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    Alex Jones breaks down the videos of resident victims who were barricaded by Maui police from escaping the firestorm at their backs.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Alex Jones talks too much. He bloviates forever. He talks for an hour and a half about subject matter that should take about ten or fifteen minutes. He wastes our time. I seldom watch him because of the wasted time.

    • Here’s the only question I have. Who are these people??? Who is doing this?? This is darker and deeper than any ordinary 1st Degree Murder.

      This was a superbly planned andd accurately orchestrated event, and was brilliantly thought-out well in advance. They are killing us. You hear about it everyday. Talking to these folks is not the answer. There’s nothing to say.

    • Shook The F*ck Up Alex Jonestown is wearing a blue shirt must be a half truther true believer now . Bare minimum coverage is a coverup Infotard perfect denial koolaid pushers .
      Don’t laser me bro . Who are the DOD laser sniper assholes ? Who runs the op for the blue roof salesforce did you see that video Alex ?
      Should Israel be allowed to train our cops with the Palestinians being used for target practice and other natives treated as sub citizens as unnecessary removable obstacles .

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