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    As you know by now, I am a huge fan of Clif High’s and I just find him incredibly amusing and brilliant. His latest video is over an hour long but nine minutes in, for about 10 minutes, he gives what is, in my opinion the best explanation of what’s going on with China and their alleged role in the release of the COVID virus that I’ve heard yet and the upshot of what’s happening is potentially great news for the whole world.

    As we’ve been learning in recent years, our own leaders are mind-bogglingly depraved Satanists who have done everything short of nuking us, in order to destroy the United States, Europe and all of Western Civilization. Rockefeller protégés, Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon and George Herbert Walker Bush initiated the largest transfer of wealth and technology in known history when they “opened up” China in the early 1970s. Then, Warren Commission member and the first unelected US President, Gerald Ford appointed Bush as the the first defacto Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.

    The plan, as we know from the Georgia Guidestones and from Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (SWQW) was to exterminate the majority of the global population, to economically collapse the West and to move the global center of power to China, from where the surviving humans would be physically and mentally controlled by swarms of nanoscale brain implants, 5G, the Internet of Things and the Human Brain/Cloud Interface.

    The good news is that the CCP no longer wants to go along with this Globalist plot, not because they have any affection for the West but, as Clif explains, because they don’t want to become the Globalists’ next sacrificial victims. He says, “The CCP basically told the Globalists, ‘You’re not coming in with this bullsh*t’ – the pedophilia, the Satanism, the Luciferianism, all of that sh*t.”

    I saw this a couple of weeks ago, when senior CCP member, Chen Ping proudly bragged on video that China had won the trade war, the science and technology war and especially the biological war against the US but he also rejected the Globalists and excoriated “…the liberal, America-worshiping cult within China,” and how “their worship of the US is actually unfounded,” due to “…the failure of the neo-liberalism-led globalization of the past four decades led by the US and the UK. Therefore, the development and modernization model of the US and Europe is not worthy of China’s imitation and repetition.”

    Clif says here that, “When the Globalists traded North America, the EU and Australia, New Zealand to the CCP, they thought that they were getting a good deal but the CCP reneged on them. CCP are double-dealing bastards. That’s 100% true, always. Xi may be a nationalist, in supporting his version of China but he’s a double-dealing bastard and is doing genocide and is not a good guy – he’s not working with Trump.

    “He’s working with Trump as a ‘Fellow Traveller’ but not anybody that’s trustworthy or anything like that. They both have their own agendas that are anti-Globalist but that’s about as far as it goes…the Globalists were in the process of shifting over – but hey! Crash!…Major laws being put in by Xi; the Globalists can’t move and so, it’s all coming apart. And so, someone there releases COVID to screw Xi.”

    Clif believes COVID was deliberately released by the Globalists from China (presumably, via Obama, who re-authorized gain-of-function research in January 2017 and Fauci, who funded it at the Wuhan Institute of Virology), “Because Xi Jinping basically has cut them off at the knees; bought-out Hollywood…and has put up blocks to prevent the Globalists from eroding the Chinese social order that supports Xi and the Han Chinese.”

    So, if the CCP is no longer in alliance with the Globalists, it looks like the plan to nano-chip the remaining non-genocided human population might not jump off as planned, which may be what we’re seeing, with the controlled demolition of Anthony Fauci.

    This is definitely better news than if they were a unified front and their plans were 100% on-track!



    “The Globalist elite made a deal through the senior Bush t move and merge the Globalist elite out of the Western world, to collapse the Western world and sell us – all of the Western World – all of Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada, America – all of this to China.

    “It didn’t include South America and it didn’t include Africa. China is pursuing both of those on its own. The CCP had made a deal with the Globalists and in exchange for North America, plus Europe, plus Australia, the Globalists were going to be able to move into Asia and China.

    “And they [the Globalists] would move out of Europe and move out of the United States and just sort of collapse it all. There’d be mass chaos and then the Chinese would come on in and own everything. This is the plan. This was the plan that had been signed-off on and initiated on by Bush.

    “When Bush went over to China, when China was “opened up”, so to speak, in the early days and Kissinger and Bush went over there on their first two trips, it was acknowledged by the Chinese that in one trip over there, the Bush family set up 700 factories, set up ownership on 700 factories. It wasn’t just them, it was set up for our political elite, the people we call the Globalists; the power brokers, the ones that are trying to do all this sort of thing; the Uniparty, the Republican entrenched establishment and the Democrat entrenched establishment in this country – Conservatives and Socialists and Germany and Europe and Britain and down into Australia.

