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    The Epoch Times reports that Ashli Babbitt pleaded with police to call for backup and tried to prevent the attack, not join it, moments before she was shot and killed in cold blood by Capitol Police Lt. Mike Byrd, based on the analysis of a new video that has emerged from that day.

    “Frame-by-frame video evidence analyzed by The Epoch Times paints a vastly different picture of Babbitt’s actions than that portrayed in media accounts over the past year. News media regularly painted Babbitt as ‘violent,’ a ‘rioter,’ or an ‘insurrectionist’ who was angrily trying to breach the Speaker’s Lobby.”

    Investigative reporter, Tayler Hansen says he just found an Instagram live-stream video he shot on January 6th that shows Babbitt walking inside the Capitol, as she first turned the corner into the Speaker’s Lobby hallway. He said it confirms what he told The Epoch Times on January 17th, that Babbitt was friendly with the police officers when she first approached the doors.

    “Ashli just walks right up to them and just seems super happy; doesn’t know what she’s about to walk into. She was joking with the cops right before Byrd put a bullet into her…

    “The reality of it is, Ashli wasn’t a violent person. She was a good person, but they’ve demonized her to become this domestic terrorist that she never has been. She served her country for 14 years. That’s just insane to me that they can actually get away with pushing this narrative,” Hansen said. “They’ve done that by suppressing first-hand witnesses like me.”

    Babbitt served as a police officer in the US Air Force during her 14 years of military service. Her husband, Aaron believes her law enforcement experience told her something was wrong.

    Aaron Babbitt told the Epoch Times, “I believe she saw their inaction as odd or off, and was ultimately confused as to what was happening. She was a take-charge kind of person. Her frustrations show that the cops who should’ve been taking charge – weren’t.”

    Meanwhile, Lt. Mike Byrd raised $122,000 on GoFundMe and was pardoned by investigators without ever being called in to testify by DC Metro Police. Then in August, Byrd was lionized in an NBC News interview with Lester Holt, in which he claimed that by killing Ashli, he “saved countless lives”.


    Last June, intelligence insider, Fort Detrick alum and US Senate candidate for Maryland, Dr Jonathan McGreevey joined Stew Peters with his jaw-dropping allegations about members of the US Government and his account of what really happened on 1/6, claiming that Nancy Pelosi orchestrated the January 6th false flag, with a lot of help from the FBI.

    McGreevey said, “She even called in the orders to ‘get’ someone to sacrifice,” and that you can see the shooter responding to orders from Pelosi’s people in his earpiece.

    McGreevey explained that Byrd couldn’t use the normal communications systems because of the law enforcement present and all the journalists listening in on the Capitol Police scanners, so they were using military encrypted communications, which were provided by the Commander of the National Guard in DC, Major General William Walker – the same commander who denied President Trump’s request to bring troops on 1/6.

    Walker was promptly rewarded by Pelosi to the position of Sergeant at Arms of the US House of Representatives.

    In the broadcast, McGreevey addressed Gen Walker directly, urging him to come clean. “It’s going to come out. I have heard that all of your private and social communications – email, texts, phone calls, everything – have been archived for well over the past year.”

    McGreevey said that the Democrats didn’t expect they would pull off the 2020 election fraud. “They knew they could pull off the phony numbers – that was all set up – but they didn’t think anyone would accept it. They thought the fraud would be uncovered quickly. They thought that President Trump would not leave…They couldn’t believe that he was leaving. They were absolutely stunned the Patriots didn’t take to the streets and shut down the country.”

    McGreevey says the FBI knows that the person who transported the bombers and the devices that were placed in the Capitol is “related a very high-ranking [federal] judge…They know who it is. They supplied the crappy device that didn’t work.”

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    • Below is what I wrote few days after the faked Capitol event. It is lengthy, but the deep public hypnosis calls for thorough deprogramming remedy. Here we go:

