The three explosions at the damaged Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant emitted radioactive cesium levels 168 times higher than those of the Hiroshima atom bomb, says former House Representative, Hiroshi Kawauchi, yet he says that the Japanese government claims that everything is OK.

VICE reporter Vikram Gandhi quips, “Wanting to know whether cesium levels exceeding the Hiroshima bomb by 168 was ‘OK,’ we decided to investigate the matter further.

Dr. Joji Otaki, Lead Researcher at the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa has been feeding larval butterflies with the leaves of houseplants collected from homes in the Fukushima area and the longterm effects from healthy insects eating contaminated food can quickly be seen in these creatures, with lifespans of one month. The first generation of once-healthy lavrae fed with contaminated leaves developed completely misshapen adults. The second generation is more mutated than the first and the third generation is even worse.

The main business in Fukushima Prefecture is agriculture, and the Japanese Government allowed local farmers to continue selling produce harvested in the days after the explosions at the nuclear plant. One farmer, whose family had been farming in the region for 6 generations was so consumed with guilt that he had unwittingly sold contaminated food, he hung himself.

The disaster becomes completely incomprehensible when Michio Kaku explains that there are now 90 million gallons of radioactive water – and counting – of radioactive water being used today, to cool the ailing reactors, with no end in sight to the dilemma of where to store the accumulating topsoil and water at the plants.

If nuclear energy plants are not genocidal by design, then I don’t know what would fit that definition!

The silence of the rest of the world’s governments is deafening!

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