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    This Tore Says Show interactive livestream turned out to have so many bombshells, I spent nearly 20 hours listening to it, transcribing the important parts and summarizing it in this post.

    She talks about the January 6th operation and how it was the Administrative State’s attempt to re-create the 2014 Maidan Uprising in the United States. She recognizes it, because she was involved in the CIA’s 2014 Color Revolution in Ukraine.

    She talks about how many of our favorite and most celebrated “Conservative, Inc” influencers are operatives, either working for the Deep State or they otherwise don’t really care about America, they’re just capitalizing on the crisis.

    She talks about her 2017 meeting with Manuel Noriega and how he schooled her in on the 20th century history of the Deep State and how the CIA had mocked JFK at first and then, realized they had to get rid of him.

    She says there is an ongoing genocide that is far more brutal than anything else going on – including Gaza – having killed around 7 million people over the past 5 years and that is the Obama-run US State Department operation to cleave off oil-rich South Sudan from the rest of Sudan.

    The involvement of Pete Buttigieg in trafficking weapons to South Sudan is something that Harry the Greek has documented.

    The people in South Sudan are literally being butchered and they are blaming the American People, because it’s our State Department that’s doing it.

    Many very pissed-off Africans from the region have already entered the US through our open borders, intending to wreak havoc and destruction upon us, even though we are unaware of what the Deep State is doing covertly in our name, with the tax dollars they have stolen from us.

    She talks about how the Bush, Clinton and Obama regimes and COVID were all orchestrated by the Deep State to usher in the collapse of the United States and to install the UN-controlled New World Order.

    She says Venezuelan dictator, Nicolás Maduro is a CIA asset and she calls the Panamanian invasion operation, involving the United Nations and numerous NGOs a “Mossad operation”.

    There is so much more here and so much detail and granularity, that if you’re anything like me, you will be very interested in this video and in the notes and transcripts that I wrote, below.





    This Tore Says Show livestream begins with a mini documentary that seems to suggest that closet gay Karl Rove (aka Turd Blossom) blackmailer and Deep State operative, Ali Alexander (aka Ali Abdul-Razaq Akbar), together with Alex Jones and Ann Vandersteel usurped the Women for America First event in DC on January 6th, in a bid to re-do the CIA-scripted 2014 Maidan Uprising Color Revolution in Ukraine.

    Tore Maras had participated in the latter while she was working for a CIA contracting firm, therefore, she couldn’t help but notice that it was the same script.

    Tore says, “It seems that those who say they are on our side are really not and this was exactly the same strategy that we used in Ukraine.”

    She says that she has obtained tons of footage on January 6th – much more than the Committee – and that she’s identified everyone – and that Ray Epps was, indeed a Fed (as she says, “Criminal Informant”) – but that he was not an instigator, he was an observer – which seems to contradict Epps being filmed repeatedly telling everybody to storm the Capitol but I digress.

    She says that the people who actually breached the gate were Tayler Hansen, Elijah Shaffer and @sav_says_ (Savana Hernandez) and she says that these people “were all coordinating the moves.”

    She continues, “Now, if you guys remember, these were all the people that you guys followed. You need to be paying attention. Alliances were made last-minute, they needed to take over the Kremer event.

    “Remember, I broke that at the end of October, when I saw that Ali Akbar was moving in and he was creating all these events and then, he was taking everybody’s events and putting them on one page, so he could be at the center of all of it. And so it was all staged.

    “But here’s the thing: We had Federal Employees that were actually cooperating with foreign assets and domestic assets that wanted to remove Trump and create and orchestrate another Maidan event here – which also had a martyr – Ashli Babbitt was the Peak. She was the Martyr. They needed the Martyr to Complete the Event.

    “So, they orchestrated that whole thing but it was people within our own camp that had to cooperate with them, in order to get it going.”

    Tore says that anybody who saw her in DC on January 6th will recall that she was calling out Ali Akbar from the get-go, telling him, “Yo! You’re doing Color Revolution sh*t!”

    She says the film, ‘Plot Against the President’ was actually a proximity operation and she points out the many versions of the film and how several peoples’ names were removed from the film’s credits – which I also noticed, having had to change the embed code for this film three times on my website.

    Tore says, “We conducted something very similar in order to get Ukrainians on our side. So, we had to show proximity to the people they wanted. They’re all coming out now. You’re seeing it.

    These people are not good people. They’re just not. They’re serving the dollar. They don’t care about you. Or they’re actually pessimists and they think they know better and you know nothing and, ‘You better get a grip on whatever I have before all the stuff goes down.’ And that’s basically it.”