      This looks like the final chapter’s ending of the election psyop two-part sequel that I call ‘Casting Spells’. The two part psyop started by introducing promising new actor Obama on stage and has now fulfilled its intended purpose with primadonna (fat lady) Trump hitting the high-note. The public is right now being led out of the theater by soft music with sequences on big screen showing a production-set ‘wrap-up’ party. The whole crew of life-long actors attended this final performance/farewell party that was designed to offer set-photographers prime quality footage opportunity with its background setting to serve as the future’s schoolbook material content. The footage will be used in the future as a booster for the ‘nation split down the middle’ fictional story retelling purposes. Job well done.
      The two part sequel ‘Casting spells’ is, combined with its prequel, concluding the Trilogy, a theater franchise that was produced to upgrade theater experience itself, from rearranging parking lots outside the venue to reformation of the stage inside, all in the service of reshaping the public’s aesthetic preferences, sharpening of perceptions and molding of a new generation of theatergoers. Only the management and the orchestra kept their posts.
      The reason (behind) why the two-part sequel, the ‘Casting spells’, – featuring recurring Obama and guest actor Trump – was produced at all is to be found in the prequel, featuring recurring baby-star Bush.
      The prequel was intended to show to the public, domestically and worldwide, how stage remodeling is done, how modern theater should look in the future. But it had two unintended flaws: on the one hand its assertive stage development frightened the public with its smashing scenes to the point that theater goers, instead of joining the freedom-delivering franchise-fan-club frenzy, stopped wanting for more, while on the other hand its story-narrative had so many plot-holes and was so unconvincing that already frightened public now begun alienating itself from the most important idea producers of the show hold dear, the imperative of keeping the public coming back for more theater, … any theater.

      Producers decided to solve the problem of prequel’s diminishing interest for theater productions by introducing a new show in town with a new message and with positive emotions: the ‘Casting spell-part one’. New, young and promising star was inviting people from all walks of life to return to theater. In the movie-trailer he was suggesting: ‘You can do it, you can drag your feet back to the theater building – just forget on all the banging in the prequel and ignore present rumbling and bubbling – and try focusing on ‘our’ future, focus on what could be. You can do it, yes you can. You should believe that you can change; believe that you are the change and you will be(come) changed’.
      And people gave this new face, a rising star, who goes by the name Osama [sorry, a slip, Obama], a benefit of a doubt and they returned to theater to cast their spells [sorry, slip again, votes]. And they willingly suppressed memories of the past traumatic theatrical experience (of the prequel) to such an extent that they didn’t emotionally react any more to unnerving material from the previous production – unused footage leftovers – that was inserted into the sequel production to save production time and money. But this production also had a flaw: while the public was responding to positive emotional triggers as predicted, it still remained ‘a tough-room’, unresponsive to negative emotional stimuli. The previous roller coaster ride experience overloaded their synapses. After down’n’down ‘collapse’ and drop’em’down bombings followed by down’n’out bubble, leading to in’n’out’n’roll-about bailouts… there was this sudden skin-tone change at the end of the ride, but riders still remained transfixed, feeling goosebumps combined with buzzing and throbbing in their ears, while repetitive faint warm sounds were slowly emerging from the background noise, transmuting into chanting hearts of ‘yes we can’ healing mantra. The people were shown illusionary stage effects that were catering their emotions. Those who were convalescing from the Prequel’s shell-shock content, those becoming again responsive to fear impulses, were given more fear content in ‘Casting spell-part one’. And those who were responding only to positive impulses of ‘love’-content were given more … lies. Producers knew that a portion of the public that ‘enjoys’ consuming fear will remain consuming it, but the portion that ‘feeds’ on positive story-content will sooner or later figure out that they were given lies instead of love-story. For those loosing incentive for coming back to the theater a ‘Casting spell-part two’ was already being produced.