    “So those elites set up 700 factories…in a single trip. So they knew then that they were doing all of this. This was back in 1972 – pre-1972. And then, Nixon creates the Petrodollar and starts us off in this whole process. All of this was designed. All of this was planned-out.

    “It’s come to the point, now where we’re living in the maturing of that and it’s all breaking down. The narrative is breaking down…mainly, because the powers that be, the Globalists and the CCP, they split. They’re broken-up. The CCP basically told the Globalists, ‘You’re not coming in with this bullsh*t’ – the pedophilia, the Satanism, the Luciferianism, all of that sh*t. 

    “The CCP didn’t want…to have their society corroded out from underneath them, the way the elitists are doing here and have done with all the Communist revolutions, where they come in and they erode and corrode the society until it collapses and then the Leftists rise out on top on the heap, in the power vacuum that arises, as the society collapses. This is the plan, here, in the United States.

    “So Antifa, BLM, the people that run this, their goals are not productive. Their goals are destructive. They want to destroy banking, they want to destroy money, they want to destroy the infrastructure, they want to destroy power, they want to destroy the roads, they want to destroy tourism. They will do all of this, to destroy all of that, in order that that may occur, because they will get no power otherwise. It’s a kamikaze thing. It’s a burn-out kind of an issue. They’re going to do this or die, because if they don’t do this, they feel they will die, anyway.

    “So these people, in my mind are irredeemable. They need to be re-educated and given some pathway that is not destructive. Some of them will be 100% irredeemable and they won’t be able to be re-educated and won’t be able to be reached and won’t be able to recover their lives.

    “But the ‘Revolution’ is not going to happen in the way that the Cultural Marxists and the Globalists and so on thought. Because here’s the real problem for everybody now. This gets way complicated:

    “The CCP is headed by this guy named Xi. Xi doesn’t want his power taken away from him by the Globalists, the Powers That Be, our ‘power elite’. He doesn’t want these bastards in his country, because he knows that they will erode and take away from the CCP – they will do to him just what they’re doing to us. They don’t have any allegiances to any nationalities or peoples or anything.

    “And this is the tricky part: the Chinese, the CCP, they’re primarily Han Chinese. That’s a racial group. That’s what Xi is. He comes from what’s known as the Shanghai Group. The Shanghai Group is basically a mob, a crime family within the CCP and it powers a lot of the CCP, itself. We could think of it as the DNC, relative to the whole Democratic Party. This is a bloc that is very powerful…Xi’s the head of it. And it’s all Han.

    “And these people are fiercely, fiercely Han, they’re fiercely racist. And they know the Globalists are not racist. They know the Globalists want to destroy all the races, they want to put everything under this weird-a** Luciferian, kissin’ the Devil’s a** kind of weird-a** sh*t. 

    “And so Xi ain’t havin’ it. And he suckered them. He took every f***ing thing he could get out of them, knowing all the time that he was never going to allow them to do the penetration that would allow them to undermine him. And so he set things up that wouldn’t allow the Globalists to come on in and undermine himself.

    “And now, it’s finally come out to the point, where they [the Globalists] were actively attempting to move over to Asia now, as the terribleness starts up here, in the Western World. A lot of it has been fueled by the release of the bioweapon. That was a deliberate release, in my opinion.

    “Now, here’s where it gets really murky…The Globalists invented COVID. They did it in the United States, they moved it over to China – and it was NOT a lab leak. It was deliberately released, in my opinion by the Globalists from China to screw Xi, because Xi Jinping basically has cut them off at the knees; bought-out Hollywood, bought-out all of the entertainment things and has put up blocks to prevent the Globalists from eroding the Chinese social order that supports Xi and the Han Chinese. 

    “Now, the Han Chinese are not a majority. They’re outnumbered by all of the other types of Chinese people [This is incorrect. The Han make up 92% of the People’s Republic of China and 18% of the planetary population. I don’t know how he could have gotten this so wrong]…The Han Chinese have a big issue, because of breeding strategies, basically, between competing power blocs within the Chinese population. This is why they do things like genocide against the Uyghur people…so they can keep power for the CCP.

    “When the Globalists traded North America, the EU and Australia, New Zealand to the CCP, they thought that they were getting a good deal but the CCP reneged on them. CCP are double-dealing bastards. That’s 100% true, always. Xi may be a nationalist, in supporting his version of China but he’s a double-dealing bastard and is doing genocide and is not a good guy, he’s not working with Trump.

