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It’s like we’re living in a Philip K Dick novel. A world in which we’re expected to believe synthetic constructs that are totally illogical while rejecting straightforward concepts that humans have accepted since the Stone Age.

It’s a world in which a bogus “vaccine” that cures nothing and prevents nothing is illegally mandated while treatments known to work are functionally criminalized.

It’s a world in which you may be administratively murdered by police officers obeying orders to block all exits from an inferno, forcing entire families to be “flash-charred” inside their cars.

The Hawaii State Department of Education issued a report on Thursday stating that 2,025 students are not accounted in the Lahaina public school system in the wake of the August 8 fire that ravaged the town of Lahaina.

As JR Dunn writes:

It is a world in which reality has faded into a kaleidoscope of paranoia, wish-fulfillment daydreams, and hallucinations. A world in which authority has built its fortress on a foundation of confetti and glitter. A world of imposed cognitive dissonance.

Nowhere is this more true than in the persecution of Donald Trump. We’re told that Trump attempted a coup d’état and he tried to overthrow “The Most Secure Election of All Time”®, in defiance of law, tradition, and the Constitution (as if these lying, dirtbag Communists want to preserve the US Constitution).

Needless to say, the dinosaur legacy media, the DOJ and the Biden Regime are pretending to take this very seriously, predicting Trump’s inevitable imprisonment, speculating on how many years he’ll get, how quickly it can be accomplished and also, how many of his rights can be violated while doing it.

All of this is bullshit, as Trump calls it and it is known to be bullshit by the perpetrators themselves, along with their allies in media and government.

The reality is that Donald Trump is never going to prison and that he’s never polled better and he’s beating the incumbent in some polls.

This is an incredible achievement, and one for which Trump has received absolutely no credit – itself, a sign of cognitive dissonance.

As JR Gunn writes:

Donald Trump has put the fear of God into the elites, the globalists, the technofascists, and their government allies. He has done this by showing how false, how hollow, and how meaningless their agenda is, by revealing how easy it is to defy them, how simply they can be undermined.

That’s the explanation for all of it: the impeachments, the cheating, the slander, the threats, and now the pantomime indictments and the bogus show trials.

The US Government has morphed into the Soviet Union and it is poised to plunge further into Soviet territory with the impending COVID mandates and climate lockdowns. The Pentagon has already allocated millions of dollars to COVID paraphernalia through 2028.

They are trying to make us act out, so they can call in the Chinese UN Peacekeeping Troops. Don’t let them!

Dr David Martin has plenty to say about the latest, pathetic re-up of the COVID Hoax. It turns out that the new ‘Eris variant’ that the Biden Regime is attempting use as an excuse to lock us down and to steal the election again is not a variant and it’s not new. It was planned.

If you look at the clinical trials for the Multivalent injection being developed by Novovax, BioNTech and Moderna, you’ll see that this alleged ‘variant of concern’ was in clinical trials before it was circulating in the population. It is not new. It was planned.

David maintains, as he has from the beginning that there was never a COVID pandemic, there never was a SARS-CoV-2 ‘novel virus’, all of that was a behavior modification exercise to fulfill the objective of the financial interests that were being served.

This is top-tier racketeering and domestic terrorism.

And as David says, if you were coerced into getting the shot and you still got COVID, it’s kinda hard to buy off on the lie the next time, which means that the draconian lockdown pressures need to be scaled-up. He says he wouldn’t be surprised if the Globalists stage a fake alien invasion in October.

PROJECT FIRESIGN was one such script, allegedly concocted by advisors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, according to the seven-page document titled “Salvage Program” leaked by the Anonymous hacker group in October 2016.

Crazy as it sounds, this was the strategy to scare people away from the polls in 2016 and to keep them from voting for Trump.

The only tool they have is fear and if you get rid of that, none of it matters.

Vivek Ramaswamy brought the house down several times during the otherwise meaningless Republican debates this week. Vivek says everything you want to hear, He’s like a dream come true – but is he for real?

Vivek said that he’s the only candidate who isn’t bought and paid for and who can say that the WEF’s “Climate Change” is a hoax – and I’ve got to hand it to him that this is a key truth that needs to be propagated as far and wide as possible, because decarbonization means total genocide and ecocide.

And then, this was a totally brilliant star turn!

But then, we find out that he was already a millionaire by the time he accepted the $90,000 Soros scholarship he previously said he needed in order to pay for law school.