      Cue the guest actor Trump, a real life primadonna, whimsy and full of biases, split-second decision-flipper. A fat-lady that is in love with himself, who radiates self-love and shares it with the public, thus catering people seeking positive emotions, but who is also capable of shifting into a banging and threatening personae quite naturally, even if those emotion changes are not scripted. The ‘Casting spell-part two’ was ideal opportunity for Trump’s abilities to bamboozle the audience to shine and he was the best choice as the main story’s narrator. The story of the good and the bad fighting, tug of war between two opposites, black and white worldview in collision. Theater of love and fear. Only difference from the ‘Casting spell-part one’ with Obama as the lead, was that in the sequel with Donald the production crew decided to show both, fear and love, the good and the bad by employing hired professional stuntmen. Editing of the show was made much easier when the ‘fear’ and the ‘love’ contents are both unreal, pure fiction, created out of lies with background looking real. The public, followers of this theatrical ‘masterpiece’, was supposed to react, some to ‘fear’ and others to ‘love’ messaging, and register each-others actions which catalyzed new reactions, thus the public has become part of the actors revolutionary guild. Once theatergoers were hooked to the main story-line, once they were made revolving actors and pro-actors, it was much easier for the producers of the show to make them believe in the main premise of the production: ‘you are split, just observe yourself while the show is happening. Don’t you see that you are now part of two opposites fighting for survival, isn’t it obvious that whence you exit the theater venue you will remain split exactly down the middle. If you are the one who still can’t decide which part on the stage to join, you should choose soon or you will become a minority hated by all for your inaction in this historic blockbuster.’
      So unsuspecting people went and cast their spells [not again, sorry, votes] to ensure that their vision for the movie’s ending would survive editing-room and that their supporting-roles would make it into the final-cut. But people didn’t realize that there was director’s-cut already made, waiting to be released. People’s footage was never meant to make onto the screen, no matter how decisive their appearances were. The director’s-cut finale had to correspond with make-believe story of ‘nation-divided down the middle’. There could be no other ending then the one supportive of ‘nation-divided’ fiction: primadonna jumping up and down the stage, hitting high screeching notes while the orchestra, tucked below the stage, invents aleatoric musical accompaniment that builds up stage cacophony to the neurotic grand finale.
      And then…curtains. Nothing to see. Go home people, disperse! Desist. You are not needed any more on the set. All that you were supposed to contribute in this sequel was to cast your votes, chanting spells to give the story some appearance of believability. From here on theater producers, now in possession of all the footage they need for continuation of the ‘nation-divided’ fictional story re-telling, are retaking the reigns of showman-ship. All that is left for theatergoers to do, while back at home firmly seated, is to keep eyes fixated on the MSMedia re-views of the ‘wrap-up’ Hollywood-style party shot entirely on the historical setting, using ‘nation-united’ symbols as a stage background. That Capitol background serves as comforting visuals for people to feel at ease in the isolation of their homes, that, despite their absence from theater venues, they are still vital participant of the theatrical production. There is nothing more captivating then a story embedded within another story which keeps audiences confused, with payed-actors enacting for the people a make-believe ‘story of division’ while performing on the ancient make-believe ‘stage of unity’. Audiences are to either reminisce about ‘unity’ or project toward ‘division’.

      All is now prepared for a new method actor, Joe Harris, to mount the stage. Or is it actress behind him, Kamala Biden, that is really going to deliver words scripted for the main role? He or she, or maybe he-she, who knows any more in these modern times of gender confusion? Actually it doesn’t matter any more. ‘They’ don’t have to worry about ‘their’ acting performances because the script doesn’t require them to be anything any more, least of all convincing actors. The leading role is not important. People, seated at home in isolation with all microphones listening and cameras focused on them rolling, are now flooded with spotlight attention to give a supporting-role of their life. Some are expected to act in fear, others with lies [sorry, love], some to preach unity, others to yell: ‘Secede!’. Any role a theater follower chooses to play on the prearranged stage leads to the same ending:
      self-fulfilling fictional story of ‘nation-divided’ becoming new abnormal reality. If producers had to invent spell [sic, vote] numbers in previous castings, the in-coming fiction will be materialized as a reality-projected. If in the past the spells were empty of substance, the spells of the future will cast a real shadow of darkness upon the stage. Producers count on the Solar activity to help them drive people into more active role playing mode. To make sure that to many people don’t fall-out-of-the-role of their choosing, play-writes have old material from the Trilogy on reserve to be littered across scenario pages when needed, to help nudge supporting actors to resume with their virtual home-based performances. More Sunlight to squeeze out more darkness in the production that I will name now as: the ‘Trojan host’. Anyone who is injecting himself into the coming production as supporting actor or unwitting stand-in will serve as a host, harboring mind-bug infection that will burst out like Alien just in time for the next elections spell casting. But by then those well gestated mind-bug spells invoking ‘four more years’ will have projected black light onto the stage, until the whole theater goes dark.
      The only solution, it seems, is for the people to cast ‘no spell given away’ votes in 2024. They should nominate themselves for the leading-role. And voting results would finally demonstrate how many potential presidents there are in the US. ‘President or nothing’ should be the new nick-name for Capitol building’s majority.

    • Can’t believe that we are still being sold the original lie, this time with yet another twist. These twists in a story are needed when people become unresponsive and there is a danger they might forget about an event that has been scripted to become part of a national myth, part of national dumb-down schooling system propaganda. This is just another reheating of a faked January 2021 reality through fake journalism (Intelligence created I presume) by launching fake variation of an original lie.

      Ashli Babbitt simply didn’t die. All else is a scripted theater with subsequent plot-hole plastering. Every variation playing on the the main theme (original lie) is thus entrenching opinion in unsuspecting audiences that Ashli Babbitt really died. That is the purpose of all “new revelations” about January 6th.

      Is Ashli Babbitt even real, or is it a fake name pinned to a Military Intelligence agent Joan Doe?

      “- -“

    • Btdubbs as an addendum 2 my last commnt:

      Pelosi, when she was commeror8in’ the Jan 6th ‘nsurrection’ n the House, said, “I wud like 2 address the members of the jur…I mean the Chamber”

      W8 WHUT?!!!