    “He’s working with Trump as a ‘Fellow Traveller’ but not not anybody that’s trustworthy or anything like that. They both have their own agendas that are anti-Globalist but that’s about as far as it goes. But now, they figure they’ve destroyed the remnants of populism in the United States and the Globalists were in the process of shifting over – but hey! Crash now, big moves, big problems. Major laws being put in by Xi; the Globalists can’t move and so it’s all coming apart. And so, someone there releases COVID to screw Xi.”

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    • I was going to write on here that this video was totally bogus! But when I noticed there were 31 previous comments, I started reading some, and by gosh, most of the commenters were more insightful than Clif. I liked what Pure Energy was saying about having had a near-death experience. In December 1984, I too, had an NDE. Standing “there” greeting me was a dear grandma that I liked/loved, and an uncle. In addition, there were many other “people” there, but I can’t remember who they were, yet something inside of me knew they were ancestors. I do remember saying to myself, “I ain’t ready for this …”, and the next thing I knew I was coughing and breathing again. That experience has forever changed my life! I am Light, and I am LOVE! Love really is all that matters! Forgiveness may be divine, but honestly people, IMO, there is no place for evil in this world. Especially when they want us to believe that what an enlightened person knows to be ignorance is true in their perspective! My NDE taught me that we must think with our hearts, not with our brains. Like I said, Love really is all that matters.

    • Fucking psychopath. Damage brain, repeat same thing over and over again. This video should been 10 minute if he wouldn’t try to manipulate something. Like an ad.

    • Those vaccines are magnetized nano experiments or bioweapons or gene chemotherapy experiment technology , the same ones that have killed close to 6000 people in the U.S. This number can be found on the CDC website and on the or website.
      One video is called HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT with Dr. David Martin.
      The other video is TRUTH with Robert Kennedy Jr. 2ND SEASON 8TH EPISODE with Dr. David Martin.
      These videos are about covid being a ponzi scheme and the criminal characters creating those illegal patents for covid/vaccines. AND all the information that Dr. David Martin had to look up to follow their trails proving with papers what steps were taken and when. Which can also be seen in the video Plandemic Indoctornation or

    • I didn’t see any mention in the 10 minute transcript of all that covid/vitamin D information that Cliff was talking about. Since vitamin D is the sun, then this proves we are the sun.
      I had a NDE or near death experience as a child. I knew that there was no such thing as death then. I had become aware of another dimension at that time because there were energy/light beings around me that talked to me. I sometimes saw their light forms. I felt them around me. I was listened to. When I did what was suggested, I found books about quantum physics and its many derivatives. Through many years reading this subject, I found out that what are called “people” are actually electrical energy field beings that form/project these images we call these bodies.
      We are highly complicated precisely being created eternal electrical/energy beings. We can’t die because we are constantly being created each time a quark bursts forth spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons. These words I found in the book THE QUANTUM WORLD written by the physicist Kenneth Ford.
      That bursting forth of quarks as light IS the big bang. Since time is simultaneous, then the big bang, this constant creation of all that is, IS in a constant process of intention. All that we see and feel must be on purpose. You wouldn’t say a computer pressed itself together with no help.
      These words are what should have been taught in public schools and hospitals a long, long time ago. This level of censorship is beyond credulity, I know.
      But how else do you heal? Healing means going back to the original pattern/form which means perfection. So how are we able to heal with no intention? Imagine the genius that creates that ability. I have used intention to speed up healing. I was successful because I spent around 8 hours a day in the sun. I became very tuned up, so tuned up that when I fell out of the back of a truck onto concrete I felt no pain of any kind. Intention uses frequencies to create images, which is what we are. We are sun images so finely tuned that we are unaware of how super intelligent we are. If only someone had not started calling us physical or biological weaklings able to catch a germ/virus at any moment, which is a theory created for “physical” bodies.

      These words above are often deleted because they are so wild sounding. If not true, then what is the point of believing in a God or eternity or angels or ghosts or aliens or the paranormal, or etc.?
      The Army found evidence of nonlocality a few years ago. That means that we live in a web of electrical frequencies where one grid is attached to another grid, all of them being a part of the overall grid called God. So of course militaries want to know all that can be turned into weapons. They know holographics and lasers. I have read that this is the revenge of the Jews that were thrown out of their power base hundreds of years ago.

