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    Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

    During their discussion Comer told Maria that NINE Biden family members received foreign payments totaling more than $10 million.

    Comer then dropped this bomb: The whistleblower has gone missing.

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    • Like insider NY Sen. Chuckie Schummer told the nation about four years ago, be careful what you say about the agency, they can get back at you six ways to Sunday.

      Like a former UN Secretary Gen. said about ten years ago when he was asked about getting around the US Constitution; “we are working on that”.

      Obviously the fox is in charge of the hen house, through Susan Rice, back to the great impostor president, the agency and foreign investment banking interests who follow the inspiration of their god Lucifer.

      If and when people wake up to the reality of what we face, this monster will continue chewing up people and territory. It’s too late for political remedies, but not too late to turn from our manifold self indulgences back to the G-d of our fathers whose remains lie mouldering in the grave.

      We’ve nothing to lose, really, whatever one thinks they have, think again. You see how powerless these Republicans are. You see how powerless the Republican Trump was to save even himself. It was no surprise when their star witness went missing.

      That old fox Lucifer is in charge of the hen house.

    • Sitting lame duck fake ass President Joey must be filling his depends nonstop now with all 5 eyes allies wondering how the Flying **** they can sell this loss of trust to their home audiences. The FBI must also be stressed with all the cleanup operations coming at them like a volcano and no place to put their feet without being caught in the lava. The poor bastards also need whistle blower life insurance policies . I love it when the cannibals start munching on each other saves on all the funeral expenses. The elder abused Biden is toast his expiration date is imminent.

    • Wow…really? Was there really an informant to begin with? Prove it!

      Its all bullshit, all the time. They are playing you as fools with these regular fairy tales and ooh aah moments. People are so gullible. We know this is just a game, a soap opera to keep you entertained. Funny how nothing never ever happens to these politicos and affiliates regardless of their crimes or lies. They dont even get sick and die…..even from the clotshot!!!

      For gawd sakes, they’re stalling and dragging you and I through the mud. Best tell them to phuck off and eat shit and die.

      • Bullshit dogismyth, The only lies are coming from the laptop denying Biden regime and it’s subservient FBI, and colluding administrative state.

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