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Stew Peters wants to know how Ashley Biden’s diary is being used by the FBI to harass the woman who found it after Ashley left it behind at a halfway house for drug addicts, rather than to prosecute Joe Biden for child sexual abuse?

Patrick Howley joins Stew to say, “Joe Biden is being blackmailed. Do you understand that? That’s why he’s a puppet. Now, if we can get the information that Jack Maxey has off the Hunter Biden laptop out to the public, then…how can you blackmail Sleepy Joe anymore?”

He continues, “So, find a sheriff in the United States of America that, for journalistic reasons will allow the criminality…that’s on this material to be released in the journalistic interest, realizing that it’s the Biden family that’s committing these crimes.

“And we will learn about Hunter Biden’s relationship with Beau’s daughter, Natalie, born in 2004, and we already know, because a lot of this stuff has already come out.

“And of course, his relationship with Beau’s widow and the underage sex acts that allegedly were being used by Hunter Biden TO BLACKMAIL HIS FATHER!

“That’s the story! Hunter Biden was running a sex blackmail operation on his own family!

“He was uploading videos to pornographic sites – he TOLD his father that he was uploading videos to pornographic sites – his father knew about his relationship with Natalie Biden, his niece, OK? And this was a blackmail operation on his own father!…

“That’s the story and it’s a National Security Threat because bad people know about it, including the Chinese Communist Party…

“If you’re watching right now and you’re a Constitutional sheriff, contact and I’m working with Jack Maxey and so, Jack Maxey has this information, I have the credibility, we’re gonna do this, we’re going to make sure that there’s a sheriff in this country, where we can get Jack into the county – we can do it on the Stew Peters Show! – we can get Jack into that county and we can get this information out there…

“We need a sheriff right here, in the United States of America. Contact”.



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  • There’s at least one based Sheriff…
    Alex Villanueva sheriff, LA County.
    Alejandro Villanueva serves as the 33rd Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California. He defeated incumbent Sheriff Jim McDonnell in the 2018 L.A. County Sheriff’s race, making him the first to unseat an incumbent in over 100 years.
    And he’s endured by the entire county. He’ll be around for years.

  • He also was molesting one of his granddaughters who you can find photos of him kissing her on the mouth in front of people at certain events. He goes after his on members of his family when there are children involved. How many of his grandchildren has he harmed. Jill Biden has to know what he has been doing. Has she been involved in all this pedo stuff, probably, no doubt about it. She is a sorry excuse as a mother and grandmother to let this go right under her nose for years. I feel sorry for Biden’s kids and grandkids who grew up tramatized by this sicko and no one protected them not even their mother. There are pedophiles running our country. The obamas, the clintons the bushes it goes on and on and on. Been going on for years by presidents that we put our trust in without knowing the dark side of them. Our politicians, congressmen from both sides of the party 1/ 3 of them are pedos if not more. These are the people you put your trust in? To make laws? To run our country? It happens all over the world with these sickos hurting children, women,men. Why do you think the democrats want the children to cross over the Boulder? They want them for sex trafficking there is money in it for them and it’s been going on for years, and for there own needs they have done very horrible stuff to children that if the public knew what they have been up to they would never be able to walk the streets, it will be unsafe because the people will hunt them down like prey if they found out what they have been doing to so many innocent children throughout the years. Let that sink in.

  • Thanks for continuously putting this out there even though there is a slim chance that any of this will ever see a courtroom. At least this exposure will make it harder for people to “love Joe” and “defend Joe.” It helps break up the hardened “woke” group who apparently are still into Joe. And even if this doesn’t persuade Americans it is persuading other nations as America’s former alliances fall apart and the empire is ever more naked and isolated.

  • Ashley biden, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Shirley temple, Paris Hilton, Corey Haim…are all initiated into the CULT thru sex & psychological abuse rituals to become top journalists, politicians, celebrities, big tech giants,, scientists, ivy league school professors,CEOs, judges, lawyers, CIA/FBI agents for the criminal cartel mafia & families that belong to these secret societies sexually abuse each others children in sex Magick swapping orgies. Shame, blackmailing, & manipulation are key to control members.

    • Don’t forget drugs and electroshock therapy. Look at poor Britney Spears and all her alters.

    • Illuminati wife tells all

      They groom young men who fit certain psych profiles (strong mother, weak or absent father) into homosexual acts & secret societies so they can be more easily controlled for NATO wet work (assassinations).

      If you want an IN DEPTH discussion about how well Law Enforcement does protecting children, you should watch the video below.
      *FYI: I’m going to warn you.. you’ll need something to wipe your eyes & blow your nose!! It’s ABSOLUTELY HEART WRENCHING!*

      Maureen Gosch had her son kid napped during a paper route, and the *Government did EVERYTHING IT COULD to derail the investigation, including STATE POLICE and the FBI.*

      *Maureen started the center for missing and exploited children with funding taken from the FBI and given to her because they intentionally FAILED HER. * It’s a real eye opener!!

      SECOND WARNING.. the video will CHANGE YOU, you’ll never be the same After watching it.. some INNOCENCE will be stolen from you and you’ll understand the wickedness in high places scriptures in the Bible, as well as the “millstone around the neck and dumped in the sea” passage.*

      *Judge Scalia was reportedly killed by a teen (throat slit) he was molesting at the “hunting club” owned by the Bohemian Grove folks.*
      They made snuff movies there, making children rape & kill other children.


    • The laptop would lead me to surmise that H ran around naked in front of his niece and her mother. Seems that the niece (Natalie) objectjed. But what do I know?

  • Colonel Wendy Rogers has a Sheriff in Arizona named Lamb who seems a likely fellow, but he’s only one Sheriff, though well-liked.
    I am sure that there are many more Sheriffs Nationwide who would volunteer. “Strength in Numbers”, and all that.

    • joe arpaio and his arizona law team run child sex prostition trafficking slave ring & cover up for politicans…he was appointed by Clinton’s who sex traffick orphan, refugee, & immigrant children with podestas. Clinton’s also placed a convicted sex offender as head of human trafficking, a pedophile judge to handle all child sex abuse, and a pervert prosecuter that let anyone in their CLUB off easy….so that these members of their pedophile organization can destroy evidence, drop criminal charges, set their pervert friends free to molest, rape, abuse kids. my brother was a victim of joe arpaio’s cover up. look up his low conviction rate of child molesters & child rapists. EXPOSED see the same name involved the same judges, shefriffs, lawyers, doctors, politicians covering up sex crimes of children. (epstein, Clinton laptop, news paper articles, there’s sooo much proof) arrest these psychopaths. Both parties involved.

  • Biden appeared on Netflix / Biden explains “Blackmailing a Oligarch, using American Tax Dollars, America had agreed to give, by telling the Oligarch that the country would not receive the millions of $$$, unless the Investigater who was investigating his Son Hunter was terminated, they wouldn’t receive $$$, & they had a few hours before he would be leaving. He ended the story with: “Sumbitch he did it.” Note: Why wasn’t he impeached?

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