      Pictures of what this grid looks like can be found on the front jackets of some quantum physics books. I have read that quarks are triangular images that are spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons. These 3 points of light must be the points/corners on a triangle. These spin into atoms, which IS what this existence is. So how some people can say these atoms are not conscious tells me this is censorship, MK ultra stuff.

      Saying the forces that keep atoms together are just chemical forces means nothing. Where do quarks come from? Are quarks just chemical forces that mean nothing? Quarks come before chemical forces.
      So what light consciousness thinks it alright to create us? Nobody asked me or asks me if I want to be here. What is going on with these lockdowns and secrecies that are the same exact behaviors that these souls creating us have going on? These souls are creating us for their purposes. Their purposes should be ONEness or there are energy beings controlling minds that don’t care about ONEness or don’t know about it.
      I think Satan is literally lost. Satan is an idea that says there is no God, no ONEness, no happiness, no success AND nobody to rescue you. Lots of people have used prayer and thought their wishes were not answered. So this energy called satan must take revenge and get back what it thinks was taken from it. It doesn’t realize that we exist within grids of electrical power that is used to form images. Why take revenge when all one has to do is concentrate on building a picture? Satin really doesn’t want to be left out in the cold with nothing, but why take from others? There are unlimited dimensions to go play in. Revenge is painful.

      • 2001 Space Odyssey covered this. Dave became a star child when he go to the monolith and it took him. Advancing him through the stages obviously because he was screwed by HAL the dumbass egotistical AI that lead humanity away from humanity.

        We honestly are children on this planet.

    • I’ve seen an article on the Rockefeller bloodline moving to China. The Chinese are very racist and will never accept non-Chinese leaders. So old David Rockefeller went to China and impregnated several women during that visit. The offspring have been groomed to be in the top echelon of Chinese leaders.

      I can’t find this article now. It may have been a link I found from Ben Fulford’s website years ago.

      I think Catherine Austin Fitts has said that the parasite has sucked the USA dry and is moving to a new host which would be China.

      I’d say Clif’s right. The Chinese are as shrewd as the Jews when it comes to business dealings. If I were the Chinese leadership and these white devils come bearing gifts on condition they and their vast extended family move to China after they’ve developed China to the level of the West; I’d welcome them with open arms. I doubt the Chinese ever intended to fulfil their part of the deal. Just grab the goodies and slam the door in their faces is what I’d do.

      • anon, Define “jew” please. Being as you are referring to “these white devils” tells me you are making a point to the wrong ‘Sect’ of jews, understandably, due to the identity theft of the real jews of Israel. If one looks at history of crimes in the last century, say the ‘Gulags’ in U.S.S.R. you will see always a jew of Arab descent running them such as Genrikh Yagoda. Other Sephardic jews (that spoke Ladino) from the past century to Genocide the Europeans were Grigori Gershuni, Moses Uritzky, Iilya Edenburg, Julius Marrou, Karol Sobelsohn/Radek, Fyodor Ilyich/Gurvitch, Moisei Solomonovich/Uritsky, Ilya Ehrenburg. Never forget the Arab invasion into places like Spain. Spain centuries ago was Blond hair with Blue eyes.

        • It’s a literal translation of what the Chinese call the white race (at least in Cantonese). Pak kwai means white devil. Basically anyone who is not Chinese is some devil or other. Calling someone kwai is an insult. The Chinese are really racist. I know because I am one.

        • @Victoria, you refer to the wrong sort of Jews. In the coming days, the world will not give a damn about the right sort or the wrong sort of Jews, according to what Clif High saw. I used to follow his work until he stopped the webbot work. He said Jews will be so hated, that they will be barred from a lot of industries/sectors. Since people can’t differentiate between Zionists and the other Jews, they’ll lump the whole lot together. Jews will be barred from all sorts of jobs such as those in the entertainment industry, the financial sector, all medical industry, politics, the legal profession etc. Jews will be pariahs everywhere. BTW I am not quoting Clif verbatim – this is just from my memory of what he said during a podcast. And quite recently, he said the pogroms have started.

          And a log time ago, Clif High said something really bad will happen to Israel. Now remember, his forecasts do not always happen. When this bad thing happens, Israelis with US passports will be fleeing to the USA. However, on arrival, they will be refused entry and turned back to where they came from. Perhaps Alan Sabrosky’s very public promise to nuke Israel off the face of the Earth if he finds proof that it was behind 9/11 may come to pass.

