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Troubling news. At least five anti-Clinton activists have died under unusual circumstances over the past few weeks. Neither of these deaths are being reported on the MSM, according to the creators of this clip.

Two very vocal anti-Clinton activists, Victor Thorn, the man who coined the term “Clinton Body Count” was found shot to death on a Pennsylvania mountaintop on his property on August 1st, his 44th birthday. Ironically, he’s now on that on that list.

Thorn was a journalist at American Free Press and the author of the definitive trilogy of books about the Clintons, which details their involvement in cocaine trafficking, with the use of the small airport at Mena, Arkansas while Bill was Governor, the litany of sexual assaults and rapes committed by Bill Clinton, and lastly, the murders of those closely-connected to the Clintons who posed a threat to their ascendancy to power. Thorn was well-regarded among his peers and those who know him are non-plussed by his death. According to Inquistr, Thorn had appeared many times on the Russell Scott show and he told the host, “Russell, if I’m ever found dead, it was murder. I would never kill myself.” Thorn’s brother has said it was a suicide – but you might say that, too if you didn’t want to end up like Shawn Lucas.

Less than 24 hours later, on August 2nd, another well-known activist, lawyer, Shawn Lucas was found dead on his bathroom floor by his girlfriend, who said he was in good health. He’s shown in this clip on July 1, 2016 cheerily serving both the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz with a nationwide class action lawsuit for Fraud, in rigging the Primary against Bernie Sanders. The creators of this clip can only think that this was done not only to silence him and to stop the lawsuit but to intimidate others who might pursue the case any further.

Next, 47-year old Joe Montano, aide to Hillary Clinton’s pick for Vice President, Tim Kaine and former Chair of the DNC, prior to Debbie Wasserman Schultz died on July 25th, of an apparent heart attack on the day of the commencement of the Democratic Convention and of the simultaneous release of the scandalous WikiLeaks emails.

Next, 27-year-old Seth Conrad Rich, a member of the DNC was shot twice early on a Sunday morning in Washington, DC, as he spoke to his girlfriend on his cellphone, while walking home from her apartment. Rich was a web developer, who had made voter apps and was thought to have access to the US’ entire database of voters. He is thought to have had firsthand knowledge of voter fraud and there are unconfirmed rumors that he was going to testify to the FBI. Julian Assange has strongly hinted that the DNC emails he leaked were provided by a DNC insider. WikiLeaks has gone as far as to offer a $20k reward for information on the murder of Seth Rich. If no evidence provided leads to a conviction, all contributors get their money back.

NBC reported the murder as an attempted robbery, however nothing was stolen from him. Hillary invoked his shooting at the Democratic Convention and even remarked that it was “unreported”, saying, “Weapons of war (sic) do not belong on our streets.”

Just a few weeks before that, as reported here previously, former UN official John Ashe, 61 was found dead in his home. The UN initially reported that he’d died of a heart attack but local police later reported his death to be due to having accidentally crushed his own windpipe with a barbell, while lifting weights. His cause of death was almost worthy of a Mafia film, whereby his crushed windpipe might discourage any other “rats” out there from “singing”.

Ashe had been indicted and was scheduled to testify in a bribery scandal involving a Chinese national, Ng Lap Seng who’s been a major donor to several Clinton campaigns. The accusations were that he’d helped smuggle $4.5M dollars into the US without saying what it was for.

In 1998, Seng was identified as illegally funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars through an Arkansas restaurant to the DNC during the Clinton Administration. Seng had been treated to ten visits to the White House and it was a big scandal at the time.

Ashe’s trial, also involving Seng would definitely have re-hashed that episode and would have caused much embarrassment to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. All five of these deaths occurred after Hillary was cleared by the FBI and Bernie Sanders was forced from the race.

The narrators of this clip comment, “How many more people are going to have to drop dead for her to get her hands on the door to the Oval Office and into power? How many more people are going to mysteriously die from absurd and ridiculous causes of death that just don’t add up? You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see that people die around Clinton corruption scandals…How many people are going to have to die, so the country can be forced to pretend to elect Hillary Clinton?”

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