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Broadcasting from his seed vault in Svalbard, Al from Forum Borealis interviews Dr. Joseph Farrell in Part 1 of his new Antediluvian series called “Ancient War in Heaven”.

These guys are so smart, anything they talk about would be interesting but this conversation is all the more interesting because they explore the abundance of data pointing to an extremely ancient Solar System-wide high-tech civilization that collapsed through cosmic war. I’ve set the starting point after they talk about JFK and Nazis…

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Loved this conversation between these great men. So much information coming into the light of day. THANK YOU!
    It’s absolutely terrifying that advanced civilizations destroyed planets. One could accept a natural disaster, a collision over a deliberate ‘murder’ of an entire planet. Very sinister!
    It gives one pause about CERN colliders/5G/climate manipulation…. What the hell for I wonder? Where are we headed with our technology?
    What is so frightening is most of these weaponized inventions rest in the hands of some pretty sketchy governments.
    What could possibly be worth the loss of our world? That answer rests with another so-called advanced world that was blasted out of their existence……eons ago!

  • You bad lady, Alexandra. I have just bought two books after listening to this: Cosmic Wars and Who Built The Moon. What a fascinating conversation. Would you consider uploading the other part(s).of this conversation when they become available. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  • I wonder if these two men understand that there TWO versions of Creation seeded on this Planet…The FIRST one was by Divine Source Energy (Wo-Man/Manity or Humanity) which was HERE at the beginning.
    The SECOND one was “Duplicate” created by a former Being called LUCIFER or SATAN/SET, etc….which is called MAN-Kind.
    The difference is that Humans have SOULS, as where Mankind doesn’t and must FEED on Human’s to survive…That’s of course until the “Divine Source’s ” FEMALE/MAGNETIC Energies “Returns”…Which is Actually arriving right now.
    The Luciferians already KNOW this is coming, and explains WHY they are desperate about HIDING the REAL TRUTH about OUR-STORY…about WHO was created FIRST on this Planet.
    It also explains WHY the White race created a WHITED-Out version called HIS-STORY…EVEN THOUGH THEY “KNOW” BETTER…that the “First-Born” Human’s Were “Seeded” on the AFRICAN continent…and WERE ALL BLACK RACED “BEINGS”.
    This renders all this information as VERY “Questionable” at best.
    Their own version of History actually EXPOSES this FACT…Everywhere the “Invading European’s went they found BLACK or COPPER Colored races inhabiting EVERY CONTINENT AND ISLANDS.
    WHY does the almost Every artifacts of Egyptian statues share the SAME destructive actions taken against them…Busted Noses…busted Heads as if someone didn’t want WHAT those people LOOK like.
    WHY the HIDDEN stories about AFRICAN History like the OLMEC’S…CALIFIAN’S, ect.?
    WHY the “Whiting-Out” of ALL divine artifacts representing WHAT GOD is supposed to LOOK like???

    • OoooH and about MARS…WHY the hiding of the FACT that the “Face on Mars” is that of a BLACK FEMALE…which is being HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC???

    • Egyptians come in many shades from white, to mostly brown to black depending on location. Nobody is denying anything. you are ridiculous. I’ve lived in Egypt and been as far south as Abu Symbol and as far North as Alexandria.
      Have you ever been in a sand storm? We get them blowing off the desert even in Cairo. Even planes have to be grounded. Sandstorms alone damage the monuments.

      Not everything that happens is a plot and I come from the land of perceived plots. Get a grip and stop blaming other people for your perceived problems.

      • Its NOT about Blaming Silly…Its about EXPOSING TRUTH, that’s been Deliberately Hidden from the PUBLIC “Eye”…The FACT IS Most Peoples perception about Who or WHAT we call GOD, and HIS Creation called “Human beings” has been HIDDEN by Luciferian creatures and “Painted White” by the Vatican Jesuits (Luciferian/Satanist)
        As far as I am concerned, I have NO problems about NOTHING, because I AM A “MELANIN” BEING…and a INDIGENOUS “AMERICAN”.
        SEE THIS:
        Make time to WATCH all 7 hours worth and take notes, because it is EXTREMELY Detailed info.

        • U make all kinds of accusations on this site. I’ve seen some of the unsubstantiated and highly slanted videos you’ve posted. I have no intention on watching another one.
          I noticed you made no comment personal comment on Egyptian monuments. There was a time the pyramids were white. That changed with erosion. All sorts of things evolve over time when out in the desert wind. It’s not a plot. And finer points of monuments such as a nose would be the most vulnerable to wind damage.

          • Give Me a break…You insult my intelligence, and OBVIOUSLY know NOTHING about Earth’s TRUE-Story…The one that is over 65,000 years old.
            I odn’t make false accusation either…I STUDY and RESEARCH this subject for over 16 years, and KNOW for a FACT this planet is now under LUCIFERIAN/SATANIC (VATICAN) CONTROL
            Its SO Obvious, only the BLIND cannot SEE it.
            Only EXTREMELY NAIVE people trust Government & Religion.
            Divine Beings ONLY trust themselves to make needed changes…AWAKEN.

    • Kenny boy: You might want to look up the term “patristics”. Dr. Farrell is an Oxford PhD in ancient religious studies (patristics), author of 28 works that build on his research in his focus with an understanding of physics, the relationship between science and alternative history, and “strange stuff”. (See Since you do not link to your research or that of others for whom you have verified their positions, I think you are blowing hot air. Utilizing full caps does not make you more knowledgeable or convincing.

    • Kennyboy, In future, it would be a logical practice to check the sources for your information.
      “WHY the HIDDEN stories about AFRICAN History like the OLMEC’S…CALIFIAN’S, ect.?
      There is no legitimate, documented evidence for your assertions.
      Regarding the “Califans”, it is possible this info derived from a novel of fiction regarding a warrior queen who ruled over a kingdom of black women living on the mythical Island of California. The character of Queen Calafia was created by Spanish writer Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo who first introduced her in his popular novel entitled Las sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián).
      There is one particular sculpted head of an Olmec that portrays thick lips and a wide nose and certain people are now asserting the Olmecs were Africans. Please take a look at pictures of Mexican people native to the region of the ancient Olmecs and compare them to the ancient sculpted heads.
      The truth is when the first Europeans arrived in Africa, they found no written languages, that is why we have no documented history of ancient Africa. They found no developed architecture, no monuments and no organized agriculture. Observe the US cities heavily populated with blacks such as Chicago and Detroit. Do you see magnificent cities today? I observe crime-ridden slums, where blacks murder, rape and steal from each other, as well as the other races. But I guess that’s the fault of white people too.
      If you are getting your information from “Dr”Clyde Winters, please know that this man has been thoroughly outed as a liar and fraud. According to Clyde Winters, all the major advances throughout human history were created by blacks and the evil white people stole it and claimed it as their own. It’s truly demented and borderline retarded.

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