But then he appeared on the World Economic Forum’s website as one of their Young Global Leaders. He claimed he had nothing to do with them and that they put him on their site without his permission.

And then, he sued the WEF – and won – and then, he donated the proceeds to the America First Policy Institute.

But then we see that he donated to Hillary’s campaign in 2016 and that in 2020, he made numerous donations to Democrat candidates the DNC’s payment processor, ACTBLUE.

So, while he says all the things the Populist base wants to hear, he was still a Democrat in 2020, which shows poor judgment or else succumbing to San Francisco peer pressure – or, in the worst case scenario, we have to contend with the reality that he’s another backstabbing Globalist drone.

Is Vivek super intelligent and effective, coming from the high-pressure, venture capital world and does he have the capability to get things done? Yes! Could he make a great Chief-of-Staff for Trump to help him execute on his take down of the Administrative State? Yes!

Chief-of-Staff would be a better role for Vivek than Vice President, because it’s easy to fire a chief-of-staff and impossible to fire a vice president.

So how do we stay sane? Faith.

Dr David Martin recently had some very interesting things to say about this.

He says that we’re basically looking at the death throes of the New World Order. Having, himself been raised as a Mennonite, he is surprised at how many people of faith still cower in fear at AI or of the New World Order or whatever else. He says:

“It has been declared dead, already. It actually knows it’s dead and it’s doing its last gasp to try to save itself and guess what? It’s dead!

“And we would do ourselves a great favor by going, ‘Look at it flail. Look at it thrash about. Look at it do its nonsense. Look at it still trying to run. Look at it still trying to do the weird things it’s going to do. But it’s dead!”

He says the only tool They have is fear and if you get rid of that, none of it matters.

David continues:

“I think many people of faith forget that we actually were told that these kinds of things happen and the reason why the Old Testament is filled with the minor prophets is because this happened over and over and over again. We’ve had Anthony Fauci 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 and all you’ve got to do is read the Book of Judges and you realize this has been around for a long time.

“But the problem is, we’re still not learning. We’re still giving into fear and we’re still giving into the notion that we’re this tiny, little population of helpless people who, all we are is just the last rag-tag band of people standing for freedom. No, we’re not!”

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  • The Undesigned Universe – Peter Ward
    “ . . . it is these ocean state changes that are
    1:02:28 correlated with the great disasters of the past impact can cause extinction but
    1:02:35 it did so in our past only wants[once] that we can tell whereas this has happened over
    1:02:40 and over and over again we have fifteen evidences times of mass extinction in the past 500 million years
    1:02:48 so the implications for the implications the implications of the carbon dioxide is really dangerous if you heat your
    1:02:55 planet sufficiently to cause your Arctic to melt if you cause the temperature
    1:03:01 gradient between your tropics and your Arctic to be reduced you risk going back
    1:03:07 to a state that produces these hydrogen sulfide pulses . . . “

  • I think it cult like to complain about Vivek and not Trump. Trump has donated to democrats in the past and was one at one time. He got bailed out from Rothschild, Vivek got a scholarship from a foundation of the Soros family not George Soros. Trump started the Flu shot task force before Covid hit the scene. He also started warp speed and lockdowns. Trump was close to Epstein then act like he didn’t know who Ghislaine Maxwell was on camera when asked about her. Trump is a Zionist and proud of it. Vivek wants to stop funding Israel. The FED stopped an economic collapse/market crash during Trump’s presidency before Covid lockdowns and kept interest rates at 0%! Trump killed an Iranian general during peace talks. The US is still illegally occupying and stealing Syria’s oil because of Trump. I can’t believe these people forgot all the bad things about Trump and act like everyone else is so guilty.

    • I agree with your statement about the cult of partisanship. I would like to add that most of our systems, foundations and doctrines started out as a cults as well. For example the cult of medicine with their staff and snakes originally treated ailments with venom. The ‘cult of science’ where belief in science is more powerful than the actual science. The cult of military where everyone else not in military or LEO’s is excluded. Politics is definitely 100% a cult. Here is 10 Signs of a Cult ;

    • Not to mention: T-rump continues to push the bio-jabz. Was friends with Epstein…
      Nothing good EVAR, to come of these players.

  • I’m glad for your podcast here Alexandra. I’m also glad to see another alternate view of events and facts that you won’t see anywhere.

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