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Until recently, there was no topic that was more taboo than that of child sex abuse but over the past 2 years, it’s become more publicly discussed, with the mass-arrests of thousands of [CPers] and with the reports of several thousands of abused children in Catholic dioceses around the world.

Even 8 years ago, when I first started publishing FKTV, it was a topic that you couldn’t discuss in detail because that might violate your Google advertising Terms of Service. Well, having myself long since been de-platformed and the subject finally coming into the light of day, these developments now allow me to feature this newly-released, must-see blockbuster, ‘Imperium’, a 10-volume meta-documentary on the full gamut of child trafficking. This is Volume I, divided into the following five parts:

Part 1: Belgium — The Dutroux Affair

Part 2: Lithuania — The Neringa Case

Part 3: The United Kingdom — BBC, Jimmy Savile, Johnny Rotten and much more

Part 4: Kendall — Presented on Dr. Phil’s TV Show

Part 5: The Republican Party — The Franklin Cover-Up

I will summarize just the case of the infamous sadistic Belgian pedophile, murderer and drug dealer, Marc Dutroux. He  was first convicted in 1989 for the abduction and rape of five young girls, the youngest of whom was 11 years old. He was re-arrested, three years after his release in 1996 for kidnapping, torturing and sexually abusing six girls, aged between 8 and 19, four of whom had died.

When the 1996 case broke, the witnesses believed that they would finally blow up Belgium’s entrenched aristocratic pedophile network. Instead, eight years later, only Marc Dutroux had received a life sentence. Although Dutroux was convicted in 2004 of all charges brought against him, he continually insisted that he had not acted alone, that his was a “show trial” to “hide the truth” and to protect the interests of “organized corruption.”

According to a 2004 report in The Guardian, Dutroux insisted that, “Only 10% of the case had been examined…He urged police to follow up on clues he said would prove he was working for a network which kidnapped girls to be sold into prostitution.”

Over the course of the 8-year investigation leading up to the trial, several important witnesses – and a judge – were “suicided,” while other justice officials were spuriously fired. The courts were hostile towards the witnesses, with charges of perjury brought against those who refused to recant their stories.

The local police had gone to absurd lengths to keep the details of the case secret and Belgian Federal investigators withheld proof of the claims of the witnesses, especially the names and visual evidence relating to the high-profile members of the alleged child abuse ring. 

Although the botched investigation brought over 300,000 people to march in the streets and general strikes by several unions, including the firefighters, who turned their hoses on the courthouse, the failure of justice caused many Belgians to become resigned that details of the case would never be known. The files of the case remain sealed, the presiding judge having asserted that he saw “no reason to reopen them.”

This film interviews Dutroux’s former tenant and other witnesses who did manage to survive.

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  • I want to tell I just read the book Nathalie cofessions of a fashion model, the dark side of the fashion industry , monarch mind control , slavery and sexual abuse (mayra publications). Please this is an absolute exposure and shows also how they start already with children in the womb in order to get them in the sex industry.

  • And even with such evidence, stupid Amerikans reject the Podestas as Perverts, Pizzagate, and the DC establishment pedophile ring, of which George HW Bush, Joe Biden, Dennis Hastert, and other f*ing pig dogs who need to die are complicit in.

    When will our people awaken to this ugly truth? If we don’t THIS YEAR, and start hanging the guilty politicians, then America needs to die.

    So GET OFF YOUR ASSES, and DEMAND JUSTICE for our children.

    And if I ever catch a pedophile in the act, they are going to die. I don’t give a shit about corrupt law, lawyers, and police, who have become as useless and impotent as the pedophiles. Maybe we ought too kill them, too?

  • I haven’t watched the video yet but over the years I have watched many and read a lot about specific cases in UK and throughout Europe. If people knew how common this was we would have total anarchy. What’s worse is the babies, toddlers and very young children who are also involved. Many of the stories that are widely circulated seem to focus on younger and older teens and while the crimes are still horrific it’s the unconscionable crimes against the younger kids that prompted me to start researching years ago.

    This is what #pizza- and #pedogate were all about. And this is why they were covered up.

    I posted this info on several different articles on ZeroHedge that also focus primarily on these crimes against teens. In some respects, any publicity is essential. In other ways it is absolutely a smokescreen for the even more horrific crimes against much younger children. Of course, everything I posted is gone because they have since “restructured their comments section” or whatever bullshit they are telling people. I’m sharing some of it again here and I apologize it’s so long and unedited–I should just write my own article but I can’t do that right now. I know most people aren’t going to read this but if even one person does it’s worth it.

