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    Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet, we never seem to believe them.

    In this Stew Peters Network EXCLUSIVE, the award winning filmmakers behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES present the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I just tried to access the Stew Peters “Died Suddenly” documentary.
      After following the “click here, click there” instructions I could only access
      what looked like cheap, scam advertisements. I am firmly anti-Clotshot, and wanted to watch
      but I am now convinced that this is a click-bait scam. Everyone will do well to stay away from
      sites like that. Not worth destroying a computer with a sketchy site !!!!!

    • Hopefully some more sheep wakes up.
      And there is still some bot still spreading disinformation about getting so called “virus” somewhere down.

    • In June 2019 I had covid I was so sick for weeks.
      It seems as covid triggered Factor V Leiden that was undetected. It’s a genetic abnormality. In 2020 my body had created 10 + pulmonary embolisms in my right lung. A DVT in my entire right legs femoral vein.
      I had been suffering from Sciatic radiculoneuropathy
      a ruptured, herniated, bulging disks. With an angry pinched sciatic nerve. I was to have spinal surgery on 2.11.21. On 2.7.21 I was rushed into the ER as I couldn’t walk. As they where doing tests it came back with the clots and a dvt. I should have died , but I didn’t. After getting a few bags of heparin and an IVC filter in my vena cava through my jugular. After spinal surgery 3 months later and I was finally released. In 3 months and 4 floors in the hospital and in 2 nursing homes I was let out to go home. Once out 3 months later I had covid 19 with Sars CoV2 I was truly sick. I had to have monoclonal antibodies infusion for 2 hrs it worked I lived. The next two bouts with covid were not as bad but left me with swollen organs, my short term memory is not good at all. It also left me with a racing heart. It can go from 82 resting and go up as the highest was two weeks ago. I was in physical therapy and my heart hit 172. How I’m alive is a mystery I call it God saving me. It will go down quickly. I didn’t get the vaccine and covid still damaged me. Today I’m in physical therapy to regain strength and build my muscles A family member took the Pfizer and all the boosters first her eye had a tear behind eye. Last few weeks she had been admitted with covid and was told she had brain bleeds and her entire brain was having mini strokes. She now has to live between brain bleeds if her bp is to low or mini strokes if her bp I’d to high. We lost friends and family. Truly sad how this has wreaked so many lives.

      • I have a paralyzed patient after get the covid shots, in one my husband co workers when the company he works tried to push vaccines for covid he got the first shot in went home not feeling well in die he was 50 years old. I don’t know why covid has affected you that much. We take care patients in the hospital where I wk with covid in we did all fine without vaccines. I got sick year later not problem. Many my family in friends got covid as well my mother in law who had bad health in she used oxigen, diabetes in heart problems. She got it twice she is fine. She don’t get shots. Hope you are doing better.

    • Fauci and Bill Gates,big pharmaceutical companies need to hang for this catastrophe. Fauci in my book, mind will never be quated as a Dr. He and Allies are murders. I would not and wont ever take the jab. No jab no job that was me. And boy there certainly was ridicule. Father’s and mother’s here in Australia losing their beloved children, teenages. They where coerced in haveing the experimental jab for fear of not being allowed to play sport let alone go to school. I know this is facts my granddaughter was one. How much more shame can be pushed on us MSM won’t even allow the stories to be told . Yet news is still all about getting the boosters. I tell you what All these responsible and in court better be accountable. Pretty pussed of right now. No2 the Geo-Engineering has to stop 🛑

    • Just an aside, Alexandra :

      There is no DEATH, as humans

      BETTER titled :

      ‘Transitioned Suddenly.”



      See Edgar Cayce et al.

      • The key is once one leaves the physical realm of energy, one will never to return. (unless one wants to return to the House of Horrors ride at the fair and then ride the never-ending roller coaster of emotions. Screw that.
        Read Thaddeus Golas’s book, Love and Pain, the only book I have ever read which offers a logical explanation on how the Universe sustains itself. Bottom line, we do not have to return to this physical realm. And we don’t need special diets, long hours of intense training and meditation, $$$ spent on this guru or that, or beg forgiveness from the psychopathic god of the bible. That is just more human-based organized religion projecting nonsense on the trusting and gullible, manipulating the fear of death.
        The Buddhists/Hindus say a spirit must reach perfection before leaving the wheel of reincarnation. But how can a human with a human brain reach perfection in an imperfect world?
        Edgar Cayce was a bit stuck in organized man-made-Abraham religions , so for me Cayce was just a teacher along the road. He was a talented psychic, but he was not perfect.
        This is the book that brought great comfort to my soul. I have never understood why it is not more popular. But then again, observe the average intelligence of mass mind.

        • Garden Party,

          -just writing from personal experience,
          having learned to induce, at will, the
          VIBRATION condition necessary for
          separating my true-self from my
          physical body.

          Find and study the late Robert A. Monroe’s
          book – a friend of mine – “Journeys Out
          Of The Body.”


    • The tide is turning!!!

      May the Bloodiest Assize in history, whereby those responsible for this vast criminal enterprise be, in the words of Stewart Peters, be indicted, tried and FRIED.

      Justice aka vengeance must be by due process. But it also must be TERRIBLE

    • Dear Lord, Why hasn’t this been released by NOW instead of 2 WEEKS AFTER the 11/8 ELECTION??? NOW is the most advantageously crucial timing to reach the highest number of Americans especially to best persuade the lazy & apathetic there Truly is a Do-or-Die Reason to get off your butt and perform your legitimate Constitutional duty & VOTE Against ALL who are aligned with this Monstrous “RESET” or due to their already purchased souls possess the predilections to back these Satanic obsessed sociopathological lemmings whom egregiously claim the right to share a vote on anything presented before them or, worse yet, like the governors who simply possess the power to Dictate their evil like Gruesome Newsome or the mindless empty suit Jay Inslee who has for years continuously persecuted and destroyed our Beautiful State of Washington! This IS The Most Crucial Election ever as this is literally between Good vs. Evil; it’s Spiritual! These Bastards resteal this time America is forever gone as well as Any independent freedoms; reduced to just drones to the State. No hyperbole! I am so anxious to view this video when it comes out and will forward this frightening glimpse to everyone I know to maybe finally penetrate their indifferent thick skulls that This Is REAL! Just in this brief promo seeing the unfortunates whom simply collapsed there on the waiting platforms directly into or under moving trains is worse than anything the evils of Hollywood could even dredge up because we are witnessing tragic, completely avoidable murders from these “mandated” kill shots. Bad enough the epidemic of these soulless psychopaths in New York City willfully shoving innocents off the subway platforms onto the rails! Especially this evil little gnome with a Napoleonic complex Fauci, Gates, Soros, and all their inhumane co-conspirators who’ve unleashed this upon the world will be held in such harsh Eternal Judgement someday soon they will only wish they could’ve been cast beneath an oncoming train! Bear in mind, it’s simply only one last breath away for each of us. I’m no saint, but I’m prepared to meet my maker. As for these? It will be the most shocking slap of a Reality Forever! God Save America?🙏🇺🇸👍

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