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The shadowy Bilderberg Group recently held their annual meeting in Dresden, Germany. The group is secretive but it can be said that it has an openly Corporate-Globalist agenda and that it’s working to bring about a one world government and currency.

Despite their own claims that their annual meeting have “no desired outcomes, no minutes are taken and no report is written. Furthermore, no resolutions are proposed, no votes are taken, and no policy statements are issued,” documents released in 2001 revealed that in 1955, the Group outlined the plans for the creation of the European Union.

Today, the Bilderberg Group is widely touted as the group that selects the future leaders of the world’s national governments.

This latest 64th Bilderberg meeting was comprised of a total of about 130 people from 20 countries, including political leaders, experts in industry, finance, academia and the media. Per the Group’s own extremely dry and terse press release, this year’s key topics were to include:

“1. Current events, 2. China, 3. Europe: migration growth, growth, reform, vision, unity, 4. Middle East, 5. Russia, 6. US political landscape, economy: growth, debt, reform, 7. Cyber Security, 8. Geo-Politics of energy and commodity prices, 9. Precariat [the social class formed by Neo-Liberal policies which have left them underemployed and lacking of job security] and the Middle Class, 10. Technological innovation.”

While some readers may have previously seen documentaries about the Bilderberg Group – it is doubtful that many have seen one produced by the Government of Iran!

So here it is!

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