    Over the years I’ve come across a lot of psychological information about why people don’t know more about pedo crimes. Surely, the propagandized “media” is expert at the coverup. But there are plenty of people who simply won’t believe it. And far too many who “can’t stomach it”. I blame these people for the fact that these crimes go unacknowledged and unaddressed. Make absolutely no mistake YOU DO NOT HAVE THE LUXURY OF LOOKING AWAY. If these kids can survive a childhood of unspeakable pain and suffering, and a few do, you can grow up and learn about it.

    The starting point in understanding how deep this goes is to dig into the CRISES in CPS Child Protective Services across the country–most people aren’t aware that CPS is a private business… This is a must read by Nancy Schaefer, R-GA (R.I.P. who was killed shortly after teaming up with suspected CIA agent “Fain” likely posing to help her complete her documentary) and then peruse the countless youtube vids on CPS crimes and whistleblowers:

    The Truth about Child Protective Services //
    “The number of children taken into state custody each year will be the number sufficient to generate the federal fund claims necessary to balance the agency payroll… The net result is a system in which everyone stays employed only if the number of funded child abuse cases and children taken into state custody always increases and never decreases.” //

    DC and surrounding area has WORST missing child statistics… and Washington D.C. laws are horrendous.
    The Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 has institutionalized financial incentives driving corruption within these services. This opens the door to the pedo cartel. Lying and perjury by CPS is a standard practice. They do so because, if the children are removed from the parents custody for 90 days or more, the worker gets about a $4,000 per child bonus and the state gets a $100,000 per child “reimbursement” for their costs. CPS steals and abuses children for profit. 85% of CPS cases are unfounded, yet 100% of children removed from a home are traumatized.

    Horrifying numbers re: Foster Care:
    74% of trafficking victims were in the care of social services or foster care:
    85% of children are removed from their primary homes for reasons that are not associated with physical, sexual or emotional abuse.
    However, these foster children are 7-8 times more likely to suffer this kind of abuse in foster care. In other words, they are far more likely to be safer at home.
    50% of all foster kids end up homeless for at least 5 years after “aging out”.
    The vast majority of homeless in America were foster kids.
    They are 3 times more likely to be put on psychotropic drugs than other kids, due to financial incentives to foster parents.
    They are more likely to get PTSD than war veterans and less likely to recover from it. They are 6 times more likely to die, than if they stay in their “problematic” or “abusive” home.

    Who are the gatekeepers?
    National Center for the Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and ICMEC are both non- governmental agencies and are in charge of some the world’s largest and most sensitive cases. NCMEC gets 2m reports per year – (record was 7m a few yrs back) and they hold info in their databank and decide if case is severe enough to pass on to law enforcement. Why does a 25- employee private organization that receives government funding have the largest collection of [CP] the world with no obligation to report it? Other websites have “rules and regulations” to report any child [CP] found to NCMEC, but NCMEC doesn’t have any responsibility to report it to authorities. All these websites intermingle and tules cancel each other out. NCMEC employees are going through 25,000 images every week. President John F. Clark states on their website they have saved 8000 kids in the past 30 years, but with 2m reports every year that is only 3% success rate.
    NCMEC+ICMEC are both non-gov’l agencies in charge of some world’s largest, most sensitive pedo cases. NCMEC gets 2m reports/yr (7m a few yrs back)-they hold info in their databank, decide if case is severe enough to pass on to LE. Why does a 25-employee private org that receives gov’t funding have world’s largest pedo [CP] collection w/ no obligation to report it? Other sites have rules & regulations to report ANY [CP] found to NCMEC but NCMEC has no responsibility to report it to the authorities. All these sites intermingle-rules cancel each other out. NCMEC goes thru 25k images per week.
    Pres John F. Clark states they have saved (only) 8k kids in 30 YRS! 2m reports every yr=only 3% success rate. Brian Podesta works as NCMEC analyst, brother P.J. writes for Salon (published articles to normalize-garner sympathy for pedophilia), parents have worked@ WaPo for 30 yrs.

