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With his usual humor and wit, James Corbett gives his much-needed, succinct perspective on the report released this week by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This has led to the Mainstream Media outlets, like the UK Guardian to scream that we have “12 years to limit climate change catastrophe”. Just a year ago, the Guardian screamed we had only 3 years left till climate catastrophe but the magical cutoff date was just moved from 2020 to 2030.

Corbett eviscerates the IPCC’s faulty science and demonstrates that there is no “hockey stick” of Global Warming in our current Holocene Epoch, whether anthropogenic (human-caused) or otherwise. Previous geological eras have seen vast swings in Earth’s temperature but the planet entered into a comparatively stable period following the end of the last Ice Age about 12,000 years ago.

Corbett amply demonstrates how Global Warming aka Anthropogenic Climate Change is bad science cooked up to justify implementing carbon taxes and a “cap and trade” financial derivatives schemes that make mortgage-backed securities look like the gold standard.

A growing list of scientists is questioning the accuracy of the IPCC’s climate projections. Deplorable “Climate Change deniers” are not saying that petrochemicals aren’t toxic or that these and other environmental pollutants and plastic garbage aren’t terrible problems. Indeed, Global Warming is a distraction from the very real threats being posed to our health in our air, food and water, from thousands of environmental toxins, ranging from glyphosate, to petrochemicals, to radionulides and microwaves.

What’s being rejected is the faulty climate science, the fraudulent carbon-trading schemes and the supragovernmental bureaucracy made up of elitist U.N. psychopaths selling us out to the Globalist banksters.

Corbett closes by saying, “Even bigger than the trillion dollar climate scam that they’re trying to run right now, which of course will generate oodles of money for certain corrupt politicians and people and corporations that are in the back pockets of the banksters – yes, there is the monetary aspect to this – but it goes much deeper into the heart of the technocratic agenda, itself by way of carbon eugenics…that is going to try to get us into the technocratic enslavement grid. It is coming and you can see it clearly. The way they hype these types of UN reports, as if they are going to be the saviors of humans. Newsflash: They’re not.

“I’ll keep drilling this point home, despite the fact that there are a lot of people out there that don’t like to hear this bitter message. It is horrible and it is hard to swallow and it is nightmarish but it is the truth and I will keep telling this truth until I get de-platformed from every platform…”

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  • Carbon taxes will not clear up any pollution .It is just a tax grab.There are greater dangers than Greenhouse Gases , they are a symptom of pollution, not the cause. Too many people view science like a religious belief and the Carbon Tax as paying a penance so they can get on with their live s.IT won’t work . How does any Carbon Tax correct the DEAD ZONES that are the REAL reason the oceans currents are changing . Read , How Two Glasses of Water Disprove Global Warming Fraud : Pollution, Sewage, and Emerging Diseases The UN wants your taxes to run their social programs. They will tell you any lie to get your money .And YES I have caught governments lying and cheating personally .

  • Who finances this Corbett guy? How much money is he making for creating unjustified controversies?

    The financial downpour of fossil fuel lobbies for people like this is genius marketing, but will not stand the need for an urgent need for change and solidarity among our human community and life on the planet.

  • CO2, did you know, that’s what plants live on, without it, we would all die. So, maybe the IPCC should open their eyes, and not their mouths. If that is what is heating up the planet, then why are all the other planets in our system heating up as well?

  • Doesn’t Al Gore live in a majestic mansion along a ‘coast line’? Not a great place to be if one seriously believes in climate change.
    The U.N. is the biggest nothing burger ever to have been given any consideration about anything. The mess that exists in our world right underneath their noses says it all.
    Where are Gates ,Zuckerbergs, Musks,Rothchilds etc, with all their billions of dollars? – coming to the aid of these horrible disasters? – not likely! No money to be made there. Can’t forget the Royals either….how about some help with the refugee problems.
    Carbon is not the problem….it is a made up for the masses- to get busy & find a solution to or pay for one from our benevolent elites. I must say that perhaps we are asleep at the wheel here. How much longer will it take for people to wake up!?
    Carbon – the plants of the earth thrive on abundant carbon!
    If I’m considered ignorant, I’m happy to be in that cue…climate manipulation is what is herding us into a very frightening future.

  • Corbett should come and try to sit through our forest fires for the last three years – then do the video –

  • If you actually want to know the truth, the data of global temperatures is actually public and accessible to anybody. If you actually know any maths, you can figure out by yourself whether there is a “hockey stick” or not.

    I actually know statistics. Current temperatures absolutely are well above statistically expected levels, and have been increasing.

    And that’s how I, and anybody who knows any maths, know that this site and other “climate change is a hoax” sites are only read by deeply ignorant people who don’t know any maths. Ripe for any fraud. And this why sites like this exist. To locate fools that are easily separated from their money.

    Really intelligent people don’t need to be told the truth. They can figure it out by themselves. If you think you’re clever because somebody’s told you “the truth”, you definitely aren’t.

    Either work it out by yourself, or admit you aren’t clever enough to figure out the truth, so you shouldn’t be claiming that you know anything.

    • Where do you find the time almost every day to make disparaging comments on this inconsequential site? Why do you bother?

      Nobody is saying that the climate hasn’t changed. There have been ice ages and interglatial periods and mini ice ages within the interglatial periods.

      The argument being made is against findings of anthropogenic climate change. Your Royal Fellow, Freeman Dyson is one of many scientists who vocally disputes these findings. The other argument is against a corrupt body like the UN mandating what we must do about these so-called findings.

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