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    by Robert Sepehr

    Antarctica is the site of the South Pole and the southernmost continent of the planet governed under a series of recognized guidelines and agreements called the Antarctic Treaty System.

    New Swabia (Neuschwabenland) was a territorial claim made by Germany in the late 1930’s. About 40% larger than Europe and virtually (allegedly) uninhabited, Antarctica continues to be a topic of great mystery and ongoing controversy. This presentation attempts to analyze and disclose still classified events pertaining to the region and how they may still be covertly influencing humanity today.

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    • The media sycophants exhibit duping delight behavior from willfully contributing to the suppression of truth and furthering our ignorance of events regarding the biggest secret on earth the alien infiltration and total dominance over our home rock . we really didn’t stand a chance against the alien master race take over with all the greedy people siding with the deviant aliens the sad part is the NAZI’s being the new heros when we rewrite history to include WTF really happened with the german people on and off planet . Our savior in the form of an EMP attack ,thank GOD the earth is flat so we can just use one bomb to cover all areas at once /s . the amish solution is very agreeable if we can’t control the tech currently used against us just shut it all down until we can cleanse the planet and become responsible at living together in peace . starting over , tinker toys will be our high tech , life on the farm will be good and slowed way the F’ down .

    • I have been a big advocate of Robert Sepehr’s videos. I have 3 of his books as well. However, this particular video I find a huge contradiction from past videos when speaking about Germany in WW2 era, not about Antartica, that part is consistent. I am talking about the German’s. These speakers Robert inserted in this video is suggesting that the German’s infiltrated every aspect of the United States government & they are the Cabal just because of Operation this & Operation that. B/S. It looks to me that Robert Sepehr had visitors.
      The Third Reich Simplistic Conservative Virtues included: Order, Honor, Morality, Homeland, Loyalty & Decency.

          • Gleason’s TIme-Chart patent:

            On page three he says this:
            “[…] The extorsion of the map from that of a globe consists, mainly in the straightening out of the meridian lines allowing each to retain their original value from Greenwich, the equator to the two poles. I claim as my invention. […]”.

            The words … ‘extorsion of the map from that of the globe’ … tell you what his patented technique is all about. The meaning of the word ‘extorsion’ is explained by Merriam-Webster dictionary: “EXTORSION is outward rotation about an axis or fixed point.”. Which is an action seen in the video I linked*. This extorsion technique of projecting a globe onto a flat plane – azimuthal equidistant projection – results in a flat circular map which retains relative distances between points on the globe … or, as Gleason explains in his patent application: “[…] The map is not so extorted as to lose the relative latitude and longitude of any places on the land or sea, but retains all latitudes and longitudes of places agreeing with other recognized authors; and as the proper relations of continents and countries all stand in their relative position to each other. […]”.

            What is practical utility of this particular projection, a 2D extorsion (distortion) of a globe? Well … it is essentially a time map, or as Gleason’s patent says … a ‘Time-Chart’: “[…] The utility of such computating map will be obvious, not only to the school child but for an adult or official person. […]”.

            * “Time-Chart” video compels me to complement it with a “Star Chart” video

            The two videos make such a contrasting pair, the first video opens up and flattens the globe onto paper like a melon hitting concrete and the second one wraps the squished globe back to life and both poles can share common axis mundi again.

        • Dejan, Let us hear from Alex Gleason himself, he Published the book pertaining to this subject in 1890 & revised it himself in 1893.
          Title: Is The Bible from Heaven? Is The Earth a Globe? By Alex Gleason
          At the turn of the Century there was a lot of contention on this matter, school teachers refused to teach the globe.
          IT IS”

    • I don’t know what the real shape of the Earth may be though likely the UN logo shows what the real map may be, and South Pole (ice wall) is where the outer ring is.
      Look up on Odysee, Bitchute & Rumble for this topic, (suspiciously) highly ridiculed topic “Flat Earth”.

      • & the UN logo is the 1892 Gleason map, which also is outdated. The Gleason map is showing the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn, we haven’t been in those tropics for 2,000 years. Were supposed to get new maps every 2,000 years, they missed the last time of the New Age of Pisces. & now we are entering the New Age of Aquarius.

      • It’s ridiculed because it’s just plain stupid. Go to Sanibel in Fla. Look across the water to far away Naples, Fla. Naples will look like it is submerged. Only the tops of tall buildings will be seen. Why? Because you are witnessing the earth’s curvature. If the earth was flat you’d be able to see all of the buildings, not just their tops. Similarly, if the earth was flat, someone would have been able to see the Eiffel tower in Paris via telescope from NYC. But nobody has.

        • Telescopes can be used to deceive, once you consider the lens used. Refractor uses Convex lens, while Reflector uses Concave lens.
          Convex is curved/rounded outward. Concave curves inward.
          The Refractor telescope Convex curves an outward circle/sphere.
          The Reflector telescope Concave mirrors reflect light to form an image that curves inward, like the interior of a circle/sphere.
          Here in Chicago Illinois, at the Sears Tower, you can see the State of Michigan with your naked eyes across Lake Michigan.
          The globe is the Gleason map pasted on a ball.

        • Yeah, I agree, flat Earth is disinfo crap. Just join disinfo crap with any valid topic and watch it turn to shit, just because people think the two topics are connected. Why is it in talking to someone in China, while it is broad daylight and the Sun is visible, the other person is in pitch darkness and sees nothing? Don’t let these people con you.

          • Hay, Water Always follows the path of less resistance.
            You should be asking Why is the globe so important….. (they even go out of their way & curve the passenger windows on aircraft).
            NASA already admitted that All photo’s are CGI (computer graphic images).
            Quote from Thomas Wilkinson, Senior developer at Palo Alto, Google Earth. He was leading a team of ten. Quote “As a lead Google developer for over 7 years, it is my responsibility to address our Terrestrial Landscape. After years of diligent study, I have concluded, there is No way the Earth can be Spherical. Given that Googles data has Never matched up to NASA’s data. And given how modern technology simply cannot measure the Magnitude of such a Planet, we can really Never guaranty the earth is spherical. The truth is, this idea is so ingrained in our culture that no one questions it, well I am.” December 25th, 2017.

            4:09 min mark

            And what if Earth is much bigger than what’s been claimed?

            Of course, there’s still many questions to be answered – though most of them shouldn’t even be called as “Flat-Earthers” as they are mostly just questioning things other than claiming what the real shape of Earth it may be (ex Steve Falconer on Odysee shows example questions on spherical model).
            They are rather saying that is “likely not” sphere but something else (meanwhile, the oppositions prefer everyone else that doesn’t support spherical model to be called as “Flat-Earthers”).

            And what if it were a disinfo, what’s the gain for the speaker (other than being ridiculed)?
            Doesn’t seem like they get financial gain though?

        • Can you even prove that you don’t see that point because of curvature or you still see it when you actually zoom it?
          Do some research and dig on what they have to say before commenting shit like this, because I’m pretty sure many of them have already replied to questions like that and why it still doesn’t make sense.

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