    Again – who are the gatekeepers?
    Few mos. ago vet CIA agent Kirakiau exposed CIA’s providing children to elite pedos around world in exch for info/coop, etc. // pedophiles-children/ … Of course, YT took down vid of him spkg on panel but this is good analysis that DOES incl original vid:

    And the Sandusky case coverup is a great example of how deep and broad these crimes go…
    Sandusky-Second Mile connection to Franklin Case:
    Graham Spanier PSU was under indictment for covering up the Sandusky matter, was also President was also President of U of Nebraska in Lincoln during Franklin crimes.
    They’re trying to run out of office Democratic Kathleen Kane, PA Atty General who aggressively went after Sanduky – she uncovered the fact that her Rep predecessor of the Atty Gen’s office and the Rep Governor were covering up and dragging their feet on the Sandusky crimes.
    Also they were exchanging lewd emails that included photographs highly suggestive of [CP].
    One of the recipients of these emails was a Rep appointee on the PA Supreme Court and had to resign in disgrace over this scandal.

    OVERLOOKED BY ALL MEDIA: Sandusky was an Agent of the County, adoptive/foster parent and maintained a position with Second Mile, which had oversight by PA Office of Attorney General, the same OAG that produced a wildly inflammatory grand jury presentment that MISDIRECTED media hounds away from these pedo crimes.
    Second Mile was staffed with trained adults and associated with Children & Youth Services, public schools, HeadStart. Sandusky met wkly with licensed child psychologists and professions who had a PA teaching certificate. Although complaints had already escalated through the system, Sandusky had clearance through ChildLine right up until his arrest.
    He was approved by six caseworkers and a PA judge. C&YS placed scores of foster kids in his home. COUNTLESS red flags of grooming and inappropriate behavior w/ kids were ignored by the entire child “protection” system, enabling his crimes included but were not limited to:
    excessive one-on-one contact
    “contracts” with kids
    excessive gifts given to the kids without oversight personal phone calls
    pulling Second Mile kids out of class
    constant sleepovers with the kids
    no signed permissions or waivers or from guardians
    –ALL IGNORED BY child welfare professionals, the charity’s CEO and his wife, school administration. Not a single child welfare professional enabling this tragedy was investigated.
    $48M(?) was spent fighting the narrative crafted by Louis Freeh and The Board of Trustees that misdirected attention away from the child welfare system that approved, applauded, embraced and encouraged a child sex offender and has been utterly silent. Apparently, not a single prof who placed a child in Sandusky’s care for mentoring or gave Sandusky access to children through Second Mile has offered to reimburse the public for the ‘red flag’ education that evolved or the Clemente, Berlin,
    King-Spalding & Thornburgh reports. The media bias and not holding county & state public officials responsible is CRIMINAL but exemplify the CRISIS in CPS nationwide. WHY? Take the red pill. Do it for the kids.

    And a few more tidbits to augment this article:
    Franklin Case (tons of info online about this)
    Houston’s Child Protective Services: Child Sex Slaves and the ELITE // This is a great piece on child trafficking and prostitution rings – the main researcher, Philpott, was killed shortly after this aired on PBS.
    LA CPS Corruption: LA Foster Care Reform //…
    CPS Ohio: The Truth About Child Protective Services // v=wFBv3R1Rsk0
    McMartin day care and Dutroux Case
    Corruption in Child Protective Services: //
    The Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 has institutionalized financial incentives driving corruption within these services. This opens the door to the pedo cartel because of financial incentives available to CPS staff making peanuts.
    74% of all missing children went missing while in the care of the child protection services:
    Former CPS Investigator Exposes CPS’s Tactics to Kidnap Children:
    And of course, Pizzagate was focused entirely on “an innocent pizza shop” where a false flag shooting followed that just happened to destroy the hard drive of a computer, assumed to have the obvious links to pedo [CP], trafficking, you name it. I saw the evidence before the entire joint was scrubbed by the time MSM got ahold of the story – there is no way in hell that place wasn’t part of a trafficking ring.
    (these stories never seem to make it to CNN but can often be found on cya iReport)
    NASA diddlers //…
    The Sickening [CP] Crisis Infecting U.S. Government Agencie // c-johnson-story-gay-dc-pedophile-ring-2…
    Both DEA and Secret Service had underage prostitute scandals in 2015 and 2012 respectively – SS scandal was hidden from MSM until after election // service-sex-scandal-were…
    CIA nixed oversight hearing // //…- russian-interference-in- us-election-after-resistance.html
    Sex rings in DC predate Franklin case // said-to-peddle…

