Attorney Todd Callender and Dr Lee Vliet return to SGT Report to break some news: Cesium-137 has been found in the mRNA experimental “vaccines” and it’s a direct link to the 5G component of the genocide plan.

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    • Many more. It seems the sheeple are happy to live in contented compliance aka the ostrich. Can we help them? We can nudge, but really everyone has to open their eyes by themselves. “Once you see, you cannot unsee.”

  • Much evidence is piling up on the side of “intentional malevolence”; yet we witness official governmental authorities , (with the support of some scientific/medical factions), extolling the beneficial properties of the “vaxx”. Discerning the true properties of these vaccines and then determining if mandatory use of these was truly needed for the good of the community is imperative..especially since there is a group of physicians adamntly contesting and expressing strong doubt as to the harmless efficacy of the vaccines. An ombudsman with authority over further usage should be appointed immediately by all state governors.

  • Groovy! In the unlikely event that Blunderbuss Joe Biden is unable to irradiate us in his nuclear Proxy War in Ukraine, the Deep State Uniparty has taken steps to insure that Agenda-2030 will still be available with the Cesium-137 isotope. No worries. Anyone who is imbecile enough to participate in the Vaxx with all of the information now at hand deserves to Glow in the Dark.
    Matter of fact, why isn’t America helping with the Humanitarian effort by sending these latest customized Vaxxes to Ukraine?

  • Thank you for speaking up about these poison VAX.

    By the way, wireless cameras can be easily hacked and cheap, use wired cameras instead.


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