    Tore states her belief that it’s never OK to have a friend who’s cool with the enemy and she says to beware of people who say, “I’m cool with everyone!” because people who can do that are “Not good people.”

    She continues, “In regards to J6, I want you to observe this, because what we are seeing now, we are in a phase of the Completion of the Event…There’s a lot more coming and it’s not gonna be good and it’s important that we start paying attention to what’s going on.”

    She makes a throwaway comment that the Panama human trafficking operation is a Mossad operation and therefore, Laura Loomer is the ideal person to blow it up.

    She also says that in the past 5 years, we’ve been living through a massive genocide and she’s not talking about the Death Shot or Gaza. She’s talking about South Sudan.

    She says, “That bitch, Molly Fee. Guys, what they have done in Sudan with the RSF – I have explosive documents…This is what Obama did. He created Sudan into Sudan and South Sudan… almost 7 million people have been slaughtered…They’re getting slaughtered; beheaded, chopped, dead – just because.

    “And a lot them are fleeing to Chad and Burkina Faso, because you know, Chad and Burkina Faso told the State Department to go f* themselves.

    “And Molly Fee is like the Nuland of Africa! This woman is insane! Like, insane. Pure insanity. And what’s more insane is that no one in the media is talking about the genocide. 

    “And here’s the other kicker: These people in Sudan that are being slaughtered and the Africans around them that are being slaughtered are blaming us, because it’s our State Department that’s doing it! Guess where they’re coming – or where they’re already at? Can you blame them?…

    “Obama went in there, f*d it up, threw in the most vicious people and they’re getting slaughtered – like, absolutely slaughtered. Not ‘kinda killed’. Actually slaughtered. I’m working on a report on that.”

    She says there’s a statute of limitations on another case that runs out this year that she has to get to first, that involves Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and she doesn’t want him to get away with it.

    She says he founded a school in Cité Soleil, Haiti in 1998 along with the Clinton Foundation, called the Becky DeWine School, named after his daughter, who died in a 1993 car accident – which Tore calls “kompromat”, suggesting that Becky may have been a sacrifice.

    As we’ve seen with so many who are elevated by the Globalists, their firstborn child dies young and tragically but recently, some operatives have negotiated to submit their children to “gender-affirming” surgery, instead of a blood sacrifice. This is seen with so many Hollywood actors. They sometimes adopt children for this purpose.

    She continues, “And did you know that the mission from Ohio had 19 people kidnapped? Two of them were Haitian, so they were let go and the 17 people that were detained, 5 of them were kids, one of them was the age of 2 and they still haven’t been found, because they were asking for money. Are you paying attention to what I’m telling you? You think you know these people? You have no idea how sick they are.”

    She says that the parish of the Becky DeWine School was the same parish from where they were stealing the kids. She rues how everybody’s forgotten about this story.

    Tore notes how none of the big influencers have ever talked about this story, because they are hired guns who have no expertise in anything, they’re just actors who are given talking points and who must avoid talking about anything proscribed by their NDAs.

    Tore says that a group of people that think they’re smart and that the people are stupid believe that deploying PSYOPs is the best way to introduce social change.

    Tore disagrees that the people are stupid and she knows for a fact that Donald Trump does not agree with the use of such PSYOPs – which she says is why he keeps reading the Snake Poem – that Trump is actually referring to conservative influencers.

    Then, Tore begins speaking again about her 2017 encounter in Panama City with Manuel Noriega. and how she was not there in an official capacity when she met him, she was “just curious” and she says, “He told me a lot. He even told me more than you can imagine. It was fascinating to hear what he had to say.”

    She says that before Bush Senior invaded Panama, the Panama Canal lease was up and she says that people forget that Manuel Noriega had worked with CIA assets in Guatemala to train the people who pretended to be Cubans in the Bay of Pigs operation.

    She describes the Bay of Pigs as: “Putting Cubans that were really trying to liberate themselves against wannabe Cubans who pretended they didn’t want to. Does that make sense? That’s why it was a sh*t show.

    “When he was recruited in the ’50s working for the CIA, he was basically an informant to tell the US what they were doing. And this was on the heels of Nazism, etc, etc, etc.

    “The things he told me about JFK were insane – and not pertaining to him, directly but how they would mock him at first and then, they had to get rid of him, because he realized, ‘I am the President and even though you say so, I’m a f*ing douche head’ and everyone around him was planted, so of course, he was offed. So we understand ourselves.

