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Here’s more news you don’t get in the US’ mainstream media: John Jones 48, one of Britain’s top human rights lawyers, who represented Julian Assange was killed last Monday, when he was run over by a commuter train. The death is being called a suicide.

British Transport Police were called to the West Hampstead train station in North London at 7:07 AM on Monday April 18, 2016 after a man was struck by a train. He was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene and his death is not being treated as suspicious. The event occurred almost one month to the day that the first batch of Clinton emails were released by his client from WikiLeaks.

Jones worked on the same team as actor, George Clooney’s wife Amal. He specialized in extradition, war crimes and counter-terrorism; taking cases from the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Lebanon and Cambodia.

Jones lived in an expensive home in North London, with wife Misa Zgonec-Rozej, 40 a director of an international law consultancy, and his two children.

The news is particularly disturbing, as Democratic Strategist and CNN host, Bob Beckel appeared in a FOXTV interview and called for the assassination of Julian Assange (or more accurately, “Just kill the sonofabitch!”)

Assange is believed to be planning a strategic “October Surprise” leak of a Hillary Clinton email, just prior the US Presidential Election. It purportedly contains information that will definitively put her behind bars.

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  • Why Julian Assange is stalling to share the information that he has??? If something happens to him the information will be buried with him. If he seriously have some valuable information, the is he stalling? don’t understand.

  • Just to clarify for you guys and girls. John Jones died in April and was suffering from long term mental health issues. It appears his medication had changed the week before he died. What you are reporting is in fact the news article pertaining to the Coroners Court proceeding that took place last week.

  • Mr Jones told Dr Pereira there were certain “trigger” words and films he had seen, any mention of which would set off his negative thought patterns. The above is from the article in the hamhigh link provided by ROB. The whole thing seems extremely suspect.

  • I found it very strange that the report appeared in only 2 online publications on the planet and the reports were almost verbatim; one, a very “hometown” news site for Kentish Town and The Sun, where I failed to see the publication date – not having heard of his death when it happened and a subscriber having just passed the clip to me, which was just uploaded to YouTube on August 18th…VERY fishy.

  • At one time one respected the British police, officers who upheld low, and order. Not any more. There are jokes about the policemen’s intelligence. In some countries they patrol not in pairs but in threes. One could read, one could write and the third is to keep an eye on those two dangerous intellectuals. But you do not need to be intelligent to realise, even for the police, that this was not an accident but that the Clinton murders arrived in Britain. If someone is still un-bribable, with elementary intelligence in the police or will have to issue an order to find the killers and make them confess who is behind it. I will give you one guess. We know that politicians destroyed America and Amerigeddon is not far away but is Britain descending to their level?

  • I find it hard to believe that anyone could just accidentally get run over by a train. Doesn’t matter who they are. Just, nobody does that. Some force always puts you where you don’t want to be. You hear the train coming. You stay off the tracks. This is not complicated people.

  • John Jones was killed on April 18, 2016, His death was called suicide by the police, without any apparent investigation. His obit appeared weeks later, May 1, in the Guardian. The New York Times ignored it totally. The whole incident cries out for clarification. I hope his family, friends, and colleagues use their influence to force an in-depth probe into this tragedy. BB

  • Wouldn’t the video that we know is in all train stations tell the tale as to weather he was pushed or just jumped.

  • I do believe that this world has come to a very strange place, showing how greedy some are for power without exercising any restraints at all. If something does not change, and soon, here comes WWIII and Killary Klinton to put it in action. No, not much doubt of that fact. Talk about terrorism, there she is folks, all spelled out in language that is easy to read, I wish it wasn’t, but wishes don’t account for much do they.

  • What does get me with the calls for the assassination of Assange is that if one of us did the same thing to someone like Hillary Clinton or any related person, we would get a not so nice visit by the FBI and probably arrested on terrorism charges.

  • Yes, the globaists/evil cabal will resort to any and all means to silence the elements anti to their agenda. Sad day on earth when we must share this planet with these animals. Hopefully they will be caged. Even more sad is the fact that the spirit of the evil ones lives in the hearts of all humanity. If you see the corruption that exists in all levels of society, you will wonder,…how it continues. One must strive to live a clean and pure life to counter this evil within. (INXS-Devil inside) Peace be to all. Jonathan

  • It will be a revelation for the US electorate to find that whichever Presidential candidate manages to win/buy the election, they may well have to be sworn in from behind bars – one for racketeering, the other for various illegal acts . . . we’ll find out for sure in October.

  • I followed-up on the video on the John Jones suspicious death and found the following article. The article explains the matter as a psychiatric case but the symptoms presented suggest to me that he may have been “suicided” by way of technological targeting. Inability to sleep, obsessive thinking, shaking, general depression are all indications of subliminal manipulation.

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