Stan Lovins is a devout Christian who was at the Capitol building on January 6th to pray for everybody there and to pray for our country.

What he saw with his own eyes was shocking: Antifa members being escorted by the Capitol Police in three large white passenger vans to the west end, i.e. the back of the Capitol Building, where they proceeded to enact the simulated terrorist attack now being used by the Federal Government to declare a war on “domestic terrorism” against Americans who believe in the Constitution.

Lovins says, “These three vans were being escorted by the Capitol Police from the tunnels under the Mall. They came up out. I heard the sirens go off and they made a way to clear a path and then they pulled right in front of us and as they did, I looked inside the window and I saw what appeared to be Antifa.

“And so, they were being escorted by the Capitol Police. And then, they pulled down about a block and they pulled over the side of the road to let them out and as they did, there was an officer that immediately jumped out of his vehicle – and I was about a block away at this time, as you’ll see in the video – but there was people walking right past these vans and they took out their phones and they started recording and…immediately, the officer told them to put their cameras up, put their iPhones up…and making some irrational commands at this point, because they were trying to hide this.”

The west end of the building where the Capitol Police escorted out Antifa is where the breach and the violence occurred that day. At the east side, people were waved-in to the building by Capitol police, where they walked through the area reserved for tourists marked by velvet ropes inside the Rotunda and grandmas took selfies.

Stew opines that Antifa is like ISIS; they are both CIA projects.

Stew says, “They are intended to do one thing: that’s to create social unrest and uprising and upheaval and chaos and to terrorize law-abiding citizens who believe in a Democratic process in this Constitutional Republic, because if we don’t have Antifa and BLM, we have the people instructing their representatives, as our Republic is supposed to do…

“But that allows us to have to much freedom and individual liberty and too much power and control for the oligarchs that want complete control and total subservience out of me and you.

“So I think it’s important that we understand that the reason why these people were being escorted is because, sure, they’re Antifa/BLM. What does that make them? It makes them Feds. That’s what they are.

“They are Federal agents, they are provocateurs and they are terrorists, there for one purpose and that is to overthrow our form of government.”

Lovins says that after the breach and the violence began at the west end and he was starting to leave, he came upon some federal officers parked to the side, who had been told to stand down and he said to one of them, “‘Sir, you know this is led by Antifa,’ he said, ‘Absolutely.’ He said, ‘Absolutely.’ He confirmed it…”

Lovins said that he and the federal officer then prayed together.

There’s more here about a document Lovins received that was given to Mike Pence about talking points given to him on January 5th by the GOP about the vast voter fraud that occurred, which he was supposed to speak to at the Congressional proceedings on January 6th but Pence turned his back on this because Pence is a traitor.

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  • Pence is a jesuit. Trump is a jesuit. Biden is a jesuit. CIA , hell most of the Supreme Court judges are… universalists. They serve their pope FIRST for the common good and universal control. People need to look deeper at who is behind this beast system that wants America to speak like a dragon…

  • I hope this man doesn’t have the FBI burst into his home and treat him like a dangerous criminal for revealing the truth about J6. This is the modus operandi of Pelosi and her attack dogs to cover up the truth of J6. The incident this man is discussing was shown on other alternative media sites already. This truth will never be exposed by the MSM, who are working very hard with the Congress, FBI, and Capitol Police to cover up what they did in order to blame Trump supporters and go after President Trump himself, as well as his former cabinet members and others. The J6 Committee is complicit, especially Pelosi for all of the infiltration and violence committed on January 6 2021. These power mad fascists were part of the 2020 election steal and have shown America and the world who they really are the past 18 months- domestic traitors and insurrectionists.

  • I saw a video of a bunch of vans being escorted to the capital. There was footage of the, pulling up just outside the barriers. Not sure if that was on TV or online.

  • The information is a functional object within a 3d board, no matter if it is true or false. The mental programming code is trinary, where one of the factors is totally symbolic to empathically link with the root concepts implanted with logical/rational programs that form coherent chains of information with a reflex or trained reaction of paralysis/escape/attack to protect a phrase/order associated to survival and that can be associated to another concept and derivatives, for example t. r.u.m.p. or b.i.d.d.e.n. where two conditional states of freedom are taken into account, the tyrannical where there are no options, and the dictatorship where there is a choice between two gates. The traumas are the attachments where the true information of unity is preserved with the information of the effect of spiritual alienation, where they link binomials that take that indivisible truth but in a differentiated and logically complementary way, for example victim/perpetrator, crime/punishment, blame/forgiveness, master/slave. Creating a toxic marriage that maintains dissociation.
    Each state contains its root concepts with a specific form of interpretation. The combinations to reach the required gates are made from Boolean logics.

