:05:18 – researchers noticed strange things when perusing Tripp’s website (set up to sell children’s clothes) and I’m now having difficulty remembering what the oddities were in detail, but it was something like extremely high priced clothing (several tens of thousands for a sweater or something like that). I’ve noticed other product websites, ebay, amazon listings set up like that as a means of communication for purchasing marijuana and probably much more. Theories were suggested which included Linda being implemented as a handler of Lewinsky and you can probably fill in the rest of these details.

    During the voat research there were a couple thousand people using the platform with many people trying to learn and share information and the moderators and a few others doing everything they can to keep the gems off the platform and misdirect and sabotage everything else. Most of what was shared in the video excerpt is good but it falls short of the bulk of the research that was most damning. So I think the creator of it might be a gatekeeper–unwittingly perhaps. But it’s still good intro to #pizzagate. It includes a reference to a photo of what is described as “children wearing masks” at 1:07:57 but anyone can see these are not children physiques – the female has obvious breasts and the person in the middle has well-formed musculature. Teens, perhaps. This might be a person’s honest mistake or an infiltrator trying to create hysteria and make the research look bad.

    At the risk of yet, again, another ridiculously long post, I wanted to add that the McMartin daycare case is another fantastic example of a coverup that still has legs. There isn’t a lot of good info on it–so much has been scrubbed. Two key things – the former FBI Director Ted Gunderson is HIGHLY controversial. I did a lot of research on him a few yrs ago – much that I couldn’t recreate when I tried recently because a lot of info has been scrubbed from the internet. He always seemed to pop onto the scene with controversial investigations-gone-awry and I am still unsure about him but lean toward him as another, very high-ranking gatekeeper (he’s was head of FBI in LA, worked on the Marilyn Monroe + JFK cases, has written several books, etc…) He showed up to investigate the McMartin case and according to a mother of a victim, he successfully sabotaged the case. I don’t remember details but the key to the case was the discovery of tunnels linking the daycare to a neighbor building, which were found afterwards. This mother claims Gunderson was staying with her for a period of time during which he tried to poison her and multiple other attacks.

    Another oddity regarding the McMartin case was the ridiculous movie created about it – directed by none other than Oliver Stone. The defense attorney for the McMartin family members was played by none other than James Woods, whom I remember distinctly as an old guy who was very publicly flaunting his relationships with girls half his age (I want to say Shannon Elizabeth? but of course now I can’t find anything about that online). One theory about the relationship of Woods and Stone with this movie is that “deals” were made. Of course we know Stone went on to make several movies bringing conspiracies into mainstream, namely his JFK movie.

    Again, what I’m posting is the tip of the pedo crisis reality iceberg.

  • So, do you still need proof that there is a deep state(swamp) ? One other little question, Did Trump ever go to “Bohemian Grove”? Because if he did…… . . . it’s “all” a big swamp in government and not worth saving. Believe it or not, I’m not changing the subject, just look at the “protected” ones. MK ULTRA runs the show, other wise known as the NAZI’s from paperclip. Mind control the experiments done in the camps in Germany, during WWII. If no one but me can see it. Then I guess this Satan stuff is out of this world. Drink the Adrenalin from murdered babies to get high, we have some wading to do. And the cover up has been going on since the 1950s. I have seen parts of this video before. I may not sound very coherent at the moment, trying to put the dots given together to see where they lead, and it’s starting to look like the end is near!

  • Aaaand! Luciferian/Satanist STILL rule the USA…Should have seen the Bad Joke Trump made of himself before that sorry ashed UN (LAUGH!!!) The people there even laughed aloud at him!
    Then that Psychopath staff member of his (Bolden?) had the Gaul to use “Gun-Slinger” language about IRAN….When in FACT Iran was correct by calling the USA “The Great Satan”….Just look at HOW this country was STOLEN from it’s REAL “Americans”…THE “NATIVE” Americans…Who ARE of Black raced Origins.
    The TRUTH is being exposed all over the Internet about this…Just research the subject…IF YOU ARE HONEST HEARTED, AND “LOVE” LOVE TRUTH.

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