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    This is 9/11-level gaslighting times 1,000, as Globalist poster boy, Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who has led some of the planet’s most draconian COVID lockdowns, vaccine coercion and violent repression campaigns against his people tries to slime his way out of a reporter’s question about informed consent by proclaiming that the vaccines are “voluntary” in Australia, because, “That’s the sort of country we live in”.

    Morrison here embodies the Globalist assault on logic, reason and reality. This is up there with the most disgusting and Satanic things I have ever seen. He gives Dementia Joe and the Cackling Veep a run for their money.

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    • I’m a Melbournian. What the public don’t widely know is that AHPRA sent General Practitioners across Australia threats to comply with the government mandate to get vaccinated or LOSE THEIR LICENSE. PLUS, chemists have been advised to ask clients with prescriptions for Ivermectin, for Dr-pt privileged information as to the DIAGNOSIS… if they say COVID, the drug they were prescribed is suddenly out of stock… The TGA has just stopped GPs from prescribing off-label, so maybe the next scamdemic will be for parasites?! haha.

      The menticidal general public of Australia really doesn’t have much of a chance and honestly, as a person who seeks the truth, I am scared to say it now as well because I get blocked, censored or condemned by “friends”. Many friends already have the vaccine. I don’t know enough about shedding and am nervous about this. Whenever I look it up, I can’t see information other than that it isn’t live virus so doesn’t shed… please “shed” some light on this?

    • How no Australian man has no murdered Scott Morrison is beyond me! Just walk right in the oven Girlies, women and children first! WTF

    • Australian PM and Health Ministers are ALL breaking NUREMBERG CODE which is international LAW. Punishable by DEATH..

      Australians need to unit and start a class action against those individual politicians who are involved.

      • Please note that the Nurumberg Code was replaced by the Declaration of Helsinki in 1964, and has itself since been recinded and updated several times. The current Declaration took effect in 2013

    • Scott Morrison is a liar! Vaccinations are mandatory for aged care workers from the 17th of September 2021, if the nurses, personal care workers and environmental staff want to keep their jobs.

      • They cannot be mandatory for anybody because of section 51.23A of the Australian Constitution expressly forbids it. They are pushing this and are relying on people’s ignorance of the law. Lose you job, sue them. There is a large action towards to High Court around this very thing. Hold the line, hold your faith.

        • You are absolutely Correct!!! They use fear, it is all part of their game.
          110 Countries signed for this out of 195

          Social media platforms and google are censoring

          But there is an ALTERNATIVE!!! Free Speech social media site No Tracking, Not Google Affiliated, Private Servers, Not Censored
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          Upload your own videos and see more
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    • Nope. Check out Nuremberg. Informed consent is the responsibility of the one doing the deed.
      PM, you in big trouble.

      • Exactly all these Presidents/ countries that signed the Contract with Pfiser and the Economic Forum/World Order knew very well that they are going against their people and humanity now and for generations to come. See more at Free Speech Social Media Site

        Also, Lawyers , Parents, All people must get into the page of Constitution & Human Rights to get together and see what we can do . Only all the people together world wide we can fight this by overthrowing these governments that are putting us through this hell. Otherwise they cannot get out of it,..

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