    This happens when there is no control over the instrument soul (bridge construct between the spirit and the body) which is programmed with faith, in the transference of responsibility and commitment to a spiritual action, which is non-transferable, only possible on a paper endorsed by a legal fiction (witchcraft). When it is transformed into social belief it becomes hypnosis. All from 2d words. Transhumanism aims to force the link from within to increase efficiency.
    It is very simple to understand. Freedom, love and justice, does not ask for permission, it is executed, it is all the same from the spirit. That is health and is the insurmountable limit for transhumanism when the spirit (each of us) sits indivisibly on its throne, our body without contradictions.

  • May be why some capital police committed suicide soon after..I we find all of it that’s hidden!!


  • What a load of pferd scheiss es gift kein Jesus kein gott ihr said alle liars fuck you! No facts all innuendo and rumor liees lies lies


    • You miss the point of being a citizen, which I assume you are, of the United States of America there Kennyboy.

      You give great shortfall to the energy wave WETHEPEOPLE represent in time and as The Light On The Hill representing our call echoing literally from the ages.

      That will, to be in Freedom, Liberty and individual Sovereignty, comes on the back and in the Spirit of our past, as general humanity, through a meld of multiple civilizations and cultures.and most acute present generation psychology.

      The following, from the Declaration of Independence describes our present political position:

      ;” and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than
      to right themselves by abolishing the forms to
      which they are accustomed. But when a long
      train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce
      them under absolute Despotism, it is their right,
      it is their duty, to throw off such Government,
      and to provide new Guards for their future security.—Such has been the patient sufferance of
      these Colonies.

      Words written with great regard for the cultural changes and concomitant economic, legal and by ‘divine right’ authority overreach…

      So friend, all the fear porn keeps that on the psychological fore while the population is bedazzled by celebrity, bling and consumption, of all kinds in blundering hedonist style.

      WETHEPEOPLE demand the inevitable, as the Light defines the dark…by the now visible to many, in their Hearts, forces beyond perception, practised as one’s culture reflects of what the higher and consequently higher nature is composed.

      Only in America

  • Demoncrats are known to accuse their victims and targets of the very crime or domestic terrorism ie psy-op false-flag attacks they’re unleashing or about to unleash onto their targeted victims, groups or public!

    Demoncrats are clearly using a Psychological social engineering program probably devised by Tavistock, to trigger & manipulate the public to reacting in planned outcome, to bring about a desired solution ie falsely impeaching Trump or an excuse to curbing public freedoms & liberties….

  • I saw this in real time. The police looked like they were fighting but just more like horse play or making a movie. Then one walked away and waved the rest into Capital. These people were dressed in black. Then we saw cops letting others into building. How did they get a battering ram on capital steps. This is all so staged

    • Marilyn Grimes,

      Same kind of Kabuki Theatre witnessed
      in Charlottesville—and that staged
      event remains unreported by MSM.

      The day before, busses pulled up and
      disgorged black and white protesters,
      carrying signs FOR and AGAINST the


  • I gave up on Democracy 1.0 and have been working on 2.0 for several years now. It takes into consideration, the wisdom of those thousands of years of history that have acutely defined , the human nature ! We are evil and greedy and will kill, steal, rape at will if we have the power to do so. This forever game of King Of The Mountain is exactly what we are into now, again! Every country has had their run at conquering the world! Today it is individuals with the equivalent finances of those countries, and we ALL are just pawns in their ego maniacal insanity, They even believe that they should be King of the World! Democracy 2.0 deals with instituting strict measures on the process.

  • Pence had two opportunities to prove his loyalty to Trump on several occasions but, chose to betray Trump on all those occasions – Pence is a clear deep-state operative thus, can’t be trusted!
    So yes, he’s a prolific traitorous VP and a dangerous one at that thus, can’t be trusted on all counts!
    …”Fool me once, shame on you;
    Fool me twice, shame on me!”

  • Nothing could describe the Insidious inaction, & treachery that this Troll Pence has bestowed upon the American people.


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