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As the Globalist empire in America goes into its death throes, Joe Jarvis at the Daily Bell is developing strategies to survive this ephocal storm.

Many believe that China has been set up to take its place as the dominant superpower but Jarvis believes that what we will more likely see is the death of ALL nation states, while humanity transitions out of the Industrial Age and into the Information Age.

Jarvis predicts the rise of “virtual governments”, with whom consumers can contract for their services and which behave more like insurance companies; “distributed governments which do not require their citizens to all be located in the same geographic area, and so much more innovation in how societies will be governed…”

Moreover, he says, “Smaller countries and city-states are actually better positioned than nation states to take advantage of this – without the need for massive military and government spending, they can offer government services as a product, based on the actual cost.

“There are already a number of signs of the transition to government as a service provider, such as Caribbean nations selling citizenship through investment, Estonia selling e-citizenship, places like the countries of Georgia, Panama, Portugal and so many others offering competitive tax rates to attract residents and business…

“And competition among a hopefully growing number of countries will make it so that no government can charge more than a market rate for their services.

“No more paying 50% of your income to receive some basic subpar services – the price will be based on product, with plenty of jurisdictions offering a la carte government services.

“New models of governance will mean government is no longer characterized by involuntary monopolization on land and force.”

Is this the Anarcho-Capitalist answer to Klaus Schwab’s “You will have nothing [no country] and you will be happy”?

I’m not sure that I agree with everything this young man says, but he has a lot of interesting projections that, as with Anarcho-Capitalism, overall would make sense in an ideal world, where humans were less treacherous.

He acknowledges this when he says, “We have to at the same time make sure we do not become targets of the dying nation state’s wrath, without letting its rules hold us back from participating in the dawning of a new age.”

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  • This is exactly what’s wrong with our society today we have a bunch of idiots growing up thinking that this is going to be an ideal future will all go all over the world where we want to be in pen in citizens no you’ll be independently owned says:

    This kid is living in la la land! Give up nation states and you will belong to the Global Elite. This is exactly what’s wrong with our society today we have a bunch of idiots growing up thinking that this is going to be an ideal future will all go all over the world where we want to be in pen in citizens no you’ll be independently owned citizens idiots


    ONLY if we LET IT happen!!
    Most everything is not a foregone conclusion!
    We’re in this huge mess, NOW, because we ALLOWED it to happen!
    This, too, can be changed.
    As I call it, THE GREAT RESET, IS coming. And it’s coming in TWO phases. The 1st is man-made; the 2nd is not. But BOTH will bring huge changes.
    Phase 1 of THE GREAT PURGE is all of the brain-dead zombie morons who took the EXPERIMENTAL INJECTION(S)…..will DIE! (Sociopaths and Psychopaths are NOT HUMAN! Neither are ZOMBIES!! So, STOP treating them as if they are!) THIS will ‘THIN THE HERD’. As it is desperately NEEDED!
    Phase 2 of THE GREAT PURGE will be from all of the MASSIVE Earth Changes that will soon happen (YES!…….in [most] of our lifetimes!). We are (right now) going through moving to a new Age; the age of Aquarius. EACH TIME we (the Earth) goes into a new Age, these Earth changes happen; a sort of RE-BIRTH (RESET). MUCH of the Earth’s population (including animals) will DIE. Want to learn more? Edgar Cayce told us what the Earth will look like when these changes occur. ALL Freedom-loving AMERICANS need to vacate the west coast ASAP! It will no longer exist (it will be underwater). That isn’t the only place to go under water, in the US, and around the planet. DO YOUR RESEARCH!
    THE GREAT PURGE is COMING, whether you like it or not! Hopefully, the majority that survive ARE HUMAN (with Socio/Psychopath; zombies dying off), and we’ll need to start ALL OVER AGAIN……FROM SCRATCH!

    • EXACTLY! We are in the hands of NOOBS! They are going to drive us into destruction because they don’t know what they’re doing and they don’t know what they’re talking about our education system is so flawed it’s scary.

  • You fail to address who really controls all the city states via control of the Internet’s infrastructure.

    Without God’s Blessing, nations and empires would never have been possible. City state / fiefdom chaos would’ve continued, where the equivalent of mafia kingdoms would’ve continued getting away with less-compared standards, vulnerable to smaller or evil minded objectives.

    In fact the scenario you present is one globally managed system of population control, by whoever controls satellites and the ‘internet’. If you don’t want to pay taxes, then you can build your own roads, and gouge-fee the people around to use it. Is that a better way to go?


  • This is a load of lies. Our true American government is up and running, we are governing ourselves and not contracting with anyone. Get the truth out there for real live people to see, read and learn. Go to today and stop this insanity!

  • November 22, 1963 was the water shed event that established America as the secret police state under the cabal of international investment bankers aka “central banking” interests world wide. But, it was President Wilson and US Senator Aldrich who betrayed America by establishing the Federal Reserve to control currency and collect taxes directly from citizens of all the states within the union at a critical time in western history in which the new world order was birthed. Though crude in form, and apparently disconnected wars and economic catastrophes were all moving parts of the new world order.

    Anyone who is truly interested in where we’ve come from and where we are headed can easily discover it by study of European history in the mid to late 19th century as it emerged into the 20th. There is a clear pattern of management of nations by a central collective of powerful families. It’s not theory its a matter of public record!

    I disagree with calling these monsters “barbarians”, they are cunning Judases with the money bag, who use “barbarians” to bludgeon nations into accepting their rule aka Noahide Law yet to be established, but already long ago spelled out.

    But the new world order is impossible to realize as it is opposed to nature itself.

    It is at it’s core in opposition to the natural world order that begins with the family order. Nations are in effect nations of families with common habits. This beautiful variety must be homogenized in the minds of social engineers working on behalf of these global masters. It cannot succeed in anything but chaos leading to global esnslavement no matter how one window dresses it.

    No matter how hard they try to destroy the natural order of mankind as we see them doing in the propaganda screens and the halls of government! Man is not a cow!

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