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Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and his special guest Whitney Webb, author of the sensational two-volume set, ‘One Nation Under Blackmail’.

Whitney walks us through decades of the covert power struggles in the National Security State.

From Roy Cohn to Jeffrey Epstein, the figures may be familiar but with her wide angle lens, she helps us see the truth behind the story!

Whether it’s CIA, NSA, DHS or organized crime, let’s pull back the curtain and take a look at the real governance control system and see who is pulling the strings!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • There has NEVER been free speech in America. Think not ? Well, with the Sedition Act, of the 1790’s, we’re not allowed to talk about the government crimes or changing the way it works or nothing really. And of course this was all conceived by the darling founding fathers. That’s right, our hero’s, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams Jr & SR. , Monroe, Alexander Hamilton. It’s treason and violation of the Sedition Act. So, all of this censorship with the social networks- there’s nothing new under the sun- just eat it and shut the f… up. Capt Joe Kelley.

    • The “Sedition Act” applied to foreigners/Aliens.
      Of course we have “Freedom of Speech” just look at the platform of a wide variety of topics on this website. The interviewers and guest are freely speaking, no matter what interview we choose to watch.
      Stop trying to make others Comply to your distasteful hate to America & its Founders.

  • Dark journalist – Thank you for all that you do.

    Whitney Webb – Fantastic information!

    You are wonderfully knowledgeable/intelligent mind.

    Blessings in the New Year.

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