      Did Pelossi jus start 2 say she wud like 2 address the mbrs of the ‘JURY?!!;’…

      I bleve Pelosi is n a trial herself…4 her life..based on the contents of her laptop…which Pres Trump has…..

      And is Pelosi the ‘person’ that the military has that is ‘talkin’ that doesn’ t want 2 b tried 4 treason?!!!

      Gen McInerney said, they [ military ] hav sum1 who was nvolvd n the gr8 ekex fraud who is talkin’….

      There were soòo many nvolvd, both dem and repub…

      SOS of Ga Raffensperger held a pressr 2 wks ago and said they hav 250 ballot harvstrs, who were caught on facial id cam, stuffin’ 100’s of ballots n2 those drop box’s at 2-5am…

      1 has admitd 2 stuffin’ 4500 ballots by himself and was pd $1000’s…

      They hav 250 caught on cam…if each stuffd 4500 or more and there r 6500 ballot drop box’s n Ga… the math!!!

      Wondr why Stacy Abrams suddenly has gone dark on voter fraud?!?!

      That’s her ‘thing’…

      Mayb she was the ballot harvstr payer….or knows who was?!!!…hahahahaha….

      Raffensperger now has seen the light..when he was nsistin’ there was NO voter fraud?!!!

      Sum1 put a bug n Raffensperger’s ear, that bribe money is traceable!!…hahahahaha…

      Kemp 2!!

      Watch Ducey of Ariz!!


    • Where is Dr McGreevey gettin’ his nfo?!!!

      I bleve it’s comin’ str8 from Pelosi’s laptop, which was stolen on Jan 6th..

      Gen Thomas McInerney told ppl at a celeb at Mara Lago aftrJan last yr that they [ milutary ]sent n SPECIAL FORCES n2 the Capitol 2 steal Pelosi’s and 14 dem laptops…and he said he had seen her laptop…and there is sum1 who was nvolvd n the elex steal who is talkin’ cuz they don’t want 2 b tried 4 treason…

      There was a clip playin’ as McInerney talks, of those SPECIAL FORCES dudes comin’ dwn the stairs n the Capitol on Jan 6th…wearin’ grey puffr coats with hoods pulld dwn and had shades on 2 hide identity….all had bckpcks…

      That vid was pickd up by LT/andweknow, my very fav vid cre8or…and ncluded the clip of Gen McInerney…

      I saw it and droppd the link 4 the vid…and YouTube tk it dwn….

      Pres Trump has Pelosi’s laptop, and ofc the military has it…cuz Pres Trump sent SPECIAL FORCES n as he is the Commandr-n-Chief….

      That is where McGreevey is gettin’ his nfo…

      The FBI r still lkin’ 4 her laptop…

      I told them they shud try Mara Lago…hahahaha..

      I dint say it….Gen McInerney did!!!


    • There is also a video of the capitol police handing out clubs, that you see being used to break the windows with. Total set up.

    • So this is why she was climbing through a broken window as she was shot? She was the only one during this period of rioters bashing in the windows at this location who was shot (at?). All she had to do was stay on the outside of those doors like everyone else. With all the violence they were committing, bashing in the windows and pressing on the doors, nobody else was shot at by police. Honestly, I don’t think she is really dead. I never saw any blood on her in any of the videos available.

    • If she was pleading for police to call for back ups then she would have HAD to be taken out or it would ruin the whole “exercise” Shows there may have been real time communication and orders from above as this was playing out. Sacrifice she was.

    • This government really is a disgrace to us all. They didn’t believe they would get away with it hell they didn’t.. justice will come and find them all . If they knew they wouldn’t get away with it but did it anyway in unison it was an act of war and treason and they deserve to hang and they must. The rule book calls for it, now the only question is can the military leaders show up and do the job according to the oath they took or do we add them to the list of traitors that need hanging.

      • Could be so or no, but how do we prove if this is real or fake other than Chinese?
        Just don’t want people to become too biased towards one another.

    • Do you know that the China-bashing, China-exposing rag, the EPOCH TIMES, is actually OWNED and OPERATED by…the CHINESE?

        • Hi Alexandra
          Your a brilliant angel. Thank you for all you do.
          I’m a tech idiot. So I can’t figure out how to link. PL3ASE GO TO
          BTW you and Scott Bennett are the only ones I listen to on AMP.
          ITS a delusional channel Thats just my opinion from, my research

        • Indeed.
          The trolls instantly attack anything that contradicts the media narrative. The Jan 6 protesters travelled from all over this nation to protest the theft of an election.

          An annual Ashley Babbitt Day to remember a patriot?

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