Darren Beattie at Revolver.News joins Steve Bannon to say that the FBI is withholding video evidence that clearly identifies the J6 Pipe Bomber of the DNC.

On the evening of January 5th, pipe bombs, both of which failed to explode were placed near both DNC and RNC headquarters.

Surveillance cameras surrounding the DNC captured extensive footage of a hooded suspect walking around the complex and actually placing it next to a park bench on the property.

Fortunately, neither bomb went off.

Darren Beattie says, “What is now beyond speculation…is that the FBI has dead-on footage of the bomber planting the bomb at the DNC building. Yet despite a $100,000 reward out to the public asking for information leading the bomber’s arrest, the FBI is refusing to share this ‘moneyshot’ footage with the public…

“The pipe bomb issue is just as much a hoax as Ray Epps – and guess what? Ray Epps actually makes a cameo in this Revolver piece, because according to a new report by the Epoch Times, Epps, in his interview with the FBI, they asked him, ‘Well, what the Hell were you doing in DC?’

“He [Epps] said, ‘You know what? I was worried that someone would set explosive devices on the side streets near the Capitol and that’s why I went to DC. I just wanted to go there with my First Aid kit, to protect people, just in case someone planted explosives on side streets.’

“And sure enough, they found these pipe bombs on side streets, literally blocks from the Capitol – and here’s the amazing thing: the FBI doesn’t even, as a follow-up question about the pipe bombs, when Ray Epps is literally the only guy on camera saying, ‘Go into the Capitol!’ And now, he’s telling the FBI that he had some advanced knowledge or bizarre intuition about explosive devices on side streets, which actually were found.

“And they were found at such precise timing, that the operative theory of many officials, including Steven Sund, the former head of the Capitol Police is that they were placed there to divert from that initial decisive assault on the Capitol perimeter, in which Ray Epps was the chief participant.

“And the FBI doesn’t think, ‘Well, maybe we should at least ask a follow-up question about this?’

“This is so dark and so dirty, we need to lay this right at Merrick Garland’s doorstep, right at Christopher Wray’s doorstep and right at the corrupt scum known as Steven D’Antuono, the gentleman, the FBI agent who ran the whole failed sham Whitmer kidnapping plot and as a reward for that – of all the agents he could have chosen – Cristopher Wray – of all the agents in the country he could have chosen, Christopher Wray chooses the scumbag who ran the Michigan Fednap Operation, in a critical position in the months before January 6th and after – to head the Washington, DC field office.”

Former Maryland Senate Candidate, Dr Jonathan McGreevey has said that he knows – and the FBI knows – that the person who transported the bombers and the devices that were placed in the Capitol is “related a very high-ranking [federal] judge.” Jon says that keeping the myth going about “White Terrorists” is what’s valuable to them and that, “They know who it is. They supplied the crappy device that didn’t work.”

And the dubious BigDickAnon’s CIA Fren recently said something that makes a lot of sense:

“Ray Epps is a CIA glow [n-word] who worked in Iran and Syria, he has been involved in domestic operations in the U.S. for twenty years. Remember a certain cadre of FBI/CIA folks regularly migrate between the agencies so Epps can hide under the CIA Logo for now. Like Peter Strozk he is a chameleon that has been at the center or many cancerous deep state activities for years. If the deep state does not protect him he takes a lot of them down. He maintains files in several safety deposit boxes across the country that will be placed on the internet in case he goes down. He has the goods on Obama and has threatened to use them. Such as where Obama was born. The deep state will turn on Biden in a heartbeat before turning on Epps.”

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  • Americans should get real AMERICAN governing their country not a swamp, which does not drained it! STOP wasting your time for talking about the same criminal as all the others, the TRUMP. GET SENATOR JOHNSON to rescue this country from a real annihilation.

  • As a Boomer who has some experience constructing “Boomers”, I offer my opinion: These two “Pipe Bombs” were no more than “Stunt Bombs”, as much of a hazard as a movie prop. I viewed the initial photos, which showed a couple of capped threaded plumbing pipes, some wires, and a kitchen timer. There was no evidence of a battery or an improvised detonator. Kitchen Timers are mechanical, not electric.
    These were blatant Fakes no more authentic than the ACME Dynamite Kits that Wile E. Coyote used to build to blow up the (Beep, Beep) Roadrunner! Nobody authentic would use a Kitchen Timer, which offers at the most a “generous” 60 seconds, and these pipes, usually filled with common Black Powder, were probably filled with nothing more volatile than air or sawdust. Ever see photos or reports of the disassembly and examination “autopsy”? I didn’t. There wasn’t one.
    In summation, these fake bombs were hastily constructed by the Feds to enhance the January 6th Insurrection (Fedsurrection) Narrative that they knew would be currently well in progress at the time these “duds” were “found”, as more Federal disinformation.

    • Yep Faris, All news falls under the same category. The only news that is real is Traffic. Not even their weather forecast is reliable.

    • You sound reasonable unlike anyone or anything coming out of our D. O. J… I wouldn’t believe any of those liars as far as I could throw them! It’s a bunch of theatre and most have caught on thankfully.


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