Alexandra Bruce
June 22, 2014

SciShow’s host, Hank, gives us a humorous thumbnail sketch of the importance of rare earth metals in 21st century technologies and the “dark side” of these elements, which led to China dominating the market, with a 95% share. Were it not for this dark side, other countries would be refining these elements.

Find out why this has not the case – and why it’s strategically-dangerous and therefore, it’s changing.



Produced by Hank Green
Chief Editor: Blake de Pastino
Cinematography: Nick Jenkins
Video Editor: Matt Ferguson
Graphics: Amber Bushnell
Written by Jesslyn Shields
SciShow theme composed by Tom Milsom

TAGS: scishow, science, chemistry, hank green, lanthanides, actinides, periodic table of elements, element, rare earths, rare earth elements, radioactive, radioactivity, refinery, indium, china

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