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This is the audiobook version of Dr John Coleman’s ‘The Committee of 300’, of which you can download the PDF HERE. I read it back in 1992 and most of it went over my head but reading/listening to it now is like one epiphany after another. As they say, “Hindsight is 20/20 vision.”

This book is required reading/listening, if you want to understand what is happening to us today, which is the implementation of the “Zero Growth” plan from the Club of Rome that’s been in motion for decades, which seeks to de-industrialize, impoverish and de-populate the vast majority of the human race.

Coleman, a former British Intelligence officer who later became a naturalized US Citizen explained that the UN, the WHO and the Bank for International Settlements are all executive arms of the Royal Institute of International Affairs – and ultimately, of the ‘Committee of 300’, which is controlled by ancient aristocratic families whose stratospheric wealth makes the tech oligarchs of our age look like pikers.

This book tells precisely who “They” are, and what they have planned for our future, exactly how they have brainwashed us and how they have been at war with the American nation for 80 years.

‘The Committee of 300’ is as fresh today as it was 30 years ago. Dr Coleman names names and gives us more details about the perpetrators and their motives than most red-pilled content being produced today. The importance of this book cannot be overstated.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I am stunned by this book. Formerly an espionage buff (till I found out no government was trustworthy and would betray any agent). Now I know what happened to Riley Ace of Spies, also who really was behind Jack the Ripper, that Nixon was betrayed like he betrayed our soldiers as Chip Tatum describes in the book Nixon’s Darkest Secret;'s%20Darkest%20Secret.pdf
    and many many more heretofore mysterious unknowns. Covid genocide attempt opened many eyes to the massive Satanic infiltration of every government and every major corporation just like this book elaborates.

  • “The Rich Republicans erected the Georgia Guidestones in 1980. They collected money from other Rich Republicans for their “MONUMENT TO DEATH!” from 1977 on. My father was solicited to donate in a meeting in Carlsbad, California. He refused to, after having read the pamphlet the Republicans passed out as he entered the meeting. The Pamphlet called for “the removal” of people in Southern Asia, Africa, and Latin America because the planet was already TOO CROWDED. Dad, married to a woman of color, got up and walked out but did not return the pamphlet. I read the pamphlet when visiting with my father in late 1977 or early 1978. I found it in his study and read it and then asked Dad about it. He confirmed that it was from a Republican Meeting that called for a monument to reducing Global Population. Dad never returned the pamphlet and was subsequently murdered. The Pamphlet and other papers in his study disappeared. I have no doubt whatsoever what group of people were behind all of that.”?

    • Wow! Bless your dad for doing what was right even though it meant his death. That makes him a hero in my book. Thanks for posting. I have resolved I will die first rather than assist Evil. Death Before Dishonor! Like your dad!

  • What a book. Like “Wake-Up 101” Ya know Alex…….. it’s so thick, complex and layered. Then during the last hundred years, our “connectivity” made way for the completion of the agenda.
    And you know it goes off world I assume.

    Then there’s a whole other problem with the problem of evil and forces of dissonance. People get the two mixed up because they are mixed up here on the ground where the rubber hits the road.

    Dr Coleman’s list, I promise you has got some off-world DNA slipping into the back rooms.

    Here’s The Allies of Humanity perspective on that: (Thanx again for everything!)

    “This world is so valuable that the Intervention does not want to risk a human revolution in the future. Such revolutions have happened before. We can attest to this from our own experience. We are the product of such revolutions in our own worlds. Though our circumstances were quite different from yours, the nature of the Intervention and the methods employed were actually quite similar. This is why we can speak with authority on this subject.

    The inducements that will be brought to bear will be varied, depending on who is being reached and for what purpose. For individuals who are deemed receptive and cooperative in the halls of government, the inducement will be the promise of greater power and technology. Humanity is in a very vulnerable position in this sense because its belief in technology and its hope that technology will solve all of its problems are very, very strong. This of course has been supported by the Intervention because this is one of the primary avenues in which humanity will likely become dependent on the Intervention itself.

    To those in the corridors of power in your governments, those individuals who are deemed receptive and cooperative, the promise of greater technology and even world dominion will be presented. This can be presented either through the Mental Environment as ideas sent into the minds of these individuals, or, as has already occurred, there may be face-to-face encounters with the visitors themselves.

    And what will they offer humanity? They will offer humanity some of their basic technology, certainly nothing that they consider to be advanced, unique, secret or sacred to them—basic propulsion in space, basic use of electronic energy, methodologies of production. They will not teach power in the Mental Environment, for they do not want humanity to have this power unless it is completely controlled and directed by the visitors themselves.

    And who in your corridors of power could resist such a temptation? Many will succumb. They will see in these offerings wealth, power, control, domination and enormous advantage over their fellow humans and over other nations with whom they are competing directly. Only those individuals whose Knowledge is strong will be able to recognize the deception and resist the temptation presented in these inducements.

    People in positions of great economic power and wealth, if they are deemed cooperative and receptive, will be reached as well. And again, who amongst them can resist such a temptation, such a promise of wealth, power and control? And yet these inducements are but a deception—a means of engaging other people in the activities of the Collective, a means of establishing a strong liaison. Those people who are contacted, those individuals who fall prey to this deception, will not understand the real meaning behind it. And whatever strength and power is given to them will only be a temporary bestowal.

    As we have said, the visitors need human assistance. They also need human leadership. The Collectives do not have that many individuals functioning in this world, and so they need a hierarchy of human authority to serve them. They need the infrastructures you have already built. This again is why they did not visit at an earlier time. This is why the Intervention has been delayed until this era in human development. The Intervention needs governments; it needs religions; it needs all of this functioning structure through which its organization can flow.

    Therefore, at the outset they must gain alliances. They must gain followers. They must gain assistance from individuals, especially those whom they deem to be in positions of power and authority. We have already spoken of this in the first set of our briefings. And yet it needs to be repeated, for you must understand that these things are happening and have happened already.

    There are those individuals in positions of power in commerce and government who are already in liaison with the Intervention. Their numbers will grow, and their strength and influence will grow if the Intervention is not stopped and if public education cannot be successfully generated.”

    Love and blessings…..

  • Wow. Thank you for sharing all 3 of the above “Historical” ‘DISCLOSURES.”
    Keep up your good work.
    Steven Blue

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