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As I was writing this, reports came in that the Saudi government had finally admitted that Jamal Khashoggi died while in a “chokehold” during a physical altercation at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

Ali Shibabi, Founder of The Arabia Foundation think tank, which supports the Crown Prince tweeted, “This tragic fiasco was a huge shock to the Saudi leadership and a combination of confusion, lack of experience in such crisis management and a cover-up by the intelligence bureaucracy contributed to the initial Saudi response…Then public statements were made that became difficult to walk…back… Once the enormity of the problem was fully recognized an internal investigation was initiated which gave its first results today.”

Reuters reported that the Crown Prince “had no specific knowledge” of the Khashoggi operation.

18 people had been arrested so far and two cabinet-level officials had been sacked, including deputy intelligence chief Gen. Ahmed al-Assiri. The whereabouts of Khashoggi’s body remained unclear but according to Shibabi, “Senior sources also confirmed to me that the famous ‘bone-saw’ NEVER existed and was purely a product of Turkish media falsehood.”


George Webb makes the case that Jamal Khashoggi was an agent of the Rogue CIA and that the hubbub around his disappearance is a “manufactured crisis”, engineered to cause major investors to pull out of Saudi Arabia, something which has already occurred.

Webb shows us a recent video of Jamal Khashoggi at the Arab Center in Washington DC, an NGO which Webb says “Was created two years ago…to basically say what a risk Donald Trump is to the Middle East and what a detraction he is to the Middle East and why he needs to go.”

Khashoggi is shown saying, “In my career as a journalist, an editor, I called for everything Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) is doing right now. We [Saudis] all wanted us to be free from radicalism, we all wanted women to be allowed to have their rights; to drive and we all wanted a purge on corruption because corruption was killing us in Saudi Arabia…” However, Khashoggi complained that MBS “Is doing the right things the wrong way.”

By “Wrong way,” Webb explains that Khashoggi meant MBS was “Getting rid of old CIA links and support that drove business, especially through the Bin Laden group,” and Khashoggi wanted things to go back to the way they were when the CIA was moving all the pieces.

Let’s not forget that Jamal Khashoggi’s uncle was the richest arms dealer ever in the history of the world, who “was part of using arms to take over oil fields all over the world, where a lot of those same rat lines became child trafficking rat lines, drug rat lines, as well as taking the natural resources [of neighboring countries in Africa and Asia].”

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  • I don’t think it will ever be known what happened to Mr. Khashoggi…he may have been killed….he may still be alive – stranger things have happened.
    Why would he have walked into a Saudi consulate….knowing how dangerous this would be for him? He must have known of people who live & breathe ’10 ways to dispose of a person’. Turkey is also a country that disappears people on a regular basis. What do they have to gain by ramping up hatred? Quite a bit I’d say!
    It’s quite a coincidence that once again a ‘situation’ arises that may affect Trump & how he governs.
    The Saudis were preparing for a meeting of the worlds’ leaders…. why would they have endangered this very important opportunity? It all smacks of yet more ‘grist for the headlines’.
    I guess when you’re in for a penny you’re in for a dollar. I’m surprised that the Saudis got trapped …… usually they do their bidding very covertly.
    My concolences to the family of Mr. Khashoggi,

  • He died in a choke hold, well imagine that, what will they think of next? He cut himself to pieces falling on some broken glass? Yeah, right. I have a bridge for sale, with low miles on it, it’s been parked since it was built. Kind of like the Saudi government, it too has been parked since it was built, except it has high mileage on it. And we keep dumping money in it!

  • OK, let’s go through this slowly. First you gave credence to people who said this man was killed by Turkey. Now that the Saudis themselves admit that he did die inside the Saudi consulate, you want people to believe everything the Saudis said, because, well, a bunch of people who regularly behead their political enemies look trustworthy to anyone.

    So there wasn’t a “bone saw”. OK. How, exactly, did they get rid of the body, then? A human body is kind of big. Also, why didn’t they do what the vast majority of people would do if somebody was knocked down during a fight, that is, call an ambulance? Even if the guy seemed dead already, most people would still call an ambulance. Because most people understand that if you try to get rid of a dead body yourself, well, that’s going to look terribly suspicious to anyone who notices. Like, that’s how people behave about bodies that didn’t die accidentally.

    But please, do go on. Keep making clear your own level of honesty and truthfulness. You really are making everybody a service by making plain who pays you to defend what only the biggest fools could possibly believe. I’m not surprised by your own reports that you have got in trouble with your own family for doing what you do.

  • Talk about a country LOADED to the gills with Corruption…They along with the Fake Jew Financial system controlling the world (For Now!)…This is one country that WILL be brought down to its knees SOON.
    Then to add the UN recent put THEM in charge “Human Rights Protection”?!?!
    STILL involved in trafficking an OBSOLETE form of Energy called OIL…AND are one of main conspirators of the 9/11 attacks???

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