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Joseph Farrell regales Daniel Liszt with the endless stream of anomalies, coincidences and bizarre details about Antarctica and the many expeditions there, from the World War II Era to the present. He says, “Even if there’s nothing going on, they’re prepping a narrative – at the minimum.”

Liszt guesses the narrative they’re cooking up has to do with humanity’s origins being “different than we thought”, noting the CIA’s abiding “problem” with Christianity.

Farrell, who holds a doctorate in Patristics from Oxford University, says modern discoveries don’t disprove Christianity any more than they disprove every other religion.

“I take the opposite view, I take those ancient texts – including the Biblical texts, that there was ‘war in the heavens’ – literally. And you don’t need to look far and wide in Roman or Greek mythology or Egyptian mythology or the Vedic literature…to see that they all say the same thing. There was some sort of war of the ‘gods’ that upset a heck of a lot. And that, to me is what they’re really afraid of.

“They’re trying to push this agenda…They can stage a fake Second Coming. There’s any number of ways that they can play this. And that’s what bothers me about this whole thing. Again, we’re dealing with the Deep State. So, do you truth them, if all of a sudden, they make some grand announcement? Color me highly-skeptical.”


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  • Anyone watching this may be convinced that our scientific prowess is superior to anything and able to deal with any “Invasion”. DUH!!
    IS IT Not evident that ANY “ET” would be capable of Eradicating or Transforming or Wiping us out at Will?
    If ET has travelled here from Light Years away, then their tech is far more advanced than ours and one would assume their perception would be far in advance of our “primitive” minds and be able to sense any type of deceit or mistrust.
    My only thought is that “They” if they exist here on Earth, could take over at any time, because of Far Superior Tech and Intelligence.
    So, why worry? There are already Too Many SHEEPLE who have taken the Jab to be concerned about a TAKEOVER by Aliens. THEY have already been taken over, given their lives away to a “INHUMAN EXPERIMENT”
    THEY do walk among us!!

  • I came across this creation theory when I was looking into the Jewish Talmud.. it suggests that our creation was an attempt by the god Jehovah to bring peace at a time of war. The story goes that we were made to have a genetic relationship with those that were dominating the conflict in the hope that they would accept us as their kin. The story doesn’t end well unfortunately and we end up enslaved.

  • ” I’m not saying its aliens, but” seems to be an open ended comment at the moment . More softening up for a fake UFO invasion or spiritual ‘revival’ with UFO s?

  • The reason why the CIA hates all religion is because “Space” is recorded in the ‘Torah’ & ‘Holy Bible’ & ‘Koran’ Genesis 1:6 “Let there be a Dome” (NASA already admitted “We cannot leave Low Orbit Earth”) Genesis 1:14 – 1:18 “Let there be lights in the Dome of the Sky to separate day from night. Let them mark the fixed times, the days and the years, and serve as Luminaries in the Dome/Firmament in the Sky/Heavens. God made Two great lights, the greater one to govern the day (the Sun), the lesser one to govern the night (the Moon, which is an Luminary, it is transparent, you cannot land on the moon, it is not a sphere).
    And he (God) made the Stars/Constellations (Polaris/the North Star, the only fixed Star. Jupitar, Saturn, Venus, Mars & Mercury are the largest & brightest Stars and are not planets or spheres. The Stars shows months & years. The ancient people used the ‘Planisphere’ for sea voyages).
    Job 38: 31-33, “Constellations Never Change” (their patterns).
    Psalms 19: 1-6 “Sun runs circle above circle Earth.” (look at a Gleason map that was Patent by seven countries in 1892).
    If you vested over an hour listening to ‘The Dark Journalist’ it would also be worth another hour & half to watch ‘Wayki Wayki ‘ (Earth Advanced) Title: Luminaries Mysterium.

    • The CIA, couldn’t be too anti-religious simply because THEY work in support of US “Corporate Interest” witch in turn is OWNED by their “Mother of ALL Corporations”….The VATICAN.
      I suggest people research the ORIGINS of ALL Religion…Christian and Islam and you will Learn BOTH Came from the SAME “Source”…AFRICA!
      Research the “Origins” of Earth’s “First-born” Aboriginal People…also AFRICAN!
      If one is wondering WHY, there is sooooo much “Secrecy about WHAT is under “Antarctica”…it Obviously is a EMBARRASSMENT for them….That is for those who Be-LIE-ve (Believe) the Albino race are the “Masters of the Universe” (Actually Avatars of HU-Man Beings)
      So this is also why we keep hearing about all those “Monster Madness” about “Aliens” (Laugh!)
      Once the “TRUTH” is exposed by the ORIGINAL Creators of Earth and its “Inhabitants”…ALL THE LIES WILL VANISH INTO “OBLIVION”.

      • I hope your not trying to elude to the “out of Africa theory” because that has already been disproven.
        Antarctica secrets have more to do with Land Mass than any “Avatars”
        “They” keep us in the center & tell us were flying around on a Ball, & oh by the way water stays on this Ball. LOL
        What you refer to the “Albino race” Plato referred them to “God’s Seed” Quote: “For many generations as long as the divine nature lasted in them, they were obedient to God’s Laws. Well affection towards the God, for who Seed they were, for they possessed true & in every way great spirits. However over time the Atlanteans became corrupt when the divine portion began to fade away & became diluted too often too much with the Mortal admixture & the Human nature got the upper hand. They behaved unseemly & to him who has an Eye to See grew visibly debased.”

  • Another great show between DJ and guest Dr. Farrell. Both parts of this 2-part series are well worth listening to a couple of times to catch all the info Farrell has to share.

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