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    Futurists have long predicted the Technological Singularity to occur by 2040 or 2050 but they’ve failed to predict the Singularity of Fraud that is occurring right now. This is probably because all of the futurists are BFFs with Klaus Schwab.

    There are indications that the accreted chicanery of the Globalists is becoming so exponentially massive, that its escape velocity will soon exceed the speed of light. Gravitational collapse is imminent.

    Among other things, Twitter de-platformed the six official accounts of the vote audits for Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia; the Department of Justice declared that all vaccine mandates are legal; the CDC did a 180º from 3 weeks ago and indicated that they will recommend masks for all K-12 students; and all of this amid persistent rumors that the White House COVID team is in discussions to impose lockdowns, once again.

    And of course, we were treated to a slithering orgy of mind-curdling mendacity in Episode Three of the Fake Impeachment, aka the January 6th Congressional Select Committee sleazefest, starring many of the same degenerates from previous episodes.

    The loathsome Adam Schiff pretended to cry. The revolting Adam Kinzinger pretended to cry. Capitol Hill Police officer, Harry Dunn pretended to cry. Dunn claimed falsely that fellow officer, Brian Sicknick died as a result of blunt force injuries sustained from marauding Trump supporters and that a “woman in a pink MAGA shirt” called him the N word, which nobody believes, especially him. The entire spectacle was 99% lies. Moments later, all three were videotaped grinning and air-kissing each other and their shyster cohorts.

    People dug up Dunn’s tweets, revealing that, contrary to his testimony that he is “not political”, he is actually a rabid Left Wing activist who supports the Lincoln Project, AOC, Ilhan Omar and the violent BLM riots in DC and Kenosha. He is a Capitol Hill Police officer! He also frequently posted about his hatred for conservatives, Trump and of his association with black supremacists. There are photos of him posing out of uniform on the veranda of the Capitol building with Nancy Pelosi, Eric Swalwell and other Select Committee quislings.


    The Veteran’s Administration, led by Denis McDonough became the first Federal Agency to mandate vaccines. McDonough is about as abysmal of a Swamp Creature as has ever existed. According to George Webb, he was the key operative on the Left side of the aisle, along with Peter Strzok in tarting-up the “evidence” of WMDs, to help Dick Cheney launch the Iraq War.

    Webb says, together with Jack Lew and via CENTCOM, McDonough set up the infamous encrypted P-Tech Blackberry network, which bypasses the NSA’s dragnet surveillance and which Hunter Biden used to do his deals in Ukraine, China and the Middle East.

    Contrary to his image as a hopeless drug addict, Webb describes Hunter Biden as a consummate Deep State operative. In a video which was deleted by YouTube and never re-posted, but which I transcribed, Webb claimed, “Hunter Biden is a fact witness. Hunter Biden is a material witness. Hunter Biden used the illegal encrypted communications. That’s why they made him a Navy ensign in 2014 when he went over to Burisma, laundered Kolomoyskiyi company, laundered the money from Libya and Syria.

    “The conflict energy that was stolen from Libya and Syria…and who else did we say was the kingpin behind all this? Kissinger and Petraeus (KKR)…[who] established the AfPak Center, right over here, at MacDill Air Force Base, that Colonel Derek Harvey, who’s the handler of Lev Parnas [of Fake Impeachment #1 fame]. Guess who established that? You guessed it – David Petraeus.”

    The swamp is REALLY deep.


    Jeffrey Prather has posted this litany of ignomy but he also helps us with solutions.

    He makes an interesting analogy between what is happening to Conservatives today and what happened to the American Indians during the European conquest.

    He says, “They’ve been continually pushed in from the coasts and up from the south. That’s exactly what’s happening now, with the new Patriot Tribe. It’s the same thing. And if we have not confessed, asked forgiveness and received forgiveness and received redemption for our sins, that’s the cycle…that will recur, that will eventually bring obsession and infection and infestation…”

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    • Clif mentioned casually about power/internet outages during this time. It would have been very helpful to know for how long he anticipates the outages, since our generator will only last 5 days max, and all of our food is in freezers. ☹️

      • And why everytime I post the emoji of the blonde blue-eyed girl it comes up the little boy?!!!

        VERY FRUSTR8IN’!!!

    • Solution = NO

      When the lineage becomes a temporal family, the philosophical syntheses of life are not preserved or transmitted directly except in the repetition of events to arrive at the understanding of the origin of a timeline. Therefore, an apocalypse will always be a death crisis that is the end of a story that we will all go through, so there can be many apocalypse and new collective eras in a single century, it all depends on who is the writer, director, storyteller and actor of the story, but there is a preset script already written by smart guys.
      The battle is always mental to destabilize and demoralize, and people tend to adapt to the interference of information and generate a convenient and predictable simulation for the system that feeds representations of reality through its psychopathic actors, its preparationists, and logically propaganda.
      The situation of helplessness prevails from the sense of separation of the human spirit, for which the result is a potential enemy at the gates, then, you have to go through the doors. In a nightmare there are two options, you wake up because of fear or you face it, it dissolves and you understand reality.

    • Great info! I’ve been watching all this happen and trying to spread this information all around. I do wish you would put a messenger link on your site, Alexandra, now I’m down to using an old cell phone for spreading information, which makes it a bit difficult to do. And with the censorship being so heavy now days, just trying to post on any social site is, blocked.

    • We know the Truth now, but it’s so frustrating that there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do to stop any of it!

      The news of MORE MASKS has killed me. I can’t put that mask on. Can’t do it and won’t do it.

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