    “And when [Noriega] got into power in Panama and he was not abiding by what they said, because, you know how we have an International Criminal Court and that was established post-Noriega, it was in 2002 and the alleged crimes happened before 2002, there was something like that built early on, decades ago in Latin America and I believe it was in Guatemala…and it’s like the ICC but for the Americas and I want to draw your attention to that, because we have this whole Venezuela thing going on. We have this, we have that.

    “And Maduro – how many of you think that he’s just a Venezuelan dictator or an asset of the CIA? He’s like Manuel Noriega. 

    “So, when that sh*t went down with Manuel Noriega, his arch-enemy – but they colluded, he told me that; Spadafora – he gave all that information to big ass journalists, to the UN and everything and everyone was pissed. The whole world was not backing the United States of America invading Panama…and that’s when we had started setting up language alliances services, under a former Officer of the Navy…

    “No one was going to back us for it, so we had already created a backup plan. So we created this language company for interpreter services that actually worked like a listening front, listening to everyone that was going through the Canal. That was our stage. Just so you guys know – and I know, because I was working for them.

    “Ali Akbar says, ‘She says she’s an MD!’ No, it’s Managing Director for the Western f*ing Region, OK?…

    “I’m actually friendly with the former CEO there, I know the operations inside and out and anyone that’s worked for that company will tell you it’s out of Panama.

    “Now, when we were migrating things to Costa Rica, to expand our listening platforms – if you catch my drift – that’s when I ran into Noriega, a few weeks before he passed away.

    “Just so you know, the UN had it in for us and when all this sh*t went down and then France got him extradited there, they got everything they needed from Manuel. ‘Oh yeah! The Americans are so bad!’ – ‘Oh yeah! OK!’

    “So, let me tell you what the plan was. Bush had framed the hicks – the Clintons – with cocaine. The plan was that they would let Hillary Clinton – who was the devious one – actually take office. THAT’s why they impeached Bill Clinton and didn’t cover for him.

    “Obviously, he didn’t get put away for rape and Hillarycare never went anywhere, because they didn’t want her putting on it – because before Obamacare, there was Hillarycare, which was identical.

    “And so, they had set up the Clintons to set them up to fail later – and I’ll you why. So, Bush’s idea is, ‘Alright, sure Hillary, that’s fine, you know all my dealings, you and Bill will become the First Couple, you’ll do your thing. Bill Barr will help set up the prisons for the ‘Super Predators’ to privatize them and to fill the prisons up so that we can have cheap labor and organs’ and they impeached him.

    “So then, his son goes in to continue the legacy while they’re hand-picking and waiting for Obama to be ripe for picking. And that was after Obama – remember, Senator before he became President – he was actually detained in Ukraine. OK. He was detained in Ukraine. People can go look at that.

    “Now, what happened was, The Plan was that Obama would run and he would do 8 years of setting the ground. And this is because, during Bush Junior’s time, the other nations were like, ‘You know, f* you! We have you guys by the balls right now.

    “‘Almost every f*ing leader here has been propped-up by your CIA. We’re going to go to war. Yeah. You want a f*ing war? We can go to war. That’s right. OK. Let’s go to war. Watch us pull the war trigger. We’re gonna do this! We’re gonna go to war and we’re gonna blow you up and everybody’s gonna be on our side, because we’re gonna be the ones that were hurt and we’re gonna create that.’

    “And 9/11 happened because they were taking Noriega, they set that whole sh*t up with their buddies that are not our friends – and they were not Saudis, by the way – they just used the Saudis – we all know Mossad has people everywhere, anyway.

    “And so, it was all a f*ing setup and they were like, ‘Now what?’

    “So, the deal was, ‘Alright, we’re gonna create this New World Order but we have to cripple the American Government. The only way we could do it is if we put someone in that’s super corrupt.’

    “So, they were like, ‘How do we do it? It has to be somebody really nasty.’ Who was that? Hillary f*ing Clinton. Those motherf*ers never thought she would lose! Because if she would have come in, the whole NAU would have f*in’ flown through…

    “We already knew. It was done by Obama and Trump was like, ‘No, it’s not happening,’ and then, they’re just pretending it’s happening

    “The Plan was that Hillary was going to become President. The Plan was, they were going to deploy COVID and it was going to be terrible – but then, they would expose her corruption!

    “So then, we, as weakened citizens, under masks and mandates and deaths – by firing squads – the UN would come and ‘save’ us. And we would be part of a New Order, because our government is corrupt, ‘systemically’ and they have come to ‘save’ us. But that was an old plan and this is why they had everything.