    //…- industry-money- human-trafficking
    Excerpt from ILO Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings report from 2008
    publication/wcms_090356.pdf [CP], IRS

    The Scalia connection //…- history-70000-members-heads-of-state-the-rats-scramble/
    South Korea 12.7.16 // president-part-satanic-cult-south-korea/
    //…- appears-to-be-in-fbi- custody-missing-arms-dealer-mark-turi-who-was-the-benghazi- fallguy-possibly-dead/
    “Whistleblower” is a fantastic hollywood version of human trafficking but very difficult to watch re: Dyncorp //
    It’s presumed that Aaron Swartz (Reddit founder) was killed after discovering incriminating evidence or refusing to cooperate and many feel it was probably related to the trafficking economy

    [CP] on the US tax dollar

    Studies have evaluated the frequency with which ritual abuse allegations are disclosed to mental health and other professionals. A national survey of 2,709 clinical psychologists with memberships in the American Psychological Association showed that 70% denied and 30% acknowledged seeing at least one case of “ritualistic or religion- related abuse since January 1, 1980” (Bottoms, Shaver, &Goodman, 1991, p. 6). The authors also found that among the psychologists who had worked with at least one individual with allegations of ritual abuse, 93% believed that the harm had actually occurred. This report was part of a series of five studies later published by Goodman, Qin, Bottoms and Shaver (1994). The first of the five studies involved a survey of a stratified random sample of clinical members of the American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, and National Association of Social Workers. The second study consisted of a survey of district attorneys’ offices, social service agencies, and law enforcement offices. The third study investigated the question of “repressed” and later“ recovered” memory based on 490 cases from the first study of which 43 were described as “repressed memory” cases and 447 were “no repressed memory” cases. The fourth study examined children’s knowledge of Satanic [1] abuse. The fifth study investigated three types of “religion-related child abuse:” abusive acts intended to rid the child of demons, clergy abuse, and medical neglect for religious reasons.

    • Verum, the automated spam filter queued your post because it is long and has hyperlinks – it was not a ‘Conspiracy of Silence’.

      I have heard nightmares about CPS and I had no idea that it was privatized. Peoples’ lives are destroyed, children and parents.

      Such heartbreaking statistics on foster children which are not secret; they’re there for all to see.

  • ALL of This comes under the SAME status of WHAT happen versus …What is being Done about it, and That’s Nothing…YET.
    We are having all Kinds of TALK from sites like This one is, but NO Action…YET.
    One cannot expect such thing as Governments actually taking actions against ANYTHING Evil….Because THEY ARE THE ONES CREATING ALL THE PROBLEMS!

  • We live in a world where right is wrong, truth are lies, criminals are innocent, murder is acceptable….. our world has been planned so that only despicable, corrupt, beings (not persons) control and delight in this sort of horror. The masses seem to be here on earth for their twisted enjoyment. This report is an opportunity for those that read it to begin to get their facts about all things unbelievable very believable! I have no doubt that every country, city & community that exists knows that these horrific abuses exist and with the support of the ‘beings’ that cover up and protect them from exposure. All information needs to be vetted under harsh scrutiny…I have no issue with believing all of this report and that says it all about what’s happening with life on our world. All too often the victims become the victims over and over again. Where are the honest politicians or is that an oxymoron?

  • I can not watch all of this,… It tears my hart out, if I could I would start lining up these assholes and start shooting them!!! Do you notice they all cover their faces just like any other thug or killer. I made it to 44 min. No More!

  • Douglas De Coninck is one of the journalists that wrote with 2 other journalists a very detailed book published in 1999 called The X-files.
    Luckily I own it. The book was about 6 months on the market and never been republished since.
    It circulates on the internet in pdf format:
    Belgium my petite country where voting is mandatory, the politicians know full well nobody would make time to turn up otherwise.
    Today we ought to know this problem is worldwide but since the Dutroux affair, all I see is a Western World that gave up more and more decency to emulate the so-called elites and strive to become like them.

    Do I believe there are still decent moral people living in the Western hemisphere? Yes, I do but not amongst any ruling body. I believe we all will have to build that from the ground up again but after a whole lot of more people wake up. For now, the people that care about decency can only keep the culture that spawns morality alive for future better times.

    Alexandra, I found part 2 but can you buy this series?

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