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    Alexandra Bruce
    August 3, 2015

    Glen Pruitt was my friend for nearly a decade, until he passed away at the young age of 42. Just watching this makes me miss him. He was outstanding, in every way. He was certainly one of the most intelligent people I ever knew, the most psychic, the most multi-talented and defintely the biggest man I ever met, weighing in at a minimum of 850 lbs.

    He was the son of Jack Pruitt, alleged by all of the main proponents of the Montauk Project legend as having been the Director of the Project, in charge of hiring, firing and paying personnel. I had lunch with Jack Pruitt, along with Glen, which I recorded in my book about the topic, ‘The Phildelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and Physics of Insanity,’ of which I gave a copy to Jack to review for mistakes before it went to press.

    Glen later told me that Jack confessed that he wished that he could write in the margins and point out everything that was disinformation and everything that was true – but Jack’s job was to keep secrets and I never found nearly all of them out.

    But I think the most important revelation that I ever heard from Glen was about his early memories of being a small child and finding himself with his father and others in the project one mile beneath Montauk, where a pyramid had been excavated. He said that for reincarnational reasons, he ha the ability to wave his hand in front of the pyramid’s entrance and the heavy stone door slid open.

    It would be great if this memory could be confirmed with tomography. The topography of Long Island and the outerlands of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Block Island and Fisher’s Island are the remnant of a large glacial moraine of sand, soil and stones, which were left behind by the 3-mile high receding glacier, which melted after the last Ice Age.

    On the other hand, Glen did a lot of work with people like Derrel Sims, to recover his memories, in a bid to gain control over his amazing overweight. What Glen discovered is that he had at least 50 layers of disinformational programming; false memories, piled on top of each other.

    He told some amazing stores, amny of which are in my book. The world may never know how much of what he recalled was true.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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