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    The zombies in our governments and in the Mainstream Media are observably controlled, whether through bribery, blackmail or both.

    If the film, ‘The Spider’s Web’ details the rise of secrecy jurisdictions that have allowed entities to hide their ill-gotten assets in offshore banks, this interview between Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben charts the provenance of the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Architecture (FPKIA) of encryption and certificates, which has facilitated total surveillance and the power to blackmail anybody worth blackmailing.

    McKibben, Founder of Leader Technologies has been engaged in massive forensic research to produce indictable evidence for their case against Facebook. Several times along the way, they’ve been floored by discoveries about how the world actually works, in the spheres of high finance, governments and telecommunications.

    A recent finding has left him particularly flabbergasted: Hillary Clinton and her cronies have access to all of the digital keys for all transactions on the planet. In other words, unless you can build a new Internet, you – and say, your cryptocurrencies, for example – are accessible by them. This is literally how they can (and do) “turn off your chip”, in the words of the late Aaron Russo.

    It started back in the 1980s, while Hillary was a patent attorney at the Rose Law Firm, which for some odd reason represented the patent claims of many of the entities who would become today’s Tech Giants. (That’s a long story that I’ll attempt to unpack in future posts).

    Focusing back on the fundamental encryption keys used on the Internet: McKibben says that back in 1993, the Clinton Administration began giving these backdoor encryption keys to the FBI. He says, “By that I mean, anytime you connect from one computer to another, those computers exchange keys and without those keys, you can’t encrypt or decrypt the signal coming from one machine to another.

    “So literally, these keys are used in every transaction on the planet that uses the Internet and what we’ve discovered and – I’m still reeling, my mind is boggled by what we’ve now come to find out, but that a company called Entrust was created in 1998 as a spin-off of a Canadian telephone company [Nortel, a now-defunct Canadian telecommunications conglomerate, with people like former US Secretary of Defense, Frank Carlucci on its Board of Directors. Its 2009 bankruptcy was the largest in Canadian history, leaving pensioners and shareholders with staggering losses while Nortel executives continued to draw “retention bonuses” totaling US$190 million during the eight-year post-bankruptcy period].

    McKibben continues, “Entrust became the certificate authority for issuing these digital keys for many organizations and we’ve had people looking at the securities filings for this company from 1998 to 2009, when they sold out to a San Francisco firm and what we discovered, astoundingly is that Hillary Clinton’s partner at the Rose Law Firm [Jerry C Jones] directs this company as a Class-One Director. He was slipped in in late 2003 and this means that we can show solid proof that the entire Internet has been compromised, in that Hillary Clinton and the Clintons have access to all the digital keys for all transactions on the planet.”

    [AB note: This relates to how people who run afoul of her are robotically de-platformed and de-monetized, as part of the developing Internet of Things and its attendant Social Credit System].

    “That is just astounding, how a private individual could have come to have such power but the facts are now clear, that’s the circumstance we’re in right now. This includes almost all of the agencies, executive agencies of the government and that includes the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Department of Treasury, Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), General Services Agency (GSA), the Department of State, the Department of Energy, the US Post Office, the US Patent Office, the US Marine Corps, the US Coast Guard and on and on and on and then beyond that, we see the names of most of the major telecommunications players in Canada, in Scandinavia, in Denmark. According to their records they have over 2,000 key customers and therefore, the Clintons through their Director, his name is Jerry C Jones have access to the entire back door of the Internet.”

    McKibben says that even the NSA is subservient to the Entrust Operation, which controls the entire Federal Public Key Infrastructure Architecture (FPKIA).

    I’m trying to keep this article short but will stay on this development. You can hear many more mind-blowing details in this interview.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The purpose of the surveillance state is not to protect the people. It’s true purpose is to protect the corrupt tyrannical state from the people who would tear it down!

    • Could anyone, ANYONE have ever have expected this? A hell-hole run by none other than the ‘Queen of all Evil’ and her sidekick/s. Hollywood’s best could not have made up this plot! It’s just totally mind blowing to think that such EVIL is at work by so many on so many. Numbing to think of where all of ‘this’ is leading to. Grateful for this forum provided for by Alexandra……information of this calibre needs to be shared by all. What is real now & what can be counted on anymore? How close have we come to the brink of total chaos?

    • okay…enough ‘yups’.
      This entire presentation is truly riveting in context to the extent of the rot and one way mirror gendarme-ism.
      Sad that <cheerleader,sap,baldpartisan,emotional juvenile,seal flapper flappin') Gabriel had to be in the mix.

    • Trump is just another chapter in the book of CORRUPTION.

      Our digital world is unfortunately being used for EVIL instead of GOOD.

    • Any witch way but loose, entrapment from the word Go, ogle. Isn’t this interesting about the deaths of all would be hero’s ? And why they died, it is sill all about control. Any ideas how to fix this flux? If all internet connections are taped, how to share information without being controlled and disappearing? Hope, no hope, hope, no hope…. Lots of luck to all. Cause we ain’t got no hope.

      • Ideas to fix it, James? I’ve read your posts so I think we’d agree.

        Public hanging at noon. No, I’m actually not kidding at all. Treason is treason. Line em up and let em swing.

        • Have you not heard? All connections that are computer connected have “that” possibility of being corrected, if you want to vote, do it on a paper ballot. The thing is, who does not have something in their past they don’t want known, thus, manipulation occurs, and you have another swamp creature. Old saying, dammed if we do dammed if we don’t. But we have got to go FORWARD!

    • There always seem to be components of Gabriel that are relevant and clear links to the crimes and corruption he covers. But he’s clearly a soldier for the Deep State civil wars–his behavior w/ the Jason Goodman debacle awhile back is good evidence.
      That his info is ALWAYS HRC-centered is also not a coincidence… although it is interesting.

    • NOTHING, these Fear Porn Pschopath’s try will save their Ashes…Prime-Source-Creator Will carry out Our destiny of Ascension.

    • so pleased you are following Gabriel & McKibben!
      It is very frustrating to see others I faithfully watch like Jason Goodman in a conflict with Gabriel. The best of the Alt community should mend fences.
      Gabriel and McKibben are starting to link to TALPIOT coming out of Israel.
      Brendan McConnell is the man for exposing the Israel Spider, but he always relates it back to Rothschild.
      Meanwhile Gabriel / McKibben trace the focal point of infection to the Queen and City of London/Crown Agents.
      SO? who came first? Rothschild or Monarchy? or Vatican? or Babylonian Israelites, who are maybe fake Israelites sent back from captivity.
      Why stop there? How about Watchers, or remnants of earlier humanoid civilizations still active in Antarctica? How about electroshocked plasma “angels” trapped on Gaia Earth after the Saturn Sun collapse that ended the Bronze Age? The Darth (Daath ) Vader Shadow Saturn worshippers?
      Holy Smokes! Let’s not leave out ET colonizers/traders and older races who look at humans as barely sentient cattle… alas a judgment that may be more true than we want to think!

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