Electrical engineer, Mat Taylor joins Stew Peters to expose the government’s plan to kill us all and the 5G connection we have all been looking for!

Mat shows how the vaxx contains self-assembling nanotechnology that is triggered by Wi-Fi frequencies – which were then found to disassemble in the absence of these frequencies.

This is good news.


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  • There has been some speculation that the low temp storage was needed because of containing hydra eggs. There are reports of recent burials emitting Bluetooth signals. It’s a multitech approach . Variations from different manufacturers testing a multitech experiment.
    IMHO,I think it’s not really assembling yet and the deaths and injuries so far are just reactions to the poison . Elons satellites play a key role

  • Conservative solutions to the poison Jabs for those that have had it and a Solution to those who’ve not, to prevent effects from the virus naturally & more that’s stealing, killing and destroying people! Do your research!

    Andreas Kalcker states, from his research, this natural compound removes poison metals inside the body! There is HOPE to destroy what those have injected into them.




  • The official ingredients of the injections, depending on brand, are different, but most of them are SALTS in the first place. Every salt left in air will CRYSTALLIZE OUT of the solution and form exactly the structures you are showing here(!), in particular if these are phosphate compounds. The symmetry of the resulting CRYSTALS is determined by the type pf salts.
    In order to exclude a false positive, a CONTROL experiment is needed, where exactly the same salts, one in form of the ‘vaccine’, the other exactly the same concentration of hand made solutions, are put together side by side, in the very same conditions and observed over a period of time. Microscope image of those 2 with LIVE APPLIED EMF fields, switched on and off, should show the differences in behavior or in the resulting crytallization process. Until that is done, all what’s shown here can be questioned and announced as not true.

  • Techies complain as this is technically impossible.

    I’d say what not?

    We can’t even scientifically verify existence of our own spirit or soul even till today.
    Or at least definitely seems a smarter option not to take risk on it.

  • In Spain, the already known group LA QUINTA COLUMNA has been doing similar microscopic research.
    Their videos can be found in the platform Odysee (in spanish).
    These days they mostly talk about sudden deaths happening near antenna towers and other medical “mysteries”, the MAC adresses detected from inoculated people, the plans for neuro-modulation from globalists organizations and much more.
    The host Ricardo is normally joined by Dr Sevillano in the last hour, giving interesting thoughts about what is happening and the hidden hand controlling it.


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