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It seems like all of the righteous rage and frustration over the evils and inequities perpetrated over the past half century by the US Government; anger that would have rightly been directed toward George W Bush for 9/11 and the Endless Wars or toward Barack Obama for doubling down on drone strikes and pumping up the surveillance state is being displaced onto Donald Trump. It seems like all of the the hatred that is so richly deserved by the Neocons is being diverted onto Trump, even though he defunded ISIS and has been much less warlike than his predecessors. Seriously, where was all the outrage that we see being hurled at the President in the Mainstream Media when Bush took us to war with Iraq on a lie?

I expressed many of these thoughts the other day but Lionel, who is a living, breathing thesaurus and articulates these ideas with his own inimitable panache:

“Paleoconservatism of the Reagan era is dead. The Conservatism of William F Buckley and of all those grand GOP-ers is dead. Neoconservatism is dead. New Deal FDR Democratic policy is dead. Anything from the past, today is dead. It’s a brand new world and if you’re using antiquated, antediluvian, archaic almost Paleolithic concepts of Conservatism and supply-side, the world is different, the problems are different, the scope of the problems are different…

“We’re in a war right now, not against Liberalism but against unipolar Globalism, New World Order, Deep State, police state, intel state, government-within-the-government, permanent government, shadow government. We’re in a in a war with a Soros-backed, Bilderberg-backed, a multi-layered conspiracy; world involving dark forces and people and methodologies that transcend anything from the past.

“Ronald Reagan wouldn’t know what to do and if you’re spouting 30-year old National Review, Bill Buckley, supply-side and all of this hyper-moralistic, simplistic, Antediluvian, tissue-thin; this kind of a rehash, recycled, regurgitated Conservatism; if you think that’s what this is…Pick the greatest argument from the past; the greatest argument that we have ever had from the past and nothing compares today…

“I mean, we’re dealing with threats to our system that the Gipper could not even fathom. He worried about the ‘Evil Empire.’ That’s nothing. You know who the Evil Empire is now? It’s NATO! and Russia is this perfect wedge, this perfect ‘Bad Guy’!

“Remember: no Russia, no NATO – no Russia, no NATO!

“The fill-in-the-blank ‘Bad Guy’ – and they tried everything. Let me tell you where they shot their wad and where they absolutely made a huge mistake: …when they decided that they were going to use Russia and Putin and others as the fill-in-the-blank, generic explanation and the basis for everything that involved Hillary Clinton…

“She provided you with the basis and the provision of her reason, her excuse for losing and with that came this contrived and incredibly-orchestrated, the machinations of the conspiracy to blame Trump and as that was exposed…everything from Fusion GPS, to dossiers, to PissGate, to Russian hookers, you know, soiling the percales of beds, I mean, it’s just unraveled – and Rosenstein – and then this monumentally huge, inordinate superstructure of corruption involving people being fired, removed, expurgated, bowdlerized, yanked, jettisoned, whatever you want to call it.

“Let me leave you with what I said before: this is not about Reaganomics. This is not about Neo-Classical Conservatism. Anything from those days, anything from the days of the Gipper and…this Manichaean war between Liberalism and Conservatism, and Good vs Evil and Right vs Wrong – that’s over. It’s a new game and a new day, Sparky. Believe me.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • To my eyes, Lionel. for well over two years now, has been struggling to separate and illuminate our present POTUS as being some autonomous political spoiler on the national and international scene who is actually fighting the present system.
    For me that’s kinda like lipstick n pigs or zebra’s with no stripes still bein’ zebras.

  • This was a PERFECT example of How the Government tactic called: “Problem-Reaction-Solution” works. Did anyone forget that its Regan the said that “Government IS the problem” in reaction on How to “Stimulate” economic growth??? A RIGGED Economic System of course as IT is.
    It was right about that time after that statement, that the “Corporate Raiders” began creating “Monopolies” like we SEE around us today.
    Then WHAT do they do when everything gets out of whack…BLAME SOME ELSE FOR THE PROBLEM “THEY’ CREATED (NATO?…RUSSIA?…CHINESE?)
    This way the sheeple are BLINDED by the BS, and start buying into the need for WAR…which really get “Dumbed-Down” public keep buying into.
    When all along GOVERNMENTS Created the whole mess in the first place.
    Now they are trying to SELL the same BS about Trump being DIFFERENT?!?
    Understand something folks…BOTH the LEFT and RIGHT, as they call it are responsible for this mess we are in.
    Trump will prove to be NO “Savior” about this mess, and IF one is not BLINDED by this crap you should be able to SEE the EXACT Scenario Adolf Hitler used to solve??? This problem.
    Make it possible to set up a “Dictator” JUST LIKE HIM.
    You can actually SEE HOW this is being “Arranged” at a website called “”

    I believe that site is actually belongs to NWO folks.

  • Lionel one who can see past the surface B.S. to see what is below it all. NATO World Order. I think we are still doing the divide and conquer thing for the N W O, oh, the same thing?

    • I had to stop watching him several months ago. At the time, he was intolerably all Q all the time. Trump-humping unapologetically. I can’t tell from this vid if he’s become enlightened but he does do a pretty good job of grasping the broader landscape of what can often be a rather myopic perspective. He has a lot of followers so I hope he has evolved.

      Trump is not our savior.

      Going all in against HRC ain’t enough.

  • Way to Go Lionel!
    A rock of common sense!
    Take heed…..this is no B.S.!
    Our world today is not just rotating around……it’ spinning out of control.

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