          • anon, Taken from ‘My jewish Learning’ website. Title ‘Who are the Sephardic jews’ Known for their corrupting influence. During the ‘Golden Age’ of Spain. These jews reached the highest echelons of government & military. With new forms of Hebrew a blend of Spanish with significant loan words from Arabic & Portuguese, which evolved during immigration to new lands. In 1492 the ‘Sephardic Golden Age’ ended in Spain & expelled these conversos (also known as donmeh or crypto jews) & they migrated through Italy to lands of the Ottoman Empire (present day Turkey) & Amsterdam, North Africa & Middle East, as well as other established communities in the America’s. Known in ‘Ladino’ as ‘Conversos’ converted publicly to Christianity or Islam while maintaining their ‘Talmudic’ practices. anon, It is dangerous Not to differentiate this.

            • It doesn’t matter what you nor I think. I’m merely conveying the info Clif High claimed to have seen and interpreted. Your beef is not with me and my thinking.

              All this differentiation between different sects of Jews may be very meaningful to you but means nothing to me. I expect the lynching mobs won’t either

              I can’t tell one from the other and it’s so uninteresting to me that I wouldn’t dream to putting any effort into researching this topic. There’s a lot of info I don’t know out there and that’s OK.

              If you are Jewish, as you seem to be, you’d have to argue your case to those who are going to be lynching all Jews they find. Just try saying, “Hey guys, I am the good Jew, you want that guy over there who is the bad Jew,” to the mob with the pitchforks and hanging ropes. In the heat of the madness of crowds, I suspect such voices will not be heeded.

              According to what Clif High saw in his webbots, these wild sheep do not care. If they find someone who is a Jew, they’ll lynch him/her. Period.

              It’d be most unfortunate for the so-called “good Jews” who have been tainted by association because they will have to pay the price. It’s just the way this world works.

              So it’s not point trying to convince me that ‘good Jews’ should be spared. I am not out to lynch anyone.

              And the old ways of using the mass media to put such a fine point of differentiation will not be available because the public are mostly no longer hypnotised by the spell casting of magic words nor subliminal messages. Clif High also had something to say about subliminal msgs but that’s off topic here.

              BTW, I do feel sorry for those orthodox Jews in NYC, who have very visibly demonstrated their opposition to Zionism. I sincerely hope they will be spared from the coming pogroms.

            • If there is a genetic marker for Jews, it’s possible that the angry masses will use the Mormon data on DNA to identify all Jews and then use the surveillance and identification database which is held by Israel /the USA / the Deep State resources to hunt down every single Jew on the planet for public lynching. And I doubt they’ll differentiate between Mexican Jews, Italian Jews, Spanish Jews, Chinese Jews etc. If they find a Jewish DNA marker, they’ll do their best to remove that from the human gene pool. It’s just the way the world works.

            • If the hanging mobs do any differentiating when they find a Jew, I expect it’s only to determine if they have found a dead Jew or a living Jew. And if it’s the latter, they’ll ensure it becomes the former type of Jew – the only type they are prepared to share this planet with.

              It’s just the way this world works. I recommend Clif High’s old reports to see what the webbots had to say. Start off with the 2009 and 2010.

          • Isn’t proof of nazis in the white house doing 9/11 enough? Hasn’t everyone seen the video BEHIND THE SMOKE CURTAIN: THE 9/11 PENTAGON ATTACK ? Every time I go to find this video it is still there.
            Barbara Honegger is the main speaker in this video. She names these nazis as Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, Chalabi, Zakheim, etc. etc. etc. Not all of these names are Israeli, if any. This video says 9/11 was a coup/false flag like Pearl Harbor for these nazis to announce their power. Who were they announcing to? Maybe all the people that knew 9/11 was going to happen and then waged bets on the planes, etc.

            • LOL Nazi’s Always goes back to that. If that were the case please explain why 15 million Germans Perished & Germany was in Ruins.

    • Disclosure project

      “Secret Knowledge: Probably one of the most important videos of our time; On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.”

      Or not?

      • The thing about announcing ETs is that WE are ETs.
        ETs are said to be different than us, mostly not living on earth. Yet physics has found that the 7 billion billion billion electrical energy field atoms we consist of are the forms of these so called ETs that are then projecting our images. We are the images of ETs.
        In the book HANDS OF LIGHT written by the physicist Barbara Brennan can be seen what we look like out of these bodies as electrical energy field beings. Also, there are diagrams/pictures of what we look like as holographic beings. So WE are these ETs that are a lot smarter out of these bodies because we are actually creating these holographic bodies with our own imagery.
        Out of these bodies we are aware with 360 degree accuracy. And we know we are eternal energy and light beings, ONE with the INTELLIGENCE that is creating everything on a constant basis.
        These bodies are holograms, but to form them takes a whole lot of energy that slows down into the coils quarks form, which most people call chakras. The oligarchs running this world have taught that we are physical and then die. Maybe this has always been their depopulation agenda speaking. BUT physics says we are NOT physical and don’t die.

