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Alexandra Bruce
February 16, 2014

Carol Rosin discusses her talks with renowned rocket scientist, Dr. Werner Von Braun, while she was his assistant at Fairchild industries, during the last 4 years of his life, as he was dying of cancer,

He gave her a list of paper-tiger enemies who would be invented and propagated by the US Government and its bogus Criminal Mainstream Media, how first, it was the Soviets, who were the mortal enemies of the US, then the terrorists, which we have seen, then asteroids – and finally how a fake alien invasion would be accused of being the ultimate enemy; an enemy, which would justify space-based weapons (which are currently illegal, under the Space Treaty of 1967 but which owned and now in orbit, carrying nukes, by at least 2 nations that I’m aware of and probably more…


2 hour witness testimony video available:

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