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    Ancient texts and depictions from cultures all over the world refer to advanced beings flying in the sky and guiding humanity.
    YouTuber, Universe Inside You does a great job of bringing together Neolithic petroglyphs, Medieval paintings and modern-day videos of UFOs and gives a reasonable assessment of what’s going on.

    Since the late 20th century, hundreds of credible witnesses from the military, law enforcement, academics, etc. have publicly stated that, according to their observations and privileged information, there are crafts and beings from other worlds visiting the Earth.

    Since 2008, the UK, France, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada and Brazil have been declassifying their UFO files and there are thousands of these documents publicly available – yet the topic of UFOs remains taboo and ridiculed.

    The psychological elements of bias and denial are at work and these are harnessed expertly by the US military and by other interests who continue to claim that UFOs amount to atmospheric anomalies. Because the topic is off-limits to scientists, the UFO phenomenon has become the purview of cranks.

    Not even the Phoenix Lights mass-sighting on March 13, 1997, with thousands of eyewitnesses and millions more on television managed to take this topic mainstream. By the time disclosure becomes official, human awareness will no longer require officialdom or disclosure.

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    • I have had an abduction experience, but nobody takes me seriously. I have even drawn pictures of the male and female beings, but what more can I do? They just smile and say I was probably on drugs or something.

    • Check out if you are seriously looking for knowledge that extra terrestrials have given to humanity. Seek with a logical mind that is open and rational and you will find a treasure of knowledge.

    • As long as the Luciferian/Satanist are in control of ALL the world’s governments, REAL “Disclosure” will NOT take place from the “Cosmic Beings” visiting Earth.
      THEY are awaiting the REMOVAL of these Evil “Followers” of Lucifer…A very “Inlightening” program by Carol Rosin revealed WHY those cosmic beings will NEVER deal with ANY Government.
      “Paola Harris tells the Truth about visiting Aliens”*YvHIOOICnk&feature=youtube/
      The earthly governments want “Secrecy” because the REAL truth about THEM, will Forever shut them down.
      Just LOOK around you folks…WHAT has these governments Done to this Planet and are STILL doing???
      The OTHER reason has to do with MELANIN, and THEY DON’T HAVE ANY.
      Do research on MELANIN
      I hope “They” ALLOW you to SEE this video link.

    • It’s becoming clear that there is deception lurking behind ‘UFOs’. They have been apart of earth’s civilization from the get-go. Not sure just what to make of their presence on our planet. I’m sure if it was for our betterment……we wouldn’t still be trying to find out what they are here for; they would have made their benevolence apparent and we would be benefitting from the wealth of their vast knowledge.
      In any event they are here …. and the mystery deepens. It behooves mankind to step lightly with this ‘relationship’.

    • Its more like MILLIONS of years THEY were coming Here, BUT…They “Seeded” a race of BLACK “Humans” Here FIRST.
      The “Man-KIND” version came along MUCH Later and are the son’s of LUCIFER.

    • I think you bring nice topics daily which must not be easy to do.
      I am not averse to strange things but when Roswell gets placed as “the alien event” I cringe.

      That is what you get reading a book like Roswell and the Reich from JP Farrell.
      In the end, I don’t think it is about Aliens but about awareness. That is studied like crazy just not for public consumption.

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