    • As a Han, I agree 100%. “Chinese” didn’t exist 1 century ago. It is China’s propaganda. There are many ethic groups in China and Han happens to dominate the country after 1911. Han has been trying to get rid of all other major ethnic groups like Tibetan, Uygur, Mongolian… and call everyone “Chinese”. This “CCP is not China” narrative is incorrect. Han has been incrediably good at hiding, pretending, lying, betraying and very patient with their long term embition.

      However, I don’t think it is Xi against the globalists. There has been a power struggle between the Xi camp and the Jiang camp (President during the June 4, 1989), which has tremendous power in Hong Kong and Wall Street. Trump, Hong Kong protests disturbed the balance, and subsequently pandemic triggers the collapsing.

      • I believe it was the Jiang camp that leaked the Hunter Biden laptop but the Fake News and the Big Censors were so strong, that Information Operation didn’t work. Trump NEVER controlled the mainstream narrative, so those details, not just of disgusting behavior but of criminal and corrupt deals made by the Biden Crime Family never came out to the public at large.

      • Thank you for that insight. I think you are right that it is not Xi against the globalists. There are a few or maybe several groups who are all vying against each other to take total control. Xi is just one of those groups. What we call the globalists or TPTB is not one group, but the collection of those competing groups.
        If that is true, then hopefully they will all destroy or undermine each other in their competing power grabs. We would just need to do whatever we can to not become collateral damage or caught in their crossfire.

    • Han is interesting, Koreans call themselves Han, Hangul is Korean Language, even in Northern Canada there are is a group who call themseves Han other places as well so I would say a specific bloodline not all Han! I was judt curious about this a while ago, I really know very little on details!

    • I still maintane that the Rothschilds had set up the CCP, with the usual putting dictators in place starting with the opium wars, and now the Rothschilds is doing exactly what the rothschilds always do get one side to fight the other, then come in a take it all and control everything this is the final grab by these crooks… if this doesnt go according to the UN the WEF with this Plandemic Hoax to get us to give our freedems up for a ”safe” world and forever have to take Bio Jabs to interact with 5G, then the rothschilds will start WW3, one side fights the ther, mass genocide as planned one way or another…
      So is all this Good Cop Bad Cop… so far we dont see any pull back just a few stooges being questioned and thrown under the bus ,but NONE of the Rothschilds or Rockefeller Cabal has been dismantled as needs to be done!

    • People attract what they focus on……… I find it both ironic and logical that after the worldwide focus on CORONA virus, now Cliff is mentioning the occurrence in the summer months of a series of CORONA Mass Ejections fueling change. Synchronicity?!

    • Thank you Alexandra … Learnt an amazing amount from this … What an amazing human being Cliff High is.

    • This is a credible account of events. Xi has remained an enigma to me ever since he let Trump in to the Forbidden City for dinner. While Clif’s analysis definitely adds a piece to the puzzle, I do believe the pact between US/China to “take down” DS began around the time of that dinner in The Forbidden City.

      The DS found their plans upended with Trump’s election. They’ve been scrambling ever since. Trump and Xi both needed the excise taxes for cover. Folks above Trump/Xi/Modi are controlling the moves.

      The storm has arrived – Fauci/Gates/vaccine, Epstein/Maxwell, Arizona, 5Eyes/intel agencies, Fake News – all playing now on a “channel” online.

      It’s possible USSC chief justice had orders NOT to accept any cases so that the people would be forced to act to reveal the fraud. Once fraud is proven, the Supremes can act – US vs Throckmorton (fraud vitiates everything).

      Trump never left office which is why he does not have to be reinstated – The Insurrection Act was signed Jan 20, his 2nd impeachment after Jan 20 (and Nancy’s rage at failure), his refusal to concede, his non-answer answers about 2024, his statement that he’ll be back soon – all point to his imminent return and the DS wind up.


    • Check out, How to Steve lets out a lot of information on the big people who have super strength and very strong esp broadcasting power, I could go on, and on but I believe they are closely related to other worldly beings. I’ve had a couple of minor encounters myself.
      Yeah, I know, ha ha ha. We have never been alone…

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