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This is a great montage produced by the Reawaken American Tour’s Clay Clark about the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that is now being soft-launched in several countries around the world, including in the US, featuring clips of Klaus Schwab that suggest these will be merged with your digital identity, which in turn will be tied to tracking technologies to be implanted into your body – and which many believe have already been implanted via the Death Shot.

We see a short clip of the General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements, Augustín Carstens explaining what distinguishes CBDCs from cash:

“A key difference with the CBDC is the central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability and also, we will have the technology to enforce that. Those two issues are extremely important and that makes a huge difference with respect to what cash is.”

Fortunately, the Federal Reserve System does have some good people, like Minneapolis Federal Reserve President, Neel Kashkari, who is publicly “skeptical” about CBDCs, saying here:

“I keep asking anybody – anybody at the Fed or outside of the Fed to explain to me what problem this is solving? I can send anyone in this room $5 with Venmo right now. Seriously. So what is it that a CBDC could do that Venmo can’t do? And all I get is a bunch of hand-waving. ‘Well, maybe it’s good for financial inclusion.Maybe it’s better for cross-border remittances.’

“Maybe? Is there evidence that it is? And they say, ‘What about China? China’s doing it.’ Well, I can see why China would do it. If they want to monitor all of your transactions, you could do that with a Central Bank Digital Currency. You can’t do that with Venmo.

“If you want to impose negative interest rates, you could do that with a Central Bank Digital Currency. You can’t do that with Venmo.

“And if you want to directly tax customer accounts, you could do that with a Central Bank Digital Currency. You can’t do that with Venmo.

“So I get why China would be interested. Why would the American People be for that?”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I assume you know that Klaus Schwab did die of a heart attack last weekend. What Kimberly Goguen didn’t know was whether they were going to resurrect him via someone in a mask.

    Some while ago she had all the clones destroyed so that theu only had the one they were using left.

  • Never have I reared more for my nation, as the CBDC will allow the government, combined with big business, facilitated by big tech, (the very definition of Fascism) absolute control over EVERY aspect of our lives!
    Need gas, NOT, you have exceeded your allotment for this month.
    Want a steak for dinner, NOT, you have exceeded you red mat intake this week.
    Want to buy ammo, NOT! Please remain in your housing unit, an agent will soon be there to interview you!
    We need to stop this attempt at global totalitarianism NOW!
    We have never faced a greater threat!
    If not now, when? If not us, then who?

  • We have hade flues every year for all our lives until we gave it a new name covid19? The whole world will change because we gave the flue a name? What a crock.

  • This could be a symptom of the mark of the beast, but if you read Revelation carefully, you will know that the mark is a spiritual choice that you will be required to make in relation to the worship of God or the obedience to a man in a dagon hat.

  • I just now submitted my comment and it just disappeared when I clicked on submit comment! This is not the first time!

    • Likewise, I have also experienced the same, that and never knowing if my comment is posted, as it will state pending review for content.

  • Why? Because American people are STOOPID and getting more so every day. This includes so called educated people.
    Americans are complete useful tools and becoming more so every passing day.
    You’d think that with more information coming out exposing the massive levels of corruption that people would snap out of their stupor.
    But no. And it’s plainly evident.

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