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    If you’re a fan of conspiracies, you’re going to love this show, where Mel K interviews Japan-based Canadian journalist, Benjamin Fulford.

    Fulford says it has been forensically proven – that he could prove it in a court of law – that there is a group of about a million people who he calls the “Khazarian Mafia” who are also known as the “Sabbatean Frankists“. He says this group came to the conclusion that it was up to them to carry out the End Times Prophecies of the New Testament, aka the war between “Gog” and “Magog”, where they would kill 90% of humanity and the surviving 10% would become their slaves.

    According to Janet Ossebaard, in 1776, the Sabbateans allied with the Jesuits via Adam Weishaupt to form the Illuminati and they immediately set upon infiltrating all of the Masonic lodges of Europe.

    This same group, which coordinated the scamdemic, previously financed Adolf Hitler and the Communist regimes of Russia and China. This same group is behind the New World Order (also known as the Great Reset and Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, etc) and the World Economic Forum is their mouthpiece.

    Benjamin Fulford has been on their trail for decades and he describes to Mel K how he began putting it all together:

    “I had to go back to the 1918 edition of Forbes Magazine to find out that John D Rockefeller donated all of his money to a foundation. And then, you don’t have to report it, you don’t have to pay Income Tax but you still control it; it remains as power and I found out they have over 200 foundations, you know, Brookings Institute, Carnegie, blah, blah, blah – and there’s three funds: BlackRock, State Street Banking and Vanguard and through these foundations and funds, they control all the Fortune 500 Companies.

    “So, we’re dealing with a small, inbred group of families who own 90% of multinational corporations…

    “And that’s what we’re dealing with. A lot of years of research have identified that there’s like a politburo, known as an Octagon Group, that claim to be the descendants of the Pharaohs and they’re in Switzerland. So that’s where the forensic trail led to.”

    In the latest edition of Fulford’s newsletter, that comes out every Monday, he writes:

    “It is well-documented history that the Rockefeller family took over Western medicine by setting up and financing medical associations. These suppressed traditional natural-based medicine in favor of petroleum and chemical-based medicine. Since Western medicine has long been structured as a military organization headed by ‘surgeon generals,’ it was easy to co-opt this system by taking control of its command structure. This is the WHO, the various medical associations, and assorted ‘surgeon generals.’ Any doctor who dissents from this command structure will have their medical ‘license,’ removed and lose their access to a lucrative salary.

    “Since [David] Rockefeller Jr is ultimately responsible for the ‘pandemic’ and the resultant campaign to vaccinate all humans with toxins this makes him one of the worst mass murderers in human history.

    “Rockefeller has been fingered by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (who is now in protective custody) as the most senior member of the genocidal Octagon group. For this reason, a warning is being sent to the Swiss, to either hand him over for questioning or face the complete destruction of Octagon group headquarters near Lake Geneva.

    “Rockefeller Jr inherited not only control of the medical associations from David Rockefeller Sr, but also control of much of the so-called G7 power structure including most of the Fortune 500 corporations. This is what they refer to as the “[Rockefeller] rules-based world order.”

    Fulford tells Mel K that after he met David Rockefeller Sr, the Italian P2 Freemasons sent Leo Zagami out to meet with him and they invited him to Italy to meet “these Freemason types”, where they told him that they were going to “fire the Pope” and “fire Prime Minister Berlusconi” and he was impressed to see that they did do so. Fulford claims tat the P2 Freemasons told him, “They took their orders from – and I quote: ‘Aliens in Switzerland’. I don’t believe they’re aliens, but that’s what they told me.”

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    • 1776 : Bavarian Illuminati is established
      1776 : written in ROMAN numerals at the base of the pyramid on the ONE dollar bill
      1776 : height of freedom tower at ground zero in NYC where BHO wrote on a beam installed in tower. We remember, We rebuild, We come back stronger.
      At the base of the freedom tower . Before construction began there was a Eye of Horus ceremony performed .

      In the future when big tech & social media combine with intl banking &crypto currency, we will begin to witness the rise of the mark of the beast and your social credit score will determine your worth and ability’s to buy or sell .

      • Eye of Horus is opening up of the third eye, the Human Limbic System. AKA Thalamus, Corpus Callosum, Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland, Fourth Ventricle, Hypothalamus, Choroio Plexus. Even Jesus made reference of “The Eye is the Lamp of the Body” Matthew 6:22.

    • Shame, Shame on you Both! You Two Clowns have the Audacity to Continue to put the Weight of the Worlds Sins on “the Nazi’s…”
      Benjamin, Your Allegedly 4th Reich garbage is just that. You Clowns invent new Lies to cover up the original Lies.

    • Deuteronomy 20:16 provides a more than a little clue as to who and what they are, “From this entire planet (Earth), we jews are aliens from another galaxy. We have a mission; we’ve been sent here to prep ourselves to conquer those who are living on Earth.” – rabbi laitman

    • Have you investigated the indian genocide in Canada, Benny? Kevin Annet has been investigating for 25 years, but you have the facts?

      • I would be more concerned about the Genocide against White Europeans in the last century that no one brings up. That is what WW1 & WW2 & Ukraine Holodomor & The Gulags in the USSR were all about.

