Although most Americans don’t know this, the US shares quite a bit in common with Brazil. I’ve often observed Brazil as a testing ground for social engineering that could be rolled out in the US.

Following the 2016 impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff and the imprisonment of her two-term predecessor, President Lula da Silva and the ongoing prosecutions and convictions of nearly half of all of its elected representatives, Brazil’s economy has been thrown into chaos by a lack of confidence in the government. A similar scenario could have unfurled in America long ago, if the US Department of Justice weren’t so corrupt but there is a distinct likelihood that we may yet see several high-level members of the US Government tried for their crimes.

There are many documentaries that came out this month, asking how a Liberal stronghold like Brazil could be on the verge of electing a Far-Right candidate like Jair Bolsonaro, who almost makes Trump look like a Left Wing Feminist professor by comparison. Brazilians are as shocked by this seemingly bizarre turn of events as are outside observers.

Brazil has become Post-Marxist. Marxism was an important and necessary influence on political development but its inherent divisiveness and victim mentality have become tired. Such tactics are incompatible with the efficiency, the transparency and the complexity that are manageable in a Digital Age when humanity and life are valued.

In short, Big Government and big bureaucracies breed big corruption. The Brazilian people are furious at being betrayed by the party that pretended to represent the underdog but who instead looted the Treasury on a scale that is almost unfathomable. It feels very similar to the way Obama the Nobel Peace Laureate did not go a single day of his presidency without bombing and droning brown people on the other side of the world. We’ve reached a place and time where if your words don’t line up with your deeds, it will be obvious and it won’t be tolerated.

The majority of Brazilians just want the Worker’s Party out of power, not unlike how Trump got elected. The American people were disturbed by the inveterate corruption of Hillary and the DNC and I think even more Americans are appalled by the Democrats’ incoherent antics over the last 2 years that we’ll see a similar repudiation of the Left in US politics to what we’re now seeing in Brazil. That presidential election is this Sunday.

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  • If there was any truth to the Mayan 2012 predictions, it is that humans world-wide are waking up. People are tired of the encroaching global communist NWO promoted by the Zionist Rothschild & Company, Sabbatean Frankists and their crypto minions. People are starved for truth.

    For those Creatures called Man-KIND its another matter, because since They cannot “Lovingly Created”….They must employ a “Slave Race” to survive and do their creating for THEM.
    Lucifer started this type of “Creatures” so that he could “Redefine God” via “Artificial Intelligence”..Heck they even have a website called EXACTLY that (
    The idea of a Military Government is BS too, because they traditionally Traffic Drugs an dare just as “Corruptible” as any other form of government…ONLY THEY HAVE ALL THE WEAPONS TO ENFORCE “THEIR” WILL ON THE SHEEPLE.

    • By the way has anyone NOTICED that the so-called BRICS Alliance has now beings called the RICS alliance (Laugh!!!)…Should actually be called ZICS alliance because its ZIONIST that are behind it all…and the VATICAN of course.
      Old “Luciferarians” thought they were being slick renaming their LYING ways.

  • That Brazilian Paratrooper politician is absolutely insane. If you listen to his words, he contradicts himself constantly. Sad. America may be next..

    • It’s probable THEY are being “Influenced” by American Infiltrators…WE are already being “Set-UP” Here for a dictatorship too, via “Trumpism”…Who even voiced the SAME Exact line Bush did when he said: If I were a Dictator, Things would MUCH EASIER.
      GET THAT folks???

    • I speak Brazilian Portuguese fluently and it’s true that various heinous things he’s said over the years, which have been caught on video are completely unacceptable, like him telling a colleague congresswoman that she “wasn’t worth raping,” an aside comment he made to her during an argument about rape legislation. That’s insane. I would never, EVER defend these infamous soundbites that everyone has seen replaying in loops. Another is a series related to his campaign against the “gay education” that was introduced to 1st graders (6-year-olds), which included a “gay kit”. Haddad, his opponent was formerly the Minister of Education who introduced the “gay kits”, so it really hits his foe and the Worker’s Party and their very aggressive trans agenda. He also wants to do away with scholarships for trans people, purely on the basis of their being trans, which was also instituted under Lula.

      I’ve watched several clips with him; one of him being interviewed for an hour a few days ago and another by a young newly-elected congressman, Kim Kataguiri describing the main policy differences between Bolsonaro and Haddad (excellent:, among other clips. I have not found that Bolsonaro contradicts himself when he’s not being edited out of context and I was surprised that he sounded much less insane. He is very scary, though.

      He would not exist if the Worker’s Party hadn’t become so corrupt. It’s a shame but their ideas were doomed anyway and it’s very exciting to witness this Post-Marxism that’s growing up among the ruins.


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