Dr. Steven Greer is in the middle of production of an Independent film called ‘Unacknowledged: An Exposé’. His last Film, ‘Sirius’ was the largest-budgeted film ever made, that was solely financed through crowd funding.

This is the trailer for the film currently in production about “Unacknowledged Special Access Projects”, the aegis under which fall all Black Budget military programs dealing with recovered extraterrestrial technologies and their back-engineered derivatives.

Among Greer’s greatest frustrations, after having devoted the greater part of his life to getting to the bottom of this shady realm is that for over 70 years, human beings have had access to technologies, which would have prevented the larger part of the environmental crisis in which the Earth finds itself, to say nothing of dozens of deadly wars and the immeasurable and unnecessary suffering also caused by the bone-crushing poverty of billions of people over what has now been almost a century.

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  • Disclosure has been on the table for decades … I would not hold my breath. The greatest secret in human history is our fused second chromosome. Without question …?

  • Now, I wonder, after the new movie comes out, then three months later, the next destruction from the black projects start, invasion from outer space, or the end of the “so called” Federal Reserve takes place. Kind of like 911 happened three months after the Disclosure Project, at the National Press Club. They are called distractions from the truth, and they work quite well, 911 put the N.S.A. on top of taking away most of our freedoms, in the name of national security, and that was an inside job. Hell, I could go on and on, he’s right you know, hide in plain sight. And have the lies all stacked up, ready to toss at the sheeple. And we will fall for it again, for a while, keep your eyes open wide.


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