    • Benjamin, named after the dear son of Rachel and Jacob:
      It was very amusing, and to be hoped, that you said:

      • Yes, & did you notice Mel K’s voice trembling as she spewed out the lie about the “Nazi’s living in NYC” She was clearly nervous. I assume because the time line is off when the controlling hand of the jews came into NYC shores in the middle of the night. It was after Adolf Hitler exiled them out of Germany. Some stayed in NYC some migrated to Hollywood so to finish their Propaganda Campaign against Germany. & Others went to USSR to help Stalin finish off the Russians. The innocent jews took the offer to migrate to Palestine with their assets under ‘Haavara’ AKA ‘The Transfer Agreement’ 1933-1939. & There was those who were half German who served in ‘The Third Reich.’ She herself looks like a descendant of “The ones who say they are jews, but are not.” That really is because they are half jew & Arab. That’s why there is so many different ‘Sects’ of jews.

      • You can regulate the audio on the video player or on your computer/phone.

        However, this is a Bitchute video, so you can only adjust the audio on your device.

    • We need more of this , but more so in the public sphere; especially in education which is overrun with the ‘woke’ leftists, who need dire wake up calks, but am afraid it’s too late for the bulk of brainwashed 🇨🇦 sheeples, who seem to thrive on communist principals: reason being I simply don’t recognize this neo-Marxist pro-islamists country anymore which increasingly feels like an alien country were I don’t feel home any longer!

      • And for all those bleeding hearts 🇨🇦 liberals/s 🇺🇸 democrats/s, who happily resort to trashing these two people who are fighting for our last freedoms: please go back to your groups like fascist f***kbook or Twatter, since you’re all for a big percentage part of the problem and reason being we find ourselves in this mess in the first place!

    • Great interview. I’d love to know more about the coalition or allies that are taking action. Who are they, what do they believe

    • The LAST thing you want is a NAU==North American union!!!! EU anyone? We would have to give up our constitution—the only one like it on this planet! Isolationism i9s just another way of saying all nations putting their5 nation first!! What is so bad about that?you can trade4, keep peace and act with honor and ethics. Have we forgotten thing attributes so quickly?

    • Oh my God, does this women EVER give anyone a chance to talk? I’ve gotten so I avoid all group talks that she is a part of.

    • Absolutely the best! Benjamin Fulford rocks and is a hero! #intergrity great interview Mel K and Great coverage Alexandra!

    • I like Mel, but she loves to hear herself talk and interrupts too much. /I guess she gets excited and can’t contain herself. But it was interesting to hear Fulford speak. He’s had an interesting life – how do you get from Canada to Cuba, to Mexico? Were his parents spies, or did mom marry a Commie or …? We’ll see what happens – we certainly need to do something in America before Bidan lets China have it…

    • Oh for goodness sakes, I’m done with your site now. Putting the work of shills up. I’m glad I only followed you for a few months.

    • If most of the people think that everything is normal and all these events, whatever is happening is just coincidence, well, they’ve given themselves the right to get rid of”useless eaters”, perhaps they are cleaning the planet, maybe they are doing a favour to this planet, who knows!!!!!!!!!

    • …I dropped following Fulford a few years ago because I thought he was just too far out and a little nuts. Now, since global plandemic, not so much. I’ve followed the rabbit hole down a couple pretty steep and deep areas since then and now I don’t doubt one bit that his research is true. I read a book by Robert Zepehr, 1666 Redemption Through Sin, confirming the info that Ben Fulford gives about the Sabbatean Frankist Zionist group and Adam Weishaupt…more and more pieces fitting together…

    • How about considering that the politicians, celebrities and others that are being photographed getting the vaccine and criticizing the people who won’t , haven’t really gotten the shot; they’re lying. They just want everyone else to take it. Even TikTok is full of ordinary citizens going on and on about how everyone should get it and the comments are filled with, “I can’t wait for my child to get the shot, I’m so worried”.
      I say, BULLSHIT. I don’t think these people are telling the truth.

    • This guy is a Socialist, to say the very least. Calling President Trump an isolationist? I’m old enough to remember “who” calls America 1st by that name.

      WE’RE ALL GONNA DRIVE THE SAME CARS? You have got to be kidding.

      He wants portions of the planet to form EU-type alliances? WTF?

      Throughout this man’s interview, you agreed with every point, even these. I am disgusted with you, Mel.

      Horrible guest in the middle of a movement that has done so much toward a world of independent countries.

    • It’s Interesting that these two are analyzing the wicked Sabbatians with as much criticism as non-Jews do. Like….What??? The Kelipot must be scorch earthed–according to Frankist lore. And then there is Blackrock that is owned by the Rothschilds, except something is happening there to the family. But from other sources it does seem that Lynn Forester de Rothschild has taken over the family business (out of default like Jill Biden runs the presidency??). That must mean that a “shika wife” is now running the largest corporation in the world and making all the calls to the corporate heads to tell them what to think and do? I can’t imagine that she has the same basic insights about the importance of “what is good for the Jews is good for the world” type thinking. Hmm. I guess she likes the Chinese model for society–a one party system–a true, blue Democrat. Best friends with Jeffrey Epstein, the real party girl–you know everyone copies her laugh except that now Kamala isn’t laughing as much–she, I think, was Lynn’s pick.

    • Speaking about conspiracy, China set up a “Sinking Boat Plan” after June 4, 1989. The handful of families in Beijing started moving their offsprings and money out of China in case “the Boat sinks”. They have been collecting DNA data and creating a global DNA map. It is part of the Unrestricted Warfare, which is to use genetic science, bioweapan, AI technology…etc to make sure that the White House, Buckingham Palace, Elysee Palace….etc are all occupied by people who has those families’ gene. The Gene Map is also for the vaccine, food production, 1 Belt 1 Road economy plan, organ harvesting….etc, not to mention infiltating or blackmailing anyone who is useful or in the way of their plan. Those who can read Chinese can research 沉船計劃 (Sinking Boat Plan)

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