    “You have to understand that a lot of these people get away with shit, is not because they’re covering for them – because they’re gonna call that sh*t in, later.”

    Think Operation Snowglobe.

    The people on Tore’s stream chime in and say that they’re grateful that Tore had spared us the fate of a Hillary Clinton Presidency when she “cut the cord” in the equipment room in Brunswick, Georgia where the DHS was running their theft of the 2016 Election.

    In June 2022, Tore had made the bombshell announcement that it was she who disabled the DHS’ 2016 theft operation being run out of Georgia).

    Tore replies that she’s not sure if that was the pivot point but she says, “I can tell you that was a contributing factor, because I know that if that wasn’t done, they would have not have been unmasked in Georgia. And in Georgia, it was when Kemp was like, ‘What the Hell? What are Russians doing in our equipment?’ And it turns out, it was the DHS.”

    She then goes into a diatribe against the thirsty, Paytriot conservative influencers at CPAC and why she’s not there, because if she were, she would probably throw stuff at people and get into fights.

    She explains that this is “Because they’ve caused more harm to us and the People than anyone else. And you might say, ‘No! It’s COVID!’ Shut up. No. It’s them.

    “They were selling you cures before they knew what it was. They were telling you it was snake venom. You know, Dr Zelenko was giving you a protocol for free. He was telling you where to buy it. Suddenly, they monetized it. And they’re making money off of that. It’s not OK…

    “All of this is so messed-up. So messed-up… People are so confused that you can’t do sh*t. The populace was so discombobulated and was going in a million directions and it was their [the influencers] fault, because they all wanted a piece of the damned pie.

    “They were all high from the stupid Twitter sh*t. They wanted to make money and it’s like, ‘OK. You just sold your damned soul.’

    “The amount of money they were making on YouTube, Guys, was insane.”

    Tore says that Taiwan will pop off around the same time as the April 8th eclipse. She also seems to suggest that we may see the massive cyber attack on our infrastructure around that time that everyone has been predicting.

    At the beginning of the stream, Tore had directed our attention to Île-à-Vâche, a small island off the southeastern coast of Haiti, that is privately-owned by the billionaire Fanjul sugar barons, who she says bankroll all of the main Faketriot Paytriot influencers.

    In recent videos, she has said that there are other “Epstein Islands”, so I infer that Île-à-Vâche is one of them…

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Tore has been consistent with logistics so the island is definitely worth a look see, and fast. Islands and people are expendable.

    • I’ve said this before, but what the hell? Tore is biker-moll COARSE. Her music is particularly vile and debased. Her voice is insinuating and disjointed. I’m sure she thinks it’s cool. I’m not amused because I associate all the above with the Marxist effort to demoralize, fracture and move us from anything that could be called beauty and balance, cultural achievement, or even decent manners and put us in a nihilistic hell nobody escapes from. I’m nobody’s prude, pretty much detest traditional programming like religion and I’ve been known to pepper my language, but I don’t want that dystopic world. Tore’s been hanging with a bad crowd too long.
      Thank you Alexandra for putting her content in print so I didn’t have to listen to her. I tried and didn’t make it 30 minutes. Tory’s content is worthy, but her presentation is too wasted for me.

    • I’m gonna assume it’s intentional on her part, but Tore comes off like a crack-addict on LSD.

      And there’s a BIG ego under all that “info”.

      Just sayin’.

        • Actually she’s at her best when she puts herself on camera and you can turn the sound off.

          She apparently hasn’t seen the WoozNews Jan6 video exposé: a bunch of crisis actors were hired to make a movie titled “Insurrection Day!”. ALL FAKE.
          She needs somebody to make her watch it or SHTFU.

      • Just like Piechenick & Jeff Prather: look at me and what I’ve done. Sorry. I don’t want any info or advice from someone who basically admits to being an instigator of actions leading to the current genocide of the Ukrainian people, because that’s what that dam war is. If she’s so upset why isn’t she looking` for someone to finally prosecute all these murdering b*st*rds?

    • Al Jazeera Media, (where all the news comes from regarding Gaza & the Palestinians) is a private media that has its headquarters in Doha of Quatar. Founded by Sheikh Hamad ibn Khalifa Al Thani Qatari royal family. Al Jazeera is the CNN for Arab’s.
      Saudia’s, Palestinian’s & Hasidic Jews in Israel are all related and these people have one agenda, and Europe knows too well what that agenda is, United States & Canada are feeling this agenda as well.
      Let these Arab/Muslim/Jews handle their own family squabble.

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