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Vivek Ramaswamy brought the house down several times during the otherwise meaningless Republican debates this week. Vivek says everything you want to hear, He’s like a dream come true but is he for real? We’ll be back with more on that when we get back.

Vivek says all the right things. He brought the house down when he said that he’s the only candidate who isn’t bought and paid for and who can say that “climate change” is a hoax. And this was a totally brilliant star turn.

But then, we find out that Vivek was already a millionaire by the time he accepted the $90,000 Soros scholarship he previously said he needed in order to pay for law school.

He appeared on the World Economic Forum’s website as one of their Young Global Leaders. He claims he has nothing to do with them and they put him on their site without his permission. He sued the WEF and won and he donated the proceeds to the America First Policy Institute.

But then we see that he donated to Hillary’s campaign in 2016 and that he made numerous donations to Democrat candidates the DNC’s payment processor, ACTBLUE in 2020.

So, while he says all the right things that the Populist base wants to hear, he was still a Democrat in 2020, which shows poor judgment or else succumbing to San Francisco peer pressure – or, in the worst case scenario, we have to contend with the real possibility that he’s another backstabbing Trojan Horse.

Now, is Vivek super intelligent and effective, coming from the high pressure, venture capital world, who has the capability to get things done? Yes. Could he make a great Chief-of-Staff for Trump to help him execute on his take down of the Administrative State? Yes. Chief-of-Staff would be a better role for Vivek than Vice President, because it’s easy to fire a chief-of-staff and impossible to fire a vice president.

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  • I will vote for the man that wants to get rid of the federal reserve, end the IRS,end the FBI, CIA, CDC, and whatever else there is; turn off the t,